The Apollo 11 Fake Moon Landing

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The Apollo 11 Fake Moon LandingConspiracy TheoriesWhat is a conspiracy theory?A conspiracy theory is an explanatory assumption, caused by an illegal plot or cover up of an event with great political, economical and even social impact.Conspiracy theories are usually hard to believe because their evidence is easily faked.What makes them popular is their amount of theories, each is different from the other, making people interested or even addicted to them.Even today there are many conspiracy theorists that make their own theories of today's events. From the John Kennedy murder, to the Apollo Landing most are unsolved and unproven even today. The Apollo 11 moon landingThe Apollo 11 Landing The Apollo moon landing theory is one of the most popular ones to date.When the Americans and the Russians acquired the technology and means to send humans to space. The moon became the next milestoneThis became know as the Space RaceSending people to space was not the problem. sending them to the moon was something completely different.Moon Landing Obstacles Sending a Man to the Moon is not an easy task. One has to deal with..Gravity RadiationAbsence of O2Psychology The Apollo 11 CrewThe Theory The theory states that the Apollo moon landing was FAKE. it is believed that the Americans faked the landing in a movie studio. Cheating their way to the first place of the Space Race Proof #1 The Waving flagDue to the lack of gravity it is impossible for objects to wave as if blown away by windThe flag in the picture is waving which is impossible in spaceProof #2 RadiationDue to the high radiation of the moon surface caused by the sun it is impossible to survive on the moon without fatal radiation poisoning.Proof #3 Studio light shadowsOn the photos it is seen that the astronauts have four shadows as if on a football field. Proof #4 Neil's finals words. in his deathbed N.Armstrong said that he would hope that mankind would go to the moon one dayas if he was never there himself Thanks for watching :]by Svetislav Djordjic and Marko Trecak