the african continent. africa is the second largest continent a fifth of the earth's landmass...

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  • The African Continent

  • The African ContinentAfrica is the second largest continent a fifth of the earth's landmassdivided into 54 different countriesthe equator cuts the continent's into two nearly equal halvesgenerally divided into two regions with reference to the Sahara (the world's largest desert)north of the Saharasub-Saharan region

  • The African Continentlandmass largely consists of plateau landplateau can be divided into two regionssoutheastern portion includes the Ethiopian Plateau, the East African Plateau and the Drakensberg Range.northeastern portion contains the Sahara Desert with the Ahaggar Mountains, and in northwestern Africa, the Atlas MountainsSeveral basins (bowl shaped areas) within the plateaus

  • The African Continentthere are several mountain ranges in Africathe Atlas Mountains in the northwest Mt. Kilimanjaro is the most well knownpresence of many riversthe Nile Africa AND the worlds longestCongo RiverThe Niger RiverThe Zambezi Rivermany large lakesLake VictoriaLake TanganyikaLake MalawiLake Chad

  • The African ContinentThe Ituri Foresta dense tropical rain forest in the northern part of the Congo River Basin in the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire)A desertThe Sahara Desert Africas AND the largest desert in the worldKalahri DesertNamib DesertThe Great Rift Valleyruns from the north to the south of the continent

  • The African ClimateAlternating wet and dry seasonRain is distributed unevenlyFrom less than an inch to more than 80 inchesNorthern and Southern Hemispheres almost symmetrical six general climatic regionsTropical Tropical WetTropical Wet and DryDryDesertSemiaridMid LatitudeMediterraneanMarine west coastHumid SubtropicalHighland

  • The Africa ClimateLargest climate zone = Tropical Wet and DrySavanna (grassland) covers almost half the continentHome to most AfricansRain is unpredictableHeavy or lightEarly or lateOr not at all = droughtDesertification is a serious problemTurning semiarid lands into desertCaused by droughts, over grazing and people moving onto the landDead vegetation in drought-stricken area, Senegal.

  • The African Vegetation Regions Rain forestGrasslandDesert and dry shrubTemperate grass.landMediterranean shrub

  • DesertificationThe Tanout, Niger area, situated just south of the Sahara desert

  • The African People12% of the world's populationIs large and growing rapidlySecond largest and fastest growing in the worldMore than 1,500 different languages/cultural groupsIn the North (close cultures ties to the Middle East)mostly Arabs In the South (Sub-Sahara) Amhara, Mossi, Fulani, Yoruba, Igbo, Kongo Zulu, Akan, Oromo, Hausa, and the MasaiEuropeans due to colonizationAfrica is sparsely populated in partsAfrica has some of the most densely populated places on EarthEgypt along the Nile River (95% of Egypts pop.)principal cities of Africa are usually the national capitals and the major ports

  • The African EconomyFarmingSubsistence farming (60%) vs cash cropHerdingCattle on the savannas (grassland) fishingHunting and gatheringVery few remain todayMiningGold and diamondsUrban (cities)Along the coast, capitalGrowing quicklyMove for a better lifeSlumsHimba, nomadic pastoralists, girl herding goats, Namibia

  • Agriculture and herding in Africa

  • Africas ResourcesOil is most valuableAlgeria, Kenya, Libya, Egypt, Angola, NigeriaDiamonds40% of the worldsGold50% of the worlds goldRich in resources

  • Pictures of Africa

  • The NileThe worlds longest river

  • The Sahara

  • Camel Caravan crossing the Sahara

  • Atlas MountainNorthwest

  • Ethiopian Plateau

  • Great Rift Valley

  • Mount Kilimanjaro

  • Lake Victoria

  • Serengeti

  • Flamingoes in Ngorogoro Crater part of the Serengeti National Park

  • The Masai

  • Congo River

  • The Niger River

  • The Zambezi RiverLake Kariba

  • Victoria Falls

  • Drakensberg MountainsSoutheast

  • Ituri Forestnorthern part of the Congo River Basin

  • Kalahari Desert

  • Kalahari Desert

  • Kalahari Desert A black-maned lion

  • Okavango Delta an oasis in the Kalahari Desert

  • The Grand Canyon of South AfricaLocated in Augrabies Falls National Park

  • Augrabies Falls

  • The Great Escarpment in South Africa

  • Africa54 countries. Over 1000 languages. 797 million people.


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