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The adventures of. and the guidelines app. Adastras responsibilities in FEIGHT:. Editing the projects published outcomes: website, training documents, best-practice reports, etc . Designing the project logo. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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The adventures ofand the guidelines app

Adastras responsibilities in FEIGHT:Editing the projects published outcomes: website, training documents, best-practice reports, etc.Designing the project logo.Designing/developing the guidelines app for teachers working with VET students at risk of dropping out of education etc.Organising and hosting partner meeting #3 in Wales, in March 2013.Transfer of innovation of the peer education method from Wales, UK, to NL, TR and IT.Making a documentary film of partner meeting #3 and the transfer of innovation activities during the meeting.

Status of Adastras responsibilities:

Editorial: continuingLogo: completedGuidelines app: due to start in Q2, 2014Partner meeting #3: completedTOI in peer education: completedDocumentary: completed

Guidelines app:Agreed so far by the FEIGHT partners (at meeting #3):

The Guidelines App will be developed for computers and SMART Boards, which are the most useful devices for teachers. It was agreed that there is insufficient budget for the app also to be developed for smartphones. The app content will be a streamlined, quick-access/fast-response version of the wider, more detailed content developed for the other products of the project. The apps design will be interactive, accessible, simple and user-friendly.Also it will be linked to the Youre welcome, versus arrivederci kit for VET schools.

Fundamentals:Text-based app offering the user interactive questions and answersMultiple-choice questions/answersUser has to click on one of two or more radio buttonsUsers choice determines where s/he goes to nextUltimately (when the questions run out!) there must be a recommendation about what to do in such-and-such a circumstance

Guidelines app:Technical:Web-based microsite, using standard web-based technology to navigate through all the optionsSimple WordPress (content management system) application, with some theming (logo, project colours)Registered user access (i.e., not open to everyone), with user registration handled through the FEIGHT website and managed through WordPressHosting: extension of hosting for existing FEIGHT website and Teamlab? Adaptable for SMART Board (still web-based) using HTML4

Guidelines app:

Guidelines app:Content:

Needs to be carefully structured and very carefully written. This is where our other partners come in !! But the editor will also play a major role !! Structure ?? quite similar to the following example (see next slide): The Mitchell Beazley FIRST AID AND FAMILY MEDICAL GUIDE (edited by DTJ an unbelievable 30 years ago, in 1984!!!)

Great mind thinking about the guidelines app