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<ul><li><p>8/9/2019 THE ACT OF A WINNER</p><p> 1/8</p><p>THE ACT OF A WINNER</p><p>God has a purpose for all His children according to Jer 29 vs</p><p>11, but we are also not ignorant of the fact that the devil also</p><p>has a plan for everyone. Now did you note the quoted phrases?</p><p>It implies that only the children of God will be able to access</p><p>and enjoy the very plan God has for their lives and that is why</p><p>anytime I minister, I cannot but talk about direction because</p><p>Romance 8:14 told me that as many as those who are led by the</p><p>spirit of God are the sons of God. When your life lack direction,</p><p>the devil will have the chance to steal, kill and destroy the pl an</p><p>of great things that God has for your life. I enjoy this direction</p><p>while preparing to write my final year project and I will love to</p><p>share this so that we can all be blessed.</p><p>I was very close to the departmental secretary which gave me</p><p>the access to knowing when she was computing the people that</p><p>will be under each supervisor; meanwhile there is this meticulous</p><p>woman among the departmental lecturers who loves paying</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 THE ACT OF A WINNER</p><p> 2/8</p><p>attention to details and if you are not studious you will hardly</p><p>pass her course. Therefore, nobody wanted her to be his or her</p><p>supervisor, so the secretary ask me who I wanted to supervise</p><p>my project then I left to attend to something and couldnt give</p><p>an answer-clearly God spoke to my heart do not influence</p><p>anything so I said yes sir. When the list was pasted on the</p><p>board, lo and behold I was so close to the top of the list under</p><p>the supervision of the meticulous woman; I was down within me</p><p>but I spoke the words of encouragement to myself, because the</p><p>bible says David encourage himself in the Lord, that faithful day</p><p>I cannot but encourage myself in the Lord.</p><p>All the topic given to her was not of her interest, she came up</p><p>with a topic on the concept I was not even familiar with, I wrote</p><p>chapter one not less than four times, the variables of the topic</p><p>was constantly changed, in fact at a point I could not go home</p><p>for Christmas holiday because I was reviewing literature on the</p><p>research only to resume and the variable has to be changed</p><p>again. I wept but the Holy Spirit was quick to comfort me</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 THE ACT OF A WINNER</p><p> 3/8</p><p>because I have obeyed His instruction of not influencing things</p><p>and for me to have allowed God to work it out, then it has to be</p><p>well worked out.</p><p>The very weak she changed the topic was the weak I finished</p><p>chapter one and chapter three and two weeks after I went for</p><p>the survey in three universities in different cities though the</p><p>same state. I got my analysis done in less than two weeks.</p><p>There was a mistake on the analysis and has to be done again,</p><p>writing the literature review was also a bit challenging because</p><p>of the carefulness in its construction, but I got it all done</p><p>eventually within the space of two months. The Lord granted me</p><p>speed and favour in the sight of every individual connected to</p><p>the project. I will quickly point out the ACTS of a winner in the</p><p>highlight below:</p><p>y BE CONSCIOUS OF GOD IN THE CROWD: we all areengrossed with daily activities and unnecessary gists which</p><p>make us miss some vital information that could save</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 THE ACT OF A WINNER</p><p> 4/8</p><p>someone or change destiny forever. Though you might be in</p><p>the crowd make sure you are conscious of God, do not</p><p>utter words that you will not be able to account for on the</p><p>judgement day all in the name of jesting.</p><p>y BE OBEDIENT TO GODS INSTRUCTION: if not foranything obey God because He is God, your maker and the</p><p>one who knows the end of your life from the beginning.</p><p>Why will you struggle with your maker who cares for</p><p>ordinary sparrow and lilies on the field? He has a destiny</p><p>for you and destiny are only fulfilled by instruction those</p><p>who will get to the height that God destine them for in life</p><p>are those who live the life of obedience.</p><p>When the stress increase and I cried to God He answered</p><p>me because I was walking in His instruction. The meticulous</p><p>woman that some of my mate does not like became my</p><p>friend; she supplied me with materials, she directed me to</p><p>places and internet site that has materials on my topic,</p><p>when there was a mistake on the analysis which would have</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 THE ACT OF A WINNER</p><p> 5/8</p><p>cost me some extra thousands of naira she took it upon</p><p>herself to do it and I learn to be studious.</p><p>y CRY, IF YOU HAVE TO: I have seen people cry out of thepresence of their supervisors many times. I was in school</p><p>while others are at home for Christmas and to resume and</p><p>the variables are changed again! You know what that</p><p>means? The whole chapter one and two will change including</p><p>some part of chapter three! It was a big stress coupled</p><p>with my responsibility in the fellowship! I smiled in her</p><p>presence and in the presence of my friend but I broke into</p><p>severe tears in my closet.</p><p>y PRAY: at a point my laptop crashed, we run a recovery butI could not recover some recently saved document on my</p><p>project, it was a painful experience coupled with inability to</p><p>meet up deadlines for assignment submission. There is a</p><p>need for prayer because life is a place of success for a</p><p>man or woman of prayer I have learnt to commit issues</p><p>into Gods hand, our God is a jealous God so always</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 THE ACT OF A WINNER</p><p> 6/8</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 THE ACT OF A WINNER</p><p> 7/8</p><p>your sins and mine, if you will see yourself as a sinner</p><p>today, believe that He died for you and confess your sins-</p><p>He will accept you and give you rest. Remember God does</p><p>not hear sinner because their prayers is like an abomination</p><p>to Him.</p><p>I prayed after crying and I picked my phone to call my</p><p>loved ones- they encourage me to move forward and leave</p><p>the past behind. I pray for you today that the grace to</p><p>move forward after a setback my God will release upon you</p><p>in the name of Jesus. When people started giving out their</p><p>project topic on contract, the Lord helped me to stand firm</p><p>through prayers and the encouragement from the right</p><p>people.</p><p>y MOVE FORWARD: when anything looks like a setback toyou, stand up and declare them to be lifting, move forward</p><p>because you can make it again, write it everywhere around</p><p>you I WILL MAKE IT.</p></li><li><p>8/9/2019 THE ACT OF A WINNER</p><p> 8/8</p><p>I pray for you today that all you need to finish well the Lord</p><p>will release upon you. At a point I save the research work as</p><p>Gods project, it was a revelation I caught from one of Baba</p><p>Adeboyes testimony. I told God is your project, is no more</p><p>Tosins project. I pray He will complete that project for you in</p><p>Jesus name. Remember you are also His project; you will finish</p><p>well too in the name of Jesus. Walk in those acts of a winner I</p><p>prescribed above, it has worked for me I know it will work for</p><p>you too.</p><p>Let me hear from you</p><p></p><p>08080224616</p></li></ul>


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