the abc’s of kindergarten at kohrville elementary

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The ABC’s of Kindergarten at Kohrville Elementary. A. A ccount for Lunch may be set up by sending a check payable to Kohrville Elementary. Parents may monitor student’s lunch account and add money to the account electronically. Cafeteria Manager – Erica Dorsey Lunch prices – $1.75 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • The ABCs of Kindergarten at Kohrville Elementary

  • AAccount for Lunch may be set up by sending a check payable to Kohrville Elementary. Parents may monitor students lunch account and add money to the account electronically.Cafeteria Manager Erica DorseyLunch prices $1.75Breakfast prices $1.00Milk - $0.35

  • BBirthdays are celebrated by having their name called during the morning announcements. They will receive a pencil from the front office.

    We are not allowed to pass out any food treats you may send for the class.

    Invitations may be passed out at school IF the entire class is invited.

  • CCommunication will be maintained from your childs teacher with a daily folder, Tuesday folder, report card, conferences as needed, and email.

  • DDaily Schedule of Events in KindergartenMorning activitiesLanguage Arts and ReadingMathScienceSocial StudiesMusic or PELunch and Recess

  • EEmergency Release Card Should list the name and telephone number of all friends/family who may have permission to pick up your child. As a safety precaution, we do not release children to people not listed on the card. Please alert friends and family that they will be required to show identification before we release your child.

  • FFirst Day of School transportation should be the same as it will be throughout the year. You may walk your child to class on the first day; we will escort/ supervise their arrival the rest of the year.

  • GGetting Your Child Home Safely is a top priority. Please send a note or call the front office if there is a change for that day.

  • HHomework will be sent home on Monday. Work at your own pace. The purpose of these small assignments will be to review skills, provide family activities, and most of all, to build responsibility of bringing work back and forth to school.

  • II.D.s are checked when you sign in. Please bring a drivers license with you every time you are visiting our school. All visitors will be asked to wear a VISTOR sticker while at Kohrville.

  • JJust in Case, please send a change of clothes with your child right away! Make sure they are labeled with his or her name. Please also label jackets, backpacks, lunchboxes, and any personal items.

  • KKindergarten Teachers will Conference with each parent during a designated day. The district provides us with October 10 as our conference day.

  • LLunch will be at the same time each day. You may join your child at the Parents table whenever you wish. Please keep in mind that this is also a time for your child to grow socially by eating and talking with their peers.

  • MMoney that is sent to school should be in an envelope or baggie that has been clearly marked with your childs name, teacher and the purpose for which money was sent. The will help ensure that the money is not lost.

  • NNotes should be sent in your childs daily folder or by email.

  • OOpen House will be on Monday, August 29th at 7pm. Kindergarten curriculum information and classroom procedures will be shared.

  • PPlayground Time is after lunch. This is a time for social interaction and development of friendships.

  • QQuiet Time will be held following recess the first few weeks of school.

  • RReady, Set, Go!Backpacks should be large enough to hold their papers, a change of clothes, a lunch box, and a take home folder.

  • SSchool Supplies have been delivered to your childs classroom provided you purchased these through the school. A school supply list is available at the front desk or on the website if needed.

  • TTransportation Changes need to be made before 2:45 to guarantee your childs teacher receives the message.

    **Without notification we will always send your child home the regular way.

  • UUnnecessary Items (toys, games, etc.) need to remain at home. If the teacher chooses to allow children to bring items from home, she will notify parents in writing or by email. Please check your childs backpack for any hideaways.

  • VVisitors to the School are asked to check in at the office and get a visitor pass whenever you come into the school.

  • WWays That You Can Help!If your child can take care of the basic personal needs, he or she will feel more comfortable in school. For example:Tying shoesUsing the restroom properlyWashing handsKnowing first and last nameKeeping track of personal propertyKnowing lunch pin number

  • XX Excitement to begin a new year!

  • YYou Might Want To Know:

    Principal: Cassandra ChristianAssistant Principal: Vicki BlandCounselor: Erica ScottNurse: Shari Brock

  • ZZzzs are so important to kindergartners! They have busy days filled with learning and social activities. Please make sure your child goes to bed each night in time to get a good nights sleep.

  • Medical ConcernsIf your child runs a fever, bumps his/her head, or has an emergency situation we will contact you. Please let us know if your child has any specific medical concerns or needs. Students are not allowed to bring any type of medication to school. If medication is to be given during school hours parents need to bring it to the clinic in the original container. The school is not allowed to send medication home with a student.

  • Teachers InformationEmail:

    Phone: 832-484-7184

    Conference Time:Monday- Thursday 12:45-1:30