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DM.7. The A djusted Winner. Adjusted Winner Divorce Procedure. This procedure is for handling property settlements in a divorce or in an inheritance involving only two heirs. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>The Adjusted Winner</p> <p>The Adjusted WinnerDM.7Adjusted Winner Divorce ProcedureThis procedure is for handling property settlements in a divorce or in an inheritance involving only two heirs.Theorem: For two parties, the adjusted winner procedure produces an allocation based on each players assignment of 100 points over the items to be divided. Properties of adjusted winnerThe allocation is equitable: this means that both players receive the same number of points.The allocation is Envy free: this means that neither player would be happier with what the others received.The allocation Pareto optimal: this means that no other allocation, arrived at by any means, can make one party better off without making the other party worse off. Process for Adjusted WinnerAssign each person each item according to who bids the highest.Total circledTo slide the points you have to take the one they want the least.Cant slide anymore because you do not want to change who has the most points.Then decide which item they want to share because according to adjusted winner procedure they have to end up being equal.To determine the Item that will be shared, make a fraction. Person giving up the Item will be the denominator(bottom). The largest fraction is the item that will be shared because that mean the person giving the item has less interest in that item than the other items he has.Set up the equation. It does not matter who is assigned (X) and who is assigned (1 X).Solve for XX = and 1 X =List what each one received. </p> <p>Trump DivorcePointAllocationMartial AssetDonaldIvanaConnecticut Estate1038Palm Beach Mansion4020Trump Plaza Apartment1030Trump Tower Triplex3810Cash and Jewelry22Supposed Calvin and Hobbes discovered a sunken pirate ship and must divide their loot.ObjectCalvinHobbesCannon105Anchor1020Unopened chest1520Doubloon1114Figure head2030Sword156Cannon ball51Wooden leg21Flag102Crows nest21</p>