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  • 9th, 10th & 11th February 2018

    The 51st Annual Conference of Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association

    Articulate OrthopaedicsThe great philosopher Pluto once said, I am the wisest

    person alive, for I know one thing., and that is I know nothing. The wide expansion

    and diversification in orthopaedic sub-specialities has made us all feel like Pluto. Come on! Join us let us exchange ideas. And have some fun too...

    Dr.R.MohandhasOrganising Chairman

    Dr. S. Krishna KumarOrganising Secretary

  • Dear Colleagues,


    It gives me great pleasure to invite you all for the TNOACON 2018 at Nagercoil on 9th, 10th & 11th February 2018. The theme of the conference is Articulate Orthopaedics.

    The scientific program will be interesting & informative, concentrating on practical aspects.

    Many prominent national and international faculties have given their consent to participate. Enormous arrangements are being made by the organising team of Kanyakumari Orthopaedic Society under the able leadership of Dr. R. Mohandhas, the Organising Chairman and Dr. S. Krishna Kumar, the Organising Secretary.

    It will be an academic, social and cultural extravaganza. Please mark the dates and make travel plans along with your family and friends well in advance.

    looking forward to your active participation.

    Warm regards,

    Truly in TNOA Service,Dr. S. Ramesh BabuPresident, TNOA 2017-18

  • Respected Members,


    I am indeed very happy to invite all of you for the 51st Annual Conference of Tamil Nadu Orthopaedic Association at Nagercoil from 9th, 10th & 11th February, 2018.

    It is a platform to discuss art and science of orthopaedics. We are expected to provide minimum standard of care in orthopaedics to one and all. We need to find out credible evidence based solutions to clinical problems unique to our country. Every experience at treating patients by individuals will add to existing knowledge. The deliberations at Nagercoil will be a step in this direction.

    I humbly request all the senior and junior colleagues to participate in big numbers to present their work and participate in discussion to improve the quality of research deliberations.

    The success of any conference depends upon the combined efforts of a team. We know that Kanyakumari has a tremendous team working for TNOACON-2018, and we can hope for a wonderful conference.

    I express my sincere wishes to the organising committee.

    With warm regards!

    In service of TNOADr. M. Antony Vimal RajSecretary, TNOA

  • President Secretary Prof. S. Ramesh Babu Prof. M. Antony Vimalraj President Elect Vice President Dr. R. Muralidharan Dr. J. Dheena Dhayalan

    SOuTh ZONeDr. A. Suresh KumarDr. J. Manikandan

    eAST ZONeDr. C.J. Ravi

    WeST ZONeDr. Franklyn KirubaDr. M.A.N. loganathan

    CeNTRAl ZONeDr. B. Vadivel

    Special InviteesProf. Dr. R. Selvaraj

    VP, OASISDr. S.G. ThirumalaisamyDr. S. Vetrivel ChezhianDr. R. MohandhasDr. S. KrishnakumarDr. SathyanarayanaProf. Dr. R. SivakumarDr. G. Mukesh MohanDr. C.J. Ravi

    Imm. Past PresidentProf. Dr. R. Sivakumar

    Imm. Past SecretaryDr. S. Muthuraman

    Joint SecretaryDr. A. Francis Roy

    EditorProf. N. Thanappan

    Fellowship SecretaryDr. K. Meenakshi Sundaram

    TreasurerDr. A. Saravanan


    CheNNAIDr. V. Thirunarayanan

    MADuRAIDr. J. MaheswaranDr. R. Karthik Raja

    COIMBATOReDr. Paari Selvaraj

    NORTh ZONeDr. V.P. Mohan Gandhi

    TNOA Executive Committee

  • Conference Committee

    Patrons:Dr. K. KuthalingamDr. K. C. MohanDr. P. Kandappa PillaiDr. Ratheesh .P.K

    Scientific committee:Dr. C. Muthuraj Dr. S. Krishna Kumar Dr. M. Srinivasan Dr. Mohamed Zubair Dr. Joney MandiceDr. Suthan

    SportsDr. R. RamadhasDr. Franklin CastroDr. T. Vinod KumarDr. Jegan Jascott

    Banquet and FoodDr. R. RamadhasDr. K.C. Mohan Dr. C. Kannan Dr. K. KuthalingamDr. Sankara VenkatesanAccommodationDr. Saravanan SSPDr. Sastha K SharanDr. S. RajkumarDr. Jegan JascottDr. M. Srinivasan

    Trade exhibition Dr. S. Krishna KumarDr. R. MohandhasDr. M. SrinivasanDr. T. Thiraviam

    STAge MANAgeMeNT

    Organising Chairman Organising Secretary Organising Treasurer Dr. R. Mohandhas Dr. S. Krishna Kumar Dr. M. Srinivasan

    hall Management Dr. S. Alfred Sathya Shekar Dr. Joney MandiceDr. K. Raju Dr. Raship KhanDr. Sankara VenkatesanDr. Sahaya Jose

    Website & CommunicationDr. ganesh RajaDr. gopalDr. M. SrinivasanDr. Amish Sundar

    Venue Dr. M. SrinivasanDr. Saravanan SSPDr. SriramDr. Mohan Kumar

    Audio Visual Dr. Raship KhanDr. M. Sudhan

    Media & Press Dr. M.SrinivasanDr. Jegan JascottDr.Omar Muhammed Ali

    Souvenir & MomentosDr. Franklin Castro Dr. Joseph SenDr. T. Vinod Kumar Dr. ChengamanTransport Dr. Joseph Sen Dr. ValluvanDr. Jegan JascottDr. P. Kandappa PillaiFaculty In-chargeDr. SaravananDr. Kalai KumarDr. Jegan Jascott

    entertainmentDr. BadriDr. ChandrasekarDr. W.h. Isaac Sunder SenDr. T.R. Balaji

    Registration / ReceptionDr. gopalDr. K. RajuDr. V. S. Muthuramalingam Dr. Sankara Venkatesan

    Spouse & KidsDr. Selvapriya SaravananDr. geetha MohandhasMrs. Bhuvana Krishna KumarDr. g.Sutha vassanDr. Shiny gopal

  • The lush green paddy fields, dancing to the tune of the gentle winds, The back drop of mountains with clouds embracing their tops, The tasty cuisine of Nanjil Nadu, a blend of Tamil and Kerala tradition are all set to welcome you.

    Be a part of it ! Come ! enjoy ! - 9th, 10th &11th February 2018.

    We are waiting!

    Dr. K. Raju Dr. K. Raship Khan President Secretary KOS KOS


    Please Care:

    m For family members < 10 years of age exempted from payment. But registration is mandatory.

    m Only spouse and children will be registered as accompanying persons.

    m For members more than 65 years of age registration is free. Only Journal indexing and incidential charge has to be paid.

    mRegistration Kit will not be available for those who register after 31st January 2018 .

    TNOACON 2018Non Residential Package

    Member till 31st December 2017

    till 31st January 2018

    from1st February 2018 to spot

    Journal Indexing fund

    Incidental Charge

    Member Rs. 3,410/- Rs. 3,960/- Rs. 5,500/- Rs. 500/- Rs. 150/-Non Member Rs. 3,850/- Rs. 4,510

    Rs. 6,490/- Rs. 500/- Rs. 150/-

    Post Graduate Rs. 2,090/- Rs. 2,310/- Rs. 3,300/- Rs. 500/- Rs. 150/-

    Accompanying Person (Family Members > 10 Years age)

    Rs. 2,200/- Rs. 2,640/- Rs. 3080/- - -


    Built in 1970, the Vivekananda Rock Memorial is one of the finest pieces of human endeavor at architecture in Southern India. Situated on a rock island, Vivekananda Rock Memorial is a major tourist attraction in Kanyakumari and houses the statue of the great preacher Swami Vivekananda.

    PADAMANABhAPuRAM PAlACe (13 KM)The Padamanabhapuram Palace is a sight to behold. Located on the foothills of the Velli Hills, the palace is spread across 4 kilometres. The palace is built of granite and offers the most stunning views against the backdrop of towering hills and lush foliage. Perhaps, the most enticing part of the palace is the mica coloured, dark and ornately decorated Kings Council Hall.

    ThIRPARAPPu FAllS (35KM)

    Kanyakumari is a place where travellers have ample things to do and explore. One such popular spot in the city is the Thirparappu Falls, which is around 35 kilometres away from Nagercoil. This waterfall originates from the Kodayar River or Kothai River and descends at Thirparappu from a height of around 50 feet.

    MAThuR AQueDuCT(27KM)Measuring a kilometre in length and 115 feet in height, Mathur Aqueduct or Mathoor Hanging Trough is among the longest and tallest trough bridges in Asia. This imposing structure was constructed in 1966 over the Parazhiyar River (also called Pahrali) in Mathoor - a small hamlet in Aruvikkarai.

    ThIRuVAlluVAR STATue (21KM)Thiruvalluvar was a noted poet and philosopher, known for his contribution to Tamil literature. He is globally renowned for his work Thirukkural, which is a collection of 1330 Tamil couplets. The Thiruvalluvar Statue was built in the memory of this great man and stands atop a small island rock, about 400 metres away from the coastline of Kanyakumari.

    places of Tourist interest


    Vattakottai Fort, also popular as the Circular Fort, is a tourist hotspot of Kanyakumari. Located around 6 km northeast of the Kanyakumari Cape, this fort enjoys a waterfront location with greenery surrounding it on all sides. This historical edifice was built in the 18th century by the mighty ruler MarthandaVarma to protect the town of Nagercoil.


    Kanyakumari Beach is one of the most pristine beaches in the waterfront town of Kanyakumari. It is located at the confluence of the Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. Beauty oozes here in the form of soft golden sand that is overlapped by shimmering waters of the endless sea.

    uDAYAgIRI FORT OVeRVIeW(14 KM)Situated about 14 km away from Nagercoil, the Udayagiri Fort is one of Kanyakumaris popular historical edifices. Originally a mud-fort, it was used as a military barrack by Travancore rulers during the 17th century. In the initial days, the fort served as a prison for people who protested against Tipu Sultan - the ruler of Mysore. Later, it was rebuilt using massive blocks of granite by

    Maharaja MarthandaVarma of Travancore in the 18th century.

    COuTRAllAM FAllS (130 KM)

    Coutrallam Falls (also called Kutralam Falls) is located in Coutrallam in Tirunelveli district in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu. The falls is located on the Western Ghats on the river Chittar and is considered a medical spa on account of the

    medical smell in the waters.


    The Thanumalayan Temple, also called Sthanumalayan Temple is an important Hindu temple located in Suchindram in the Kanyakumari district of Tamil Nadu, India.


    SwamithoppePathi Worship centers of Ayyavazhi, and the sacred venue of the Tavam. Religiously Swamithope is considered primary among the Panchapathi and the primary centre of the incarnational activities of Vaikundar

    ST. XAVIeRS CATheDRAl (KOTTAR),(2km)St. Xaviers Cathedral (Kottar), it dates back to 16th century dedicated to St.Francis Xavier. He was a Professor from Paris, came to the southern tip of the peninsula in 1543 to work among the Paravars. It is said that the Maharaja of Travancore gladly gave his consent to the conversion out of gratitude for the saint

    NAgARAJA TeMPle(1KM)

    Nagaraja Temple is a Hindu temple worshipping Nagaraja situated at the heart of Nagercoil town. The name for the town Nagercoil originated for this temple. The temple has innumerable statues of serpents.

    BAY WATCh(19KM)

    Family-friendly park with kids water slides, wave pools & rides like trains & bumper cars. Kovalam Road, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu.


    Muttom is a coastal in the Kanyakumari District of the Tamil Nadu. It is a well known for beautiful beach with some rocks and caves. The major occupation of people in Muttom is fishing. Muttom village is attracted by visitors because of its beautiful beach.

  • TIRuCheNDuR (103KM)

    Tiruchendur is a panchayat town at the southern tip of India, in the Thoothukudi district of Tamil Nadu. It is home to ThiruchendurMurugan Temple, one of the ancient Hindu temples dedicated to lord Muruga.


    Kovalam is a small coastal town in the southern Indian state of Kerala, south of Thiruvananthapuram. At the southern end of Lighthouse Beach is a striped lighthouse with a viewing platform. Palm-backed beaches also include Hawa Beach and Samudra Beach. Heading south, VizhinjamJuma Masjid mosque overlooks the busy fishing harbor Inland, Sagarika Marine Research Aquarium displays technology used in pearl production.


    Poovar is being surrounded by Neyyar River which makes, Poovar an amazing island and all the resorts are located on the banks of Neyyar River. The other side of the river has sandy beach and those who want to visit the Beach from the resort need any means of water transport which is generally called Speed boat or wooden motor boat.The speed boat will take approximately 1.5 / 2hrs to cover backwater trip.

  • Ganga Grandeur, Therekalputhoor,

    Thirunelveli Road,Nagercoil 629 901

    Phone : 04652 275775


  • This is a No-Paper conferenceYou will not receive any

    further communication from us. Please log on to for all details.

    For Scientific session details, application for medals and accommodation log on the website.

    Phone : 04652-231322Mob : 94433 75218E-mail : [email protected] :

    Conference Secretariat:Krishna Kumar Orthopaedic Hospital Pvt. Ltd.,

    No.15/82E, Overbridge, Parvathipuram, Nagercoil, -629 003. Kanyakumari (District),

    Tamil Nadu, India

    Our Concern for Environment