the 5 themes of geography location: geographers study a place by finding its location. there are two...

Download The 5 Themes of Geography LOCATION: Geographers study a place by finding its location. There are two types of location: Absolute location: latitude and

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  • The 5 Themes of GeographyLOCATION: Geographers study a place by finding its location. There are two types of location:Absolute location: latitude and longitude or street addressEx. Woodworth Middle Schools address is 4951 Ternes street.Woodworth Middle School is located at 4919N latitude and 8311W longitudeRelative location: where it is located in relationship to another known place Dearborn is west of Detroit.Woodworth Middle School is south of Ford Rd.

  • LocationEXAMPLE 1:Lansing, the capital of MI is located Northwest of Detroit.

  • The 5 Themes of GeographyPLACE: Place refers to the physical and human characteristics of an area. what an area is like?This includes: what is the land like (land and water features)what the climate and vegetation is likewhat buildings or man-made structures are there the amount of people that live there what is the culture likewhat language is spoken there.

  • PLACEEXAMPLE 1: Eiffel Tower is in France. Rocky Mountains are in the United States.

  • The 5 Themes of GeographyREGION: Areas of the world that have common characteristics. Can be identified: common climate physical feature common language common national government

  • REGIONEXAMPLE 1:Great Lakes Region, because the states and Canada that border the lakes all share in using the water and resources that the lakes provide.

  • The 5 Themes of GeographyMOVEMENT: The way people, goods, and ideas travel or spread from one place to another. Why these movements happened ?How they affect or affected the people living there?

  • MOVEMENTEXAMPLE 1:Pineapples are brought to Michigan from Hawaii. Pineapples are a fruit that is not able to be grown naturally in Michigan.

  • The 5 Themes of GeographyHUMAN-ENVIROMENT INTERACTION (H.E.I): See how people have changed and adapted to live in their natural surroundingsHow they have used their land and natural resources?How they have changed or affected the place they live?

  • HUMAN-ENVIROMENT INTERACTION (H.E.I): EXAMPLE 1:The Japanese diet is made mostly of seafood because its an island and have very little land for vegetation.

  • EXIT CARDWrite name, core and # on card


    The weather in the Congo is always hot because it is near the equator.REGIONPLACEHEI

    2. The river near my house has become very polluted.HEIMOVEMENTREGION

    3. My new bicycle was sent to my house in a truck.PLACEMOVEMENTLOCATION

    4. South Korea is considered part of the Asian Continent.PLACEREGION HEI

    India is south of Nepal.LOCATIONMOVEMENTREGION

  • EXIT TICKETODDNAME: CORE: #:This island is 64W 16N.LOCATION PLACEHEI2. In Hawaii, it is customary for visitors to receive a flower necklace called lei when they arrive on the island.HEIMOVEMENTPLACE

    3. I phoned my friend on my cell phone to tell her about exciting news. PLACEREGIONMOVEMENT

    4. Chili is considered part of the South American Continent.LOCATION PLACEREGION

    5. China is North of Nepal.LOCATIONMOVEMENTREGION


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