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The 2013 catalog features all the information you need to know about our unique line of canoes, kayaks, and pack boats!


People who know, paddle Swift.s w i f tc a n o e. co m

Swift Canoe & Kayak

The Swift StorySwift Canoe & KayakWhen the Swift Team conceptualized, developed and started to build canoes in 1984 and kayaks in 1995, we set out to build the ultimate recreational, light touring and tripping boats to suit paddlers needs. We started by focusing on the need for functional, technically advanced canoes and kayaks that provide true performance bene ts to the consumer. To achieve these goals, Swift sought out the most knowledgeable people in the industry. Each Swift canoe and kayak begins as a conceptual design with an internal code name. Our Research & Development Team meets to formulate the new design features and determine the performance characteristics the boat will need. Next, our boat designers produce a prototype for trial use based on the insight of the R&D Team. The prototype then gets paddled by our sta , and more importantly, the intended end consumer. Once we have determined the nal boat shape, the project is then turned over to the Swift Manufacturing Team. Our Swift Engineers ne tune the integral parts and boat ergonomics and produce the necessary tooling to put the boat into production.



Throughout this catalog you will nd many QR codes. It is a twodimensional barcode, which has a video link encoded in it that can be accessed by your smart phone. Simply go to the app store and search for a free QR code reader. Run the app and then hold your phones camera over a QR code to read it. Scan the code to go to Swifts YouTube channel and see a video of the boat in action or of one of our features!

Canadian Made

Design and development is just the beginning. The Swift family has been serving paddlers for 50 years through our a liate out tting and rental business, Algonquin Out tters. We have found no better trial for durability, longevity and performance than our rental eet of over 1000 boats where every new Swift canoe and kayak is tested. Our consumers and everyone on the Swift Team demand the highest standards of quality in every Swift boat, and our production crew takes great pride in achieving these high standards. Our new Fusion laminates are the product of our testing program and represent our dedication and commitment towards producing the best canoes and kayaks possible. We are very proud that our boats are developed and produced in Canada and are respected within the industry as the cutting-edge in composite canoe and kayak technology.

Your Swift Boat

The nal step is getting you the right Swift canoe and/or kayak. Our sales sta and dealers are chosen for their knowledge, enthusiasm for paddling and commitment to service. Their goal is to see that you are satis ed and that you get the right boat for your needs. As you read through this catalogue, you will see how our goal has been realized many times over in every canoe and kayak that we build. No matter which Swift boat you choose, we feel con dent that you will nd it a source of lasting enjoyment and a boat you will be proud to own and paddle for many years.

Swift Warranty

Swift boats purchased new are warrantied against defects in materials and workmanship for the usable life of the boat and as indicated by care and wear. This warranty does not include damage due to normal wear, abuse, misuse or alteration. Swift or a certi ed Swift agent will repair or replace the boat at their option. Transportation to and from a Swift dealer is your responsibility ~ well take it from there! Happy Paddling,

The Swift TeamSource Lake, Algonquin Park, ON


The Swift R & D Team has developed a unique process to produce state of the art composite boats utilizing pressure moulding technology. The Swift Fusion process eliminates laminate porosity and assures a perfect wet out of the entire laminate. It also allows the shop technicians to systematically position the hull cloth, core and strengthening pieces in the mould without the need to rush while the resin is curing. We do this by infusing the resin after the laminate has been put together and the pressure moulding equipment has been applied. This process creates a composite part with a high cloth to resin ratio resulting in a nished boat that is lighter and stronger than a hand laid or vacuum bagged boat.Swift Gold Fusion canoes are built with an exterior coating of a marine gel with berglass and Kevlar cloth layers, sandwiching a durable foam core and rib system. The laminate is fused together with an Epoxy Vinylester resin system using the Swift Fusion process. The laminate is completed with an interior layer of abrasion resistant gel coat that contains an Ultraviolet Ray (UV) inhibitor. This is a great laminate for recreational paddlers looking for a lightweight and high strength berglass and Kevlar laminate.Kevlar cloth layers and pieces sandwiching a durable foam core and rib system. The laminate is fused together with a high impact, exible Epoxy Vinylester resin system. This durable and long lasting laminate is completed with interior layer of abrasion resistant gel coat that contains an Ultraviolet Ray (UV) inhibitor. The result is a strong and light Kevlar laminate great for wilderness trippers who want tremendous strength and durability.

Gel Coat Coloursarowhon yellow autumn red forest green champagne*Available on Gold Fusion, Guide Fusion and Kevlar Fusion Canoes

Clear Kevlar Coloursruby

Features and BenefitsBow seat frame is 21 wide so the paddler can easily move to the side comfortably Float tanks with self regulating air pressure valves Cherry Decks with Swift Logo

Kneeling thwart is angled and curved for comfortable solo or third person paddling

Swift canoes have industry leading features and options, many of which are indicated here. Please see our pricelist for a list of standard features found on each Swift canoe.



Wide framed, curved and angled seats for comfortable sitting and kneeling Contour yoke for carrying ease Carbon Kevlar gunwales with Cherry outers Stainless steel hardware throughout the trim systems Thick 3/4 closed cell kneepads provide comfortable kneeling

Swift Guide Fusion canoes are built with an exterior coating of a marine gel coat with S-glass and

Royalex Coloursautumn red green*Available on Royalex Canoes

f lax

s i l v e r b a r r a c u d aKevlar skid plate protectors colour matched to hull

38lb Keewaydin 17 in Kevlar Fusion

Swift Kevlar Fusion canoes are built with an outside layer of a clear marine grade gel coat with Polyester, S-glass and Kevlar cloth layers sandwiching a durable foam core and rib system. The laminate is fused together with a high impact, exible Epoxy Vinylester resin system. Kevlar Fusionis our most popular canoe laminate as it has our highest strength to weight ratio.The Kevlar Fusion laminate is also available with our solid color gel coat nishes or one of our vibrant new colour cloth nishes. The coloured cloth is available in a Clear Coat, Emerald, Ruby and Barracuda nishes. These stunning colors allow a paddler to have an extremely light boat with a beautiful translucent nish.and Kevlar cloth layers sandwiching a durable foam core and rib system. The laminate is fused together with a high impact, exible Epoxy Vinylester resin system. Carbon Fusion consists of an outer layer of Carbon cloth along with two layers of Kevlar cloth to generate a hull of maximum strength and optimum lightness. These remarkably light boats and are for those who want the lightest weight laminate.

Swift Carbon Kevlar Trim is created through a unique process that enables us to infuse our canoe hulls and trim together as one integrated piece. This creates a structural bond between the hull and trim that generates unparalleled strength and structural integrity. The gunwale consists of a Carbon and Kevlar bi axle weave surrounding a durable foam core and attaches using our exclusive infusion process. These boats are available with a 100% infused gunwale, or with a cherry wood outer strip. The Cherry outers are attached to the hull with Epoxy Resin and include a matching cherry wood end cap with an emblazed Swift logo. Carbon Kevlar Trim is available on all Kevlar and Carbon Fusion canoes and reduces the total weight by 4-6 lbs. over conventional aluminum trim, depending on the model.

g o l d b a r r a c u d a

s a g e b a r r a c u d a*Available on Kevlar Fusion Canoes in Aluminum and Carbon Kevlar Trim

Swift Carbon Fusion canoes are built with an outside layer of clear marine gel coat with Carbon

Clear Carbon Colourclear carbon*Available on Carbon Fusion Canoes in Carbon Kevlar Trim

Aluminum Trim We use hard-anodized aluminum gunwales, nished with durable ABS end caps. This trim system is light, strong, attractive and maintenance free.Standard on Classic, Touring, Canadian Touring and Solo models

Wood Trim Nothing enhances the look of your canoe more than classic wood trim. Swift prides itself in the exceptional quality of our wood work. Choose between Ash, Cherry, or a mix of both!Available on all models

Carbon Kevlar Trim with Cherry Outers The addition of cherry outers to the Carbon Kevlar Trim is a stunning way to enhance an already beautiful trim system. A popular choice with those looking for a more traditional look.Available on Kevlar Fusion & Carbon Fusion Canoes and Pack Canoes

Vinyl Trim A heavy duty Vinyl Trim with aluminum inserts. We use wide framed, wood laminated seats and heavy duty handles, thwarts and yokes. We install all the wood pieces with the thickest stainless steel bolts used in the canoe industry.Available on Royalex Canoes

Canoe weights vary depending on laminate and options, please see our pricelist for we


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