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Thanksgiving Thankful CountdownGATHER: 1 Glass

jar Tie a bow around the jar to make it fun! 26 Scrolls Cut out each of the thankfulcountdown ideas below cutting them in strips. Roll them up and tie with a ribbon.

DIRECTIONS: 1. Place all Scrolls in Jar 2. Every day draw out one scroll and do what it says

Be prepared to have a Thankful Thanksgiving this year as each day you show gratitude for something in your life!

Lets cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude!

Created by Valerie Lee Lee

I am Thankful for My Family!Play a game together, inside or outside!(board game, hike, chalk art, etc.)

Pies! I am Thankful for Pies!Make some Pumpkin Pies to deliver to anyone!

Grandparents! I am Thankful for Grandparents!Call and tell them "I love you" I am grateful for you!

I am Thankful for Prayer!Say a prayer only using the words I thank thee for . & dont ask for anything.

I am Thankful for Computers!Send an e-mail to someone you love, and a photo!

toys! I am thankful for my toys!Give some of your toys to Goodwill to give to other kids.

I am thankful for my teachers!Make a plate of cookies and/or a card for your piano, primary, or school teacher.

I am Thankful for our Car!Clean out the car, and go get ice-cream cones in it!

I am Thankful for the Scriptures!Have a FHE on a favorite scripture story memorize a scripture!

I am Thankful for Sisters!Do something nice for her!(make her bed, do her job, play a game with her, etc. )

I am Thankful for Food!Go to the store & pick out a food that you havent tried yet!

I am thankful for our Kitchen!Bake Something Fun Together in the kitchen!

I am thankful for Turkeys!Art Project: Make paper Turkeys

I am Thankful for Neighbors!Do a secret service for your neighbor!(rake leaves, pull weeds, leave a treat, etc.)

I am Thankful for my Heavenly FatherWrite in your journal & say a prayer expressing your love & gratitude!

I am Thankful for my Cousins!Call or write a letter to one of your cousins!

Ears! I am thankful for my Ears!Close your eyes & listen to music! Play some music. Enjoy it all day!

I am Thankful for my Dad!Do something nice for Dad!(run give him a hug when he comes home write him a note, shine his shoes, clean his organize the garage etc.) from work, closet,

I am Thankful for my Hands!Art Project: Finger painting, or drawing

Eyes! I am Thankful for my EyesWatch a special movie with your family!

I am Thankful for my Brother!Do something nice for your brother!(make his bed, do his job, play a game with him)

I am Thankful For my Legs!Go outside - run & jump or ride your bike!

I am Thankful for my Mom!Do something nice for mom! (write her a note,good chocolate, cook and clean up dinner, do the laundry, clean any room, etc.)

I am Thankful for Books!Go to the library and pick out some Thanksgiving books!

I am Thankful For the Seasons!Go on a walk, enjoy nature, the colors, etc..

Teeth! I am Thankful for my Teeth!Give Mom & Dad some Halloween Candy & brush & Floss.

I am Thankful for a Prophet!Read a conference talk or article in the church magazines by him!

I am Thankful for my Home!Clean out a hall, bedroom or upstairs closet together play music and have fun!!

You could use the pictures below for jar labels if you wish:

This would be a cute tag on the Pumpkin pies you give away:


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