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1. Thai folk dance Bykrusuwaree SocialMedia 2012bankorang schoolElementary school theCounty District 2 2. PreambleFolk dance is a cultural heritage thathas long been well preserved and shouldbe cultivated.The Thai pride. Who can bring to theattention of some. It might be useful. Youcan search and find the Internet further. by suwaree somabut 3. Musical chairs 4. Jum jee 5. Monsornpa 6. Kra dod chuek 7. Vingkrasorb 8. Ree ree cao san 9. Pid ta tee mor 10. Khee ma kan kruey 11. DernkaLa 12. Pid ta ha koo 13. Loy kra thong 14. Tak bad dok mai 15. Song kran 16. Tak bad cao tom 17. Kor pra say 18. Proy nokProy pra 19. Bun bang fai 20. Haer thean pan sa 21.