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Download th Annual Triple B BBQ Cook-Off Competition Application  Cook-Off Competition Application ... Phone Number _____ Mobile Phone ... any Triple B Committee member for location assignment

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  • 12th Annual Triple B

    BBQ Cook-Off Competition Application

    March 19th 2016 Downtown Crestview, Florida

    Select the Categories in which you would like to compete:

    ____ Chicken $50 ____ Ribs $50 ____ Pulled Pork $50 ____ Brisket $50

    ____ All Categories $175 ***If you are not all-in and are selling, the minimum fee will be $150.00, which is the event standard price for food vendors*** Select one: I ____ will OR ____ I will not be competing in Peoples Choice. Select one: ____ I will be competing only ____I will be competing and selling.

    Select one: I need a water hook up at my location ____OR l need water available at my location ____

    *There are great vendor spots available with water but not a water hook up*

    Team Information

    Official Team Name __________________________________________

    (Name cannot be changed once accepted)

    Team Leader or Contact: _________________________________________________

    Phone Number _______________________ Mobile Phone ______________________

    Fax # _________________________ Email __________________________________

    Street Address _________________________________________________________

    City: ______________________________ State: __________ Zip: ________________

    Separate Cleanup deposit - $150.00 due with application. Check will be held until work station cleanup is

    approved by Triple B Staff, then returned to team leader.

    Total Amount Enclosed: _____________________

    Team Leader Signature __________________________________________________

    ____ (initial) *I have read and understand the entire list of 2015 Triple B cook off rules.

    Please be sure to visit and click the link for mobile food vendors to see if licensing for this event applies to you. The Crestview Chamber will not be responsible for any fees that vendors/competitors

    may incur due to improper licensing.

  • Mail Application Form and Payment to: Crestview Chamber of Commerce Triple B

    1447 Commerce Drive, Crestview, FL 32539

    2016 Triple B BBQ Cook-off Rules

    These rules and regulations are subject to interpretation and implementation by the Florida Panhandle BBQ

    Society (FPBS) and the Triple B Committee. Their decisions are final.

    Check in- All teams should arrive on Main Street between 5:00-6:00pm on Friday 3/18/16 and report to

    any Triple B Committee member for location assignment. A MANDATORY cooks meeting will be held

    from 6:30-7:30. The location of this meeting will be emailed to you prior to the event.

    Meat inspection- Shortly after you are assigned a cooking location, a FPBS official will be visiting your

    team. All meats to be cooked will be inspected and must be unseasoned, uncooked, and stored in

    containers at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below. Meats that do not pass inspection will not be allowed to

    be turned in for judging. No meats will be allowed to leave the site after it has been inspected. No

    exceptions will be made to these rules.

    Cooked on site- All meats will be brought to the cooking site raw. All meats must be USDA or State DA

    inspected and passed. The official start time for the Triple B Cook-off is 5:00pm on Friday 3/19/16 (upon

    completion of meat inspection). All cooking, seasoning, and preparing of food must be done within the

    confines of their assigned space during contest hours. All entries must be prepared and cooked by

    registered teams only.

    Entries- The Triple B Cook-off recognizes only one entry in each category per team. Multiple entries

    from the same piece of meat will not be allowed. It will be the responsibility of the head cook to

    monitor entries. Contestants must be at least 18 years of age to participate in the cook-off.

    Conditions- Cooks are to prepare and cook in a sanitary manner. Cooking conditions are subject to

    inspection by 2015 Triple B Committee. Any infractions identified by the committee should be

    immediately corrected or the team will be subject for disqualification.

    All meats must be maintained at or below 40 degrees Fahrenheit prior to cooking.

    All meats must be covered at all times prior to inspection and cooking.

    All meats must be cooked to an internal temperature of 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Sanitary, plastic gloves are required by all cooks while handling food.

    Pits/Equipment- Pits allowed at the cook-off can include any commercial or homemade, trailered or un-

    trailered pit or smoker used for competitive barbeque. A barbeque pit may include gas or electricity for

    starting the combustion of wood or wood products but not to complete cooking. Each team is

    responsible for providing all necessary equipment and supplies. The Triple B Committee will not provide

    any equipment, including extension cords.

  • Categories- Judging will be Saturday 3/28/15 at the following times:

    Chicken 11:00am Teams may cook individual pieces.

    Ribs 12:00pm Loin (baby back) or spare ribs only. No country style ribs. No chopped, pulled, or sliced rib meat loose in entry box.

    Pork 1:00pm Shoulder, Boston Butt or Picnic only. Pork must be cooked as a single piece of meat.

    Brisket (beef): 2:00pm Packer trimmed flats or points.

    Official time is kept by the head judge. Each meat entry will be allowed a five minute turn in window

    before and after the hour. No entries will be accepted outside this window. Absolutely no exceptions.

    Presentation- Each entry should include eight separate slices or pieces of meat. Meat may be turned in

    with or without sauce. Nothing may be added to the turn in box in addition to the meat (such as

    aluminum foil or sauce cups). Garnishes are not allowed.

    Judging- The 2015 Triple B BBQ Cook-off will be judged by the blind judging method and FPBS rules. All

    entries will be submitted in identical containers that will be provided to each team at the mandatory

    cooks meeting on Friday 3/18/16. A numerical sticker will be placed on the top of your container to

    identify your entry when presented to judging by FPBS officials.

    Peoples Choice- Visitors will be able to purchase Peoples Choice tickets from 3 locations along Main

    Street. The sample part of these tickets will be presented to you as payment for a sample size portion

    of your barbecue (any meat). For each sample ticket you receive, the Crestview Area Chamber will

    give you 40 cents toward the cost of the samples. Visitors will then turn in the vote portion of each

    ticket to be collected and counted at 4:00pm to determine the 2015 Peoples Choice winner. More

    details will be provided at the mandatory cooks meeting on Friday 3/18/16. We encourage you to

    participate in this friendly competition. It has become a tradition that our community truly enjoys.

    Awards- Awards ceremonies will begin promptly at 5:00. A first, second, and third place will be awarded

    in each category. Cash prizes are as follows: $100 for first place in chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket, $500

    for Reserve Grand Champ, $600 for Grand Champion, and $300 for Peoples Choice winner.

    Clean up- At the end of the competition, the assigned cooking site must be cleaned. Teams are

    responsible for cleanup of their own site. Teams are expected to collect and dispose of grill debris

    including grease. Please ensure that grease and garbage are not left behind in cooking area. Each team

    will be required to submit a deposit of $150.00 with their competitors application. This deposit will be

    held by the Triple B Committee until the end of the competition, at which time a committee member

    will inspect your cook station for cleanliness and return the deposit to the head cook.

    The Following are grounds for disqualification:

    1. Evidence of sculpting or marking an entry so as to identify it to judges or staff.

    2. The presence of any item in an entry box other than sauced or un-sauced meat.

    3. Failure to include eight separate and identifiable samples with each entry.

    4. The presence of blood or any indication that an entry is not fully cooked.

    5. Delivery of an entry after the turn in window.

    6. Entry of any meat not properly inspected by a FPBS designated meat inspector.


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