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  • 1. TFAC Newsletter Vol.34 Tainan Foreigner Assistance Center
  • 2. Drive in Taiwan without Taking the Drivers License Test - International Drivers License Permit (IDL) issued by only reciprocating countries is valid for 30days. Otherwise taking the drivers license test is still required. - IDL issued by reciprocating countries can be transformed to IDL visa upon application. The longest validity for IDL visa is 1 year. (see appendix for more information) - Based on mutually beneficial principle, a foreign IDL or a foreign drivers license can be converted to Taiwans domestic drivers license within one year after entry. photo by andrea_j@sxc Obtain your Taiwans Domestic Drivers License through the Test - General Procedures: Health and Physical Examination* --> On-site application** --> Written test --> Road test (not required for light-duty motorbikes) --> Obtaining the license *Examination has to be done in Public Hospitals, Health Centers or Motor Vehicle Supervision Office (Station) issued Clinics or Centers. **At the Motor Vehicle Supervision Station - Motorbike Driver's License - Car Drivers License 3 types of License: 2 ways for you to be qualified for the test: Light-Duty Motorbike (below 50 c.c.) 1. Attend Driving Courses at a Driving School (35 Original Heavy-Duty Motorbike (51 ~ 250 c.c.) days after the start of the course) Large Heavy-Duty Motorbike (above 250 c.c.) 2. Apply for a Learner's License (3 months after the *no road test required; not required for car issuance) driver's license or heavy-duty motorbike (above 50 c.c.) holders TFAC Newsletter Vol.34
  • 3. TFAC Newsletter Vol.34 Appendix 1. Motor Vehicle Supervision Station in Tainan Region Tainan Sinying No. 1, Chungde Rd., East District, Tainan City No. 55, Datung Road, Sinying City, Tainan County 06-2696678, 06-6352845 Madou No. 551, Sinsheng North Road, Madou Township, Tainan County 06-5723181 2. Details of the Validity of Foreign (International) Drivers License North America Asia Australia & Pacific Mid & South America Africa Europe 3. Public Hospitals in Tainan Regions Tainan Hospital Yongkang Veterans Hospital 06-2200055~9 06-3125101 No. 125, Jhongshan Rd., Guangcih Village, Tainan City No.427, Fusing Rd., Fusing Village, Yongkang City, Tainan County Tainan Municipal Hospital Tainan Hospital Sinhua branch 06-2609926 06-5911929~9 No. 670, Chongde Rd., Tainan City No.72, Muchang, Naba Village, Sinhua Township, Tainan County NCKU Hospital Sinying Hospital Bei-men Branch 06-2353535 06-6351131~8 No.138, Shengli Rd., Tainan City No. 56-3, Jhongshu Village, Sidiliao , Beimen Township, Tainan County Sinying Hospital 06-6351131 No.73, Sinyi Rd., Sinying City, Tainan County car impounded NT$ 60,000 fine maximum 12-month license sus pension still drunk driving?
  • 4. TFAC Newsletter Vol.34 4. Motor Vehicle Supervision Office issued Clinics or Centers in Tainan Region Ever New Hospital Lin Eye Clinic 06-6592345 06-5719118 No.228, Sueitang St., Sinying City , Tainan County No.23-26, Jhongsiao Rd., Madou Township, Tainan County Cai Guolin Clinic Yongda Hospital 06-5813771 06-2311111 No. 40, Guangfu Rd., Shanhua Township, Tainan County No.1326, Sec.2, Yongda Rd., Yongkang City , Tainan County Beiyi Hospital Lilin Clinic 06-2468046 06-2691296 No.51, Sec.3, Bei-an Rd., Tainan City No.42, Chongde Rd., Tainan City Guo Minghuei Hospital 06-2264118 No.324, Jhongjheng Rd., Tainan City 5. Driving Schools in Tainan Region (Chinese Only) 6. Question Pool for the Written Test 1. Car 2. Motorbike (1) Regulation True-false Question (1) Regulation True-false Question (2) Regulation Multiple-choice Quesiton (2) Regulation Multiple-choice Quesiton (3) Road sign True-false Question (3) Road sign True-false Question (4) Road sign Multiple-choice Quesiton (4) Road sign Multiple-choice Quesiton For more detailed information, please visit: General Conversion of the License Learner's License Car Road Test Motorbike Road Test No Dru nk Driv ing
  • 5. TFAC Newsletter Vol.34 2010 International Migrants Day The International Migrants Day is held by National Immigration Agency from Oct. 10 to Dec. 5, including International Singing Competition, Essay Competition and Carnival. Foreigners, main- land people and compatriots are all welcome. The activities show the respect for diverse cultures and human right. For more information, please visit or call (02)2692-5880
  • 6. TFAC Newsletter Vol.34 MOTC to improve accuracy of bilingual public signage Nov. 3 (CNA) The Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) has invited the public to submit examples of problematic bilingual signs to help improve the travel experience for foreign visitors, an o cial said Wednesday. Participants who upload photos of incorrect signs at railway stations, freeway serv- ice areas or national scenic areas administrated by the MOTC to the Facebook social network website before the end of January next year will have the chance to win a Wii or an iPod, each worth more than NT$10,000 , according to the MOTC. For further information, please check the website: Many of the bilingual tra c signs in Taiwan are incorrect and can confuse visitors or otherwise inconvenience them while they travel in the country, said Deputy Transport Wes Minister Chen Wei-jen. Nati t-Pull- ona Eleg enic ant l Sen At one tourist attraction, there is a sign read- A rea ing "beware of missing foot, " which, accord- ing to Chen, should read "unstable footing." This is only one example of a multitude of mangled-English signs around the country.
  • 7. TFAC Newsletter Vol.34 In order to advance the quality of the programs in the Tainan Public Channel, the Department of Information and International Relations of the Tainan City Government self-produced the program "Happy Tainan" ( ), inviting local celebrities to discuss issues relating to citi- zen lives. It is regulated in the Cable Radio and Television Law, cable TV corporations have to provide free public channel to the public and governmental agencies to broadcast public welfare, social e