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<p>Programs of Music for All</p> <p>Best Targeted Sponsor Solicitation Proposal</p> <p>Texas Dairy Queen Sponsorship Proposal</p> <p> October 29, 2012 Mr. Michael Tuggle Executive Creative Director The Loomis Agency 17120 Dallas Parkway, Suite 200 Dallas, TX 75248 Re: Request for Corporate Sponsorship Proposal for Texas DQ Dear Mr. Tuggle: Thank you for the opportunity to propose a partnership with Texas DQ. We look forward to updating you on Music for Alls strategic plan initiatives and programs in the near future and hope that you find value in joining us in our efforts to ensure that there is opportunity and access to active music making in schools across the country. Moreover, thank you for your personal recognition and support of the value of music and arts education. Request for Corporate Engagement in Music for All Programming. We have enclosed a Corporate Sponsorship Request for Texas DQ, which includes benefits and opportunities for supporting our mission to create, provide and expand positively life-changing experiences through music for all. By supporting the programs of Music for All, Texas DQ will directly benefit students, parents, teachers and communities across the nation, but more specifically in the state of Texas. Music for All invites the support and engagement of Texas DQ in our national programming and music education and advocacy efforts. Request for Advocacy Support. In addition to a corporate sponsorship, MFA is offering Texas DQ the opportunity to become a partner in our advocacy initiatives in your home state of Texas. Advocacy support will help to advance our vision to be a catalyst to ensure that every child across America has access and opportunity to participate in active music making in his or her scholastic environment. We can only make progress with the support of and in collaboration with others. We are appealing to your demonstrated interest in and support of scholastic music education. Update on Music for All. We are now in our second full fiscal year of operations since Eric Martin became our chief executive officer. Since, August 2009 we have substantially reduced our negative fund balance (expected to be fully eliminated in FY14) and developed, published, and implemented a five-year strategic plan. Those plans focus on our continued and expanded delivery of high quality programming, launch of new, collaborative web and electronic based advocacy and awareness initiatives, and organizational focus on sustainability, advancement and assessment. We are lead by a committed board of directors and a stable and professional management team. Our Strategic Plan and FY13 Financials (990 and Audit) are available online at www.musicforall.org. The next four years will be filled with new collaborations and significant programmatic expansion and growth, all while allowing for expanded participation and access. The success of our plans will depend, in part, on establishment of effective and engaged partnerships like the one we are requesting of you and Texas DQ. </p> <p>Texas DQ October 29, 2012 Page 2 of 2 Thank you for your commitment to music and arts education and Music for All. It is our hope that you will choose engagement with Music for All. We promise amazing return for any investment you choose to make. We look forward to speaking with you soon about the opportunities presented. Sincerely, Misty D. Wick Director of Development &amp; Partnerships </p> <p>Texas Dairy Queen Sponsorship Proposal 1 </p> <p>Texas Dairy Queen Sponsorship Proposal </p> <p> Executive Summary: Music for All, Inc. is committed to high-quality arts education programming and performance opportunities that teach creativity, teamwork, discipline and a positive sense of self-worth. The organizations mission to create, provide and expand positively life-changing experiences through music for all requires us to continuously strive to shine a light on issues of access and equity and to ensure all students have the opportunity to participate in music education programming. Music for All invites Texas DQ to become a corporate sponsor to support our music education programming and advocacy initiatives across the country. Investing in music and arts education nationally will allow Texas DQ to be associated with an organization that produces academically excellent students who will one day be our leaders of a great America. This association also allows Texas DQ to directly impact the lives of more than 400,000 participants (students, teachers, families and communities) who are involved in MFA programs across the country. By partnering and supporting the arts, Texas DQ will be seen as a corporate partner interested in building a strong community of music makers and arts supporters. Not only will this partnership affect change in the lives of student musicians, families and schools, but also communities. By becoming a corporate sponsor of Music for All, Texas DQ can extend its brand to thousands of families and contribute meaningfully to leveling the playing field for and encouraging growth and development of students and teachers. We hope that Texas DQ will find investing in Music for All, its mission, vision and programs and advocacy efforts to be a logical and worthy commitment to our nations best and brightest student musicians, music educators and the community. Music for All Programs: MFA is one of the largest and most influential national music education organizations in support of active music making. Since 1975, MFA has uniquely combined regional and national music programming with advocacy aimed at expanding access to music in schools and communities. MFA has reach across the nation and has made central Indiana the nationally recognized destination launching pad for national recognition of the power and benefits of active scholastic music making MFAs programs include 20 annual events, including the Bands of America Grand National Championships at Lucas Oil Stadium, a nation series of Regional and Super Regional Championships at prominent venues across the nation; the Music for All Summer Symposium national music and leadership camp (Americas Camp) for students and teachers at Ball Sate University; and the Music for All National Festival for concert bands, orchestra, jazz and percussion ensembles. MFAs programmatic model is designed to mirror and supplement the classroom and performance model adopted in most American scholastic settings. Each year, MFAs world-class performance opportunities reach more than 400,000 individuals across the United States and around the globe. Music for Alls vision and strategic plan focus is to be a catalyst to ensure that every child across America has access and opportunity for active music making in his or her scholastic environment. Achievement of our mission, vision and strategy requires strong, committed collaborations and partnerships with like-minded organizations, sponsors and individuals who believe in the power of the arts in transforming students lives. Texas DQs acceptance of this proposal will provide a meaningful, national connection to established programs and allow for Music for Alls program delivery, advocacy, growth and sustainability. </p> <p>Texas Dairy Queen Sponsorship Proposal 2 </p> <p>Sponsorship Opportunities: Option 1: Title Sponsorship Opportunity for Texas Marching Band Championships (Includes 2 BOA Regional Marching Band Championships and 1 Super Regional Marching Band Championship) Title Sponsor status will showcase to the world that Texas DQ is committed to and provides a leadership position in providing opportunity, access and support for scholastic music education and music making through affiliation with Music for All and our Bands of America programs and events in the state of Texas. For an initial commitment of three (3) years, Texas DQ would have Title Sponsor status for the fall Texas programs. Texas DQ would also be included and associated with the marketing and advertising benefits at each of Music for Alls 20 national events and programs and association with its advocacy efforts. This association will includes all the benefits of association with the Music for All brands, including the power of MFAs marketing and development teams and all of MFAs marketing and advertising resources as well as opportunities to connect with our participants, directors, parents and supporters. Like the other Sponsors, Texas DQ will have the opportunity to become a fully engaged participant in the shaping, planning and presentation of Music for Alls future programs and events in ways that ensure the mutual successes of all of our missions. Music for All has a commitment and reputation for extending the artistic, vision and corporate voice of its sponsors and partners. Title Sponsorship (Texas) Benefit Highlights: Title Sponsorship Fee: $75,000 with a three-year minimum agreement Title Sponsorship Status </p> <p> Right to use and place Music for All, Bands of America and Orchestra America names, logos and sponsor designation in advertising and promotion </p> <p> Marketing and promotional support from Music for All sponsorship, marketing and PR teams Access to and support of Music for Alls professional team to advance Texas DQs corporate aims </p> <p> Participant Access* </p> <p> Access to participant mailing lists and email lists twice annually Priority in seeking to recognize and utilize Corporate Sponsor affiliated educators, clinicians and </p> <p>performers in MFA programming. Organizational access to participate in Music for All Advisory Board meetings for input and </p> <p>observation of discussions regarding programmatic direction Direct participant access at and in all Music for All programs and events. *Music for All participant lists are garnered through Music for All program registration, MFAs own research and owned database. Music for All will send out e-mailings to our participant lists on behalf of our sponsors. Mailing lists are proprietary and only provided directly to a mailing service company. </p> <p> Publications, Advertising and Content Logo appearances and advertisements in Music for All event publications, including: </p> <p> Full-page, 4/c ad in Grand National Championships program book (Art due October 1st each year), (7,000 minimum) </p> <p> Full-page, 4/c ad in Regional Championship program books (Art due August 1st each year), (22,000 minimum) </p> <p>Texas Dairy Queen Sponsorship Proposal 3 </p> <p> Full-page, 4/c ad in Music for All National Festival program book (Art due January 1st each year), (1,500 minimum) </p> <p> Full-page B/W ad on glossy divider page of Summer Symposium notebooks (Art due May 1st each year), (1,100 minimum) </p> <p> Full-page, 4/c ad in two (2) Music for All print and electronic Newsletters, (10,000 print minimum; 70,000 electronic delivery addresses minimum) </p> <p> Quarter-page editorial spot in Sponsor News section of Music for All Newsletters (one (1) issue, 250 word maximum), (10,000 print minimum or 70,000 electronic delivery addresses minimum) </p> <p> Logo appearance in newsletters and program books can be found on sponsor thank you page(s) appropriate to specific sponsor program(s), (minimum of 375,000 annual impressions over and above ads) </p> <p>Web Recognition and Content Logo and link on Music for Alls website (including home page and sponsorship pages), (394,000 </p> <p>views of Home page annually and 1,100 hits to View All Sponsors). Editorial content in two Music for All Network monthly e-Newsletters (delivery to minimum of </p> <p>70,000 address each time) Recognition on BOA Grand National and Regional Championships live webcasts (minimum of </p> <p>2,000 subscribers; 300,000 impressions) Opportunities for recognition and awareness on Music for All social media outlets (4 per year </p> <p>minimum), (34,000 MFA brand Facebook and Twitter followers) Audio &amp; Video Recognition </p> <p> Sponsor recognition announcements at Bands of America Grand National Championships and all Regional Championships (minimum of 375,000 impressions) </p> <p> Video commercial airtime at all events supported by video screens, including select Bands of America Regional Championships (San Antonio) and Grand National Championships (minimum of 300,000 impressions) </p> <p> Electronic logo screen on video wall at Regional, Super Regional and Grand National Championships stadiums where video wall is utilized, as well as Summer Symposium and Music for All National Festival video screens (minimum of 400,000 impressions) </p> <p> Thirty second commercial included on video program DVDs, including Bands of America Regional Championships, Grand National Championships and Music for All National Festival (excludes individual band performance fall DVDs), (minimum of 300,000 impressions for a 30 second spot) </p> <p> Event Presence </p> <p> Prominent stadium signage (backfield) for Texas Regional and Super Regional Championships and Grand National Championships (minimum of 300,000 impressions) </p> <p> Shared venue signage on each stage of the Music for All National Festival and Summer Symposium (minimum of 20,000 impressions) </p> <p> Two 10 x 10 premium booth spaces at the Grand National Championships Expo Exhibit space at the Texas Regionals and Super Regional Championships Right to distribute coupons at all Music for All events Logo on all Music for All trade show exhibit booths, including 20+ national and state events Event/operations level (flow and behind the scenes) access (reserved to sponsors) at MFA programs </p> <p>and events. </p> <p>Tickets and Hospitality Events Generous ticket package and shared hospitality suite access at the Bands of America Grand National </p> <p>Championships and Bands of America Regional and Super Regional Championship Ticket Packages and Press Box (where available) access ($13,000+ value) </p> <p>Texas Dairy Queen Sponsorship Proposal 4 </p> <p> Corporate representatives recognized and encouraged to participate in fall event awards ceremonies Invitations to all Music for All VIP events for key partners </p> <p> Option 2: Presenting Sponsorship of Texas Marching Band Championships Programs/Events To be a presenting sponsor of the Texas programs/events, the sponsorship fee is $65,000. For example, the title sponsor of a Texas Regional Championship would be identified as follows: Texas Dairy Queen Denton Regional Marching Band Championship presented by Yamaha Presenting Sponsorship would be identified as follows: Bands of America Denton Regional Marching Band Championship presented by Yamaha and Texas DQ The benefits would be very similar to the Title Sponsorship benefits with the exception of the year-round benefits; therefore, the presenting sponsorship would include benefits for only the fall Texas Championships. </p> <p> Value Adds: </p> <p> Sales Incentives: Music for All will assist you in creating a program that ties purchase of your product directly to an offer of interest to Music for All participants. For example, when someone purchases a Dilly Bar (as an e...</p>