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Tevatron Overview. Darien Wood. Aspen 2012 – The Hunt for New Particles, from the Alps to the Plains to the Rockies 12-February-2012. Outline. “I come to praise Tevatron, not to bury it.” - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Physics potenital of an extended Tevatron run

Tevatron OverviewDarien WoodAspen 2012 The Hunt for New Particles, from the Alps to the Plains to the Rockies12-February-2012

OutlineThe acceleratorsThe detectorThe peopleThe physicsProgress & MilestonesLHC Complementarity

12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 20122

I come to praise Tevatron, not to bury it.Thanks to Paul Grannis, Steve Holmes, Emanuela Barberis and Young-Kee Kim for great examples of Tevatron talksEarly HistoryJuly 1979Tevatron construction authorizedJuly 1982CDF and Antiproton Source authorizedJuly 1983First accelerated beam512 GeV1984D0 approved by DOEOctober 1985First western hemisphere antiproton-proton collisions

Darien Wood, Aspen 20123

December 1982

December 198312-Feb-2012October 13, 1985Darien Wood, Aspen 20124

Estimated Luminosity: 21025 cm-2sec-112-Feb-20124Run II - Main Injector & RecyclerGoals:Make antiprotons fasterIncrease antiproton storage capacityDeliver more protons to the TevatronEliminate CDF/DO overpassesSupport a 120 GeV fixed target programDarien Wood, Aspen 2012 5June, 1999

12-Feb-20125Tevatron LuminosityDarien Wood, Aspen 20126First DOE Review12-Feb-2012

1.8 TeV1.96 TeVRun II began in the summer of 2001By the summer of 2002 luminoisty was about 1.5E31, the same as Run I, and we were perceived to be in trouble

Started assembling the Run II PlanJeff Spalding and Dave McGinnis, later joined by Pushpa Bhat and Jeff SimsPaul Czarapata became the reliability czarDesign and Base goalsRoger Dixon becomes AD head Jan 2003DOE Reviews every 6 months for two years starting in fall 2002 (summer 2003 was the scrub closeout)

6The Accelerator Legacy of the TevatronUltimate performance exceeded initial goal x40035% average annual growth over 20 yearsOctober 4, 2005Tevatron surpassed ISR as highest luminosity hadron collider ever: 1.41032 cm-2sec-1April 22, 2011LHC surpassed the Tevatron as highest luminosity hadron collider: 4.71032 cm-2sec-1The Tevatron remains the highest luminosity proton-antiproton collider ever operated @ 4.31032 cm-2sec-1

12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 20127Tev I DesignRun IRun IIEnergy180018001960GeVProtons/bunch61010231010291010Antiprotons/bunch610105.510108.11010Bunches3636Luminosity110301610303401030cm-2sec-1Delivered Ldt0.1812.0fb-1CDF and DZero Detectors12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 2012

InnovationsSi vertex detectors (pioneered by CDF)B-tagging4 LAr calorimeter (D0)Multivariate techniques

Major upgrades 1996-2001 (between Run 1 and Run II)Smaller upgrades ~2006

8CDF and DZero DetectorsImportant knowledge gained about detector ageingPost-operation studies continue

12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 2012Detectors operated stably for many yearsMuch longer than they were designed to runFaced challenges of extended running

Example: CDF Central Outer Tracker (drift chamber)Example: Dzero Silicon Microstrip Detector9IEEE TNS 52, 2956 (2006)

D Forward Preshower module at the Museum of Modern Art, New YorkCDF Run I Silicon Vertex Detector at the Smithsonian Museum, WashingtonDetectors as Art12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 201210

A huge part of the Tevatron impact is its influence the people who work there and who worked there in the past.100s of Ph.D. thesesSuperb training for a generation (+) of physicistsMany are now leaders in HEP (look at the list of conference chairs) or contributing in other fields (medical physics, finances, etc.)People12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 201211Physics Progress Example: QCD12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 2012


1990Tevatron, 2009

W+1 jetW/Z + jetsFruitful laboratory for studying QCDMajor background to many important processesHiggsTopLQ12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 201213

W+1 jetW+4 jetsZ+jets

TevatronSupersymmetry (MSugra) squark/ gluino search in jets+MET

Physics progress example: squarks and gluinos12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 201214

TevatronSupersymmetry (MSugra) squark/ gluino search in jets+MET

Physics progress : searches for new phenomenaEnormous variety of beyond the SM physics exploredSUSYmSugraGuage mediationR-parity violatingLeptoquarksTechnicolorExtra dimensionsHidden ValleyStable charged particlesHeavy gauge bosonsExcited leptons12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 201215

Top quark: discovery and progress12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 2012161995

Current~0.065 fb-1

Heavy flavor physics Bs oscillations12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 201217

2006PRL 97, 242003 (2006)-

2009 CDF/D combination

(fSJ/y = -2bSSM + fSNP )2011 resultsHeavy Flavor: CP violation in BS decay 12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 201218

Single top and VtbObservation of EW production of single top quarks was one of the major goal of Run IIAchieved by CDF and D0 in 2009Allows measurement of CKM element |Vtb|Pioneering use of multivariate techniques12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 201219



Electroweak Physics: Diboson productionPreviously observed at the SppS::W, Z, W, Z (in leptonic modes)First observed at the TevatronWW, WZ, ZZModes with jets: WW/WZjjModes with neutrinos: Z Necessary predecessor to Higgs exclusion or discovery12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 201220

Future Legacy: W masscalibrationsignalcurrent Tevatron precision: 0.04%Slightly better than LEP2 Expect new results with larger data sets soon from both CDF and D0 Will probably stand as most precise W mass for some time to come

~18k events in 1 fb-1~485k events in 1 fb-1

12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 201221PRL 103, 141801 (2009)Self-consistency of the SM

12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 2012Current22

Complementary: Tevatron is a proton-antiproton collider12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 2012

Example: spin correlations in t-tbar productionTevatronLHC23Example: W asymmetry:

PRL 108, 032004 (2012)More proton-antiproton features12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 2012

t-tbar asymmetry:


PRD 84, 112055 (2011)PRD 83, 112003 (2011)Complementary: Di-muon Asymmetry

Sensitivity studies from LHCbsemileptonic decays:Bs,d D

12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 201225

PRD 84, 052007 (2011) SM Higgs Search: Historic Progress12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 2012

- Expected limits are the measure of experimental sensitivity- See talks from T. Yasuda and A. Safonov for current limits26

Milestone: 2008First direct mass exclusion since LEPImprovements

12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 2012

27Beyond discovery: probing the Nature of the SM Higgs12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 2012

To understand EWSB, one wants direct evidence of Higgs decays into b jetsLow mass Higgs search at the LHC relies on H, HZZ and H28Complementary

Low mass Higgs search at the Tevatron relies on WHbb, ZHbb and HWWConclusionThe Tevatron operations ended in September, which inspires some reflectionIncredible 28-year historyIn intensity the machine exceeded its original design goals by a factor of 400 Predecessor to both Hera proton ring and the LHCAmazing physics journeyDiscovery of the top quark at a surprisingly large massBs mixing and many b resultsPrevious conventional wisdom was that this was province of e+e- collidersTour-de-force of jets and W/Z + jets measurementsExclusion of high-mass HiggsAgain defying conventional wisdomDetectors lasted much longer than anticipatedPeople too

12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 201229

19832011More to comeThe Tevatron Legacy is still being written as the last data are analyzedTevatron talks this weekTodayTop Cross sections Q. LiuTop Properties E. VarnesElectroweak B. QuinnMondayHeavy Flavor M. RescignoTuesdayQCD A. MazzacaneHiggs (CDF) A. SafonovHiggs (D0) T. YasudaWednesdayBSM searches I. Katsanos

12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 201230Backup Slides12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 201231Complementary/Legacy: Single top (s-channel)12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 2012

32t-channels-channelLHC estimation: 10-30 fb-1 at s=14 TeV for 3-sigma excess in s-channel

12-Feb-2012Darien Wood, Aspen 2012SM Higgs search at the TevatronLow mass (mH ~135 GeV): dominant decay:

Intermediate mass:


WW/WZ(lnjj) production34

Evidence for WW/WZlnjj (at 4.2s)Measurement of WW/WZlnjj (at 5.2s)

Phys. Rev. Lett. 102 (2009)

Phys. Rev. Lett. 104 (2010)

CDF measures an excess in the di-jet mass, shown here for 7.3 fb-1 (at 4.1s), not observed by DPhys. Rev. Lett. 107 (2011)

Phys. Rev. Lett. 106 (2011)

p-value = 8.0x10-6