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<p> 1. Advantages1) OpensourceJoomla is an opensource so its license is available free of cost. You can get source code free of cost and use and reuse it as per your needs. This way it saves your initial investment and totally reduces your project cost for Joomla CMS development.2) Easy to UseIt is easy to use and anybody can add, edit or delete the content on Joomla CMS development powered websites. It needs no prior knowledge of web development.3) Templates and ThemesThere are thousands oftemplates and themes available for Joomla CMS development. For your custom theme you have to hire a developer.4) Easy MigrationJoomla CMS development can be easily migrated to any server and most of them can work with any database. Disadvantage1) Joomla requires certain plug-ins for certain script. Plugins need to be purchased to use.2) Customization is limited. Best for CMS only. If you are thinking to use it for a web portal or say some other site which is transaction based system then drop your idea to use joomla.3) Takes time to build a module, component.4) It is heavy for simple and small websites. Takes time in rendering view to user. For small website wordpress is better CMS solution.5) You cannot allocate different pages to different CSS when you use Joomla CMS development.6) You have to hire a developer for configuring the CMS and changing the design /layout of website.</p>