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  • Sheet metal testing Surface testing Corrosion testing Materias testing


    Measuring andTesting Equipment for Coatings Technology

    testing equipment for quality management

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    A.M. Erichsen set up his firstsmall factory in Teltow near Ber-lin. Research and experimentsled to many further inventions.

    the German State Chemico-Technical Institute successfullyapplied the ERICHSEN deep-draw-ing method to measure the ela-sticity and adhesive properties ofpaints and lacquers. The resultswere so convincing that the pro-cedure has since been adoptedby the paint industry all over theworld.

    the inventive Norseman A.M.Erichsen introduced tools for cup-ping test dies to the market,without which the batch produc-tion of deep-drawn parts madeof sheet metal would hardly havebeen possible. Numerous innova-tions and improvements follow -ed. A.M. Erichsen not only posses-sed a forward-looking inventiveurge, he was also talented incommercial matters and soonenjoyed international renown.Satisfied customers were evidenceof the quality of his products.

    1910It was probably true Viking spirit and the urge for discoverythat impelled the engineer A.M. Erichsen from Porsgrunn/Norway to settle and set up busi-ness in Berlin-Reinickendorf. Hisfirst invention, a water-cooledingot mould which to this dayconstitutes one of the most fre-quently used casting processesfor semi-finished products in thefoundry industry, enabled him tosecure the financial position ofhis company. A.M. Erichsen's nextinvention the cupping test was just as significant. This wasthe very first test method fordetermining the quality grade of sheet and strip metal.

    This test procedure was initiallypatented, but has since beenadopted by all industrial coun-tries within the framework of theInternational Standards Organi-sation (ISO). Just as temperaturesare measured throughout theworld in Celsius or Fahrenheit, thestandard for sheet metal qualityis the ERICHSEN deep-drawingindex.


    The absolute reliability of your test results is our top priority. All our research, planning, development,construction and production is gearedto achieving this objective not only inthe past, but today and in the future.

    1910 1920 1930 1940 1950

    Bjrn Erichsen

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    measuring instruments cali-brated with the help of measu-ring equipment calibrated andcertified by DKD. This guaran-tees the supply of a precisionmeasuring instrument in com-pliance with highest demands.An incoming inspection is nolonger necessary whichmeans a reduction in costs foryour company.

    We are also in a position,upon request, to calibrate andcertify your ERICHSEN testinstruments already in use.

    We would be delighted towelcome you in our show-rooms, where we can convinceyou of our competence. Pleaseconsult us in all aspects con-cerning your testing problems especially in the event ofcustomised solutions. We willbe glad to pass on our expe-rience and our knowledge!

    1975 19981949Following the turmoils of thewar and the loss of his company,A.M. Erichsen resolved to start upagain in the west of Germany. Hisbest partner his son, Dr.-Ing. Per F.Erichsen had studied mechanicalengineering in Hanover, graduatedat the Metallurgical Institute of theTechnical High School in Aachen,and did his doctorate at the CoalResearch Institute of Dortmund.Establishing the new company pro-ved difficult without machines,tools, or construction drawings ina factory kitchen of the ironworksin Sundwig. Ideas and determina-tion were the order of the day initially the parts were made exter-nally and assembled by themselves.The modern factory we operatetoday is located not far away.

    Bjrn Erichsen joined thecompany after completing histechnical and business manage-ment studies at the Polytechnic inMunich and at the George Wash -ington University in the U.S.A..After taking over from his father who entered well-earned retire-ment from the active manage-ment of the business in 1977 anddied in 1988 he is now the thirdgeneration to lead this companywhich has long since gainedinternational renown. Under hismanagement the range of instru-ments has been expanded, prima-rily by the addition of modern,non-destructive measuring devi-ces for surface engineering appli-cations.

    The decision was made toincorporate tensile and pressuretesting machines, hydraulic andelectronic load and pressure cells,as well as calibration equipmentwith extreme measuring accuracyinto the production programme reverting to the field of mechani-cal metrology earlier controlled bythe company. Support was provi-ded by a group of competent for-mer employees from ERICHSENWuppertal whose knowledge andexperience in conjunction withgreat insight into the latest in thefield of hardware and softwarehas resulted in a wide range ofmodern products.

    2016In the course of 100 years theextensive Erichsen product rangehas been built up based on thetechnical fields of metrology andtest engineering. ERICHSEN paysstringent attention that theirmachines and equipment complyboth with the testing regulationsof national and international stan-dards and with the acceptanceterms of the industrial sector. Theseprovide the basis for global under-standing between the manufactu-rer and the user wherever the qua-lity of raw materials, semi-finishedand finished products is concerned.Design precision, perfect functionand absolute fulfilment of pur -pose: these attributes have toppriority at ERICHSEN.

    ERICHSEN / Editorial Chronicle

    the name means commitment.

    1960 1970 1980 1990 2000 2016

    As the worlds leadingmanufacturer of well-knownand proven testing machinesand instruments for the coa-tings industry, we ensure thatour experience and knowledgeis incorporated into the deve-lopment of our products.

    This results in perfect andinnovative high quality pro-ducts with excellent long termstability which only needs aminimum of maintenance.These products meet globalrequirements on testing tech-

    nology and exceed internatio-nal demands on accuracy. TheERICHSEN Reference Class isour answer to the control ofmeasuring and test equipmentdescribed in the QM standards.All test instruments of theREFERENCE CLASS are suppliedwith a Manufacturers Certifi-cate M (in accordance with DIN55 350, part 18)! Product iden-tification ensures traceability.

    The characteristics concer-ning the quality are determi-ned by means of high precision

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    The following two testmethods represent the pointof origin of our company andprovide only a minimuminsight into the wide variety ofphysical and optical testmethods that can be carriedout using our testing instru-ments. As one of the few exi-sting manufacturers of theGerman testing machine indu-stry, we gladly respond to ourcustomers special requests.

    ERICHSEN-Cupping Testand Deep Drawing Cup Test

    One of the best-known testmethods for coated sheet metalworld-wide patented as earlyas 1913 by the founder of ourcompany is the ERICHSENCupping Test. To conduct thistest, a coated sheet metal panelis clamped between blank hol-der and drawing die and thendented (cupped) with a harde-ned spherical punch. In this pro-cedure the coating is subject toan increasing elongation andbending stress until first cracksappear. The displacement of thespherical punch in mm is knownas the Erichsen cupping valueIE,the measure for the ductility of

    the coating and for its adhesion

    assessment. The forming ofcracks during the ERICHSENCupping Test is observed visuallywith the eye or preferably with amicroscope. This simple, butuseful test method is frequentlyused in the incoming inspection.

    The ERICHSEN Deep DrawingCup Test is a practice-orientatedductility test for stamping lac-quers and similar coatingsunder intensified conditions. Forthis test method, a blank is cut - in one operation - from a sheetmetal coated by the stampinglacquer to be tested and drawnabruptly to a cylindrical orsquare standard cup. The DeepDrawing Cup Test subjects the

    Deep Drawing Tests.

    Testing machines and instrumentsfor physical and optical tests on allkinds of surfaces. Dependable testsensure efficient production.

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    To facilitate the search forthe test instrument complyingwith your requirements, theproducts have been groupedthematically and according totheir application. These groupsare numerically classified in thefollowing Table of Contents.Additionally, you will find a KeyWord Index with lateral connec-tions from test property to pro-duct group.

    The most important stan-dards to which the test instru-ments mentioned in this catalo-gue can be related, are listed inthe Standard Index on page 07.This list will help to find the

    coating on the specimen to thesame stresses which would beencountered in the practice bydeep drawing with blank holderforce, i. e. the coating must fol-low the compression, elongationand bending of the substratematerial under considerablepressure. The cylindrical stan-dard cup is drawn from a blankof 64 mm dia. using a standarddrawing punch of 33 mm dia.This allows comparative testsbetween manufacturers andusers of stamping lacquers.

    To intensify the test and tonumerically determine theremaining deformation abilitiesof the coating, a bead can be for-

    med in the wall of the drawncup. Tinning factories as well asthe coil coating industry oftenprefer square standard cupswith an edge length of 40 mmor 70 mm for quality compari-sons of their products.

    The ERICHSEN-production range:

    The following pages con-tain brief descriptions of ourproducts intended for the solu-tion of a variety of testing pro-blems in the lacquer and coa-tings industry (for different rawmaterials as well as for lac-quers, paints and coatingsbefore and after application). Inaddition, this catalogue gives asurvey of testing instrumentssuitable for testing purposesrelated to fields of application,dealing with the quality of sur-faces or with the subject of coa-ting/substrate (e. g. printinginks, adhesives, plastics, paperetc.). This completes our rangeof testing instruments.

    appropriate testing instrumentto enable the user to carry outtests in accordance with a speci-fic standard.

    We will, of course, gladlyassist you with our advice, ourwide experience and our com-petence in finding solutions foryour particular testing pro-blems. Your requirements willbe dealt with individually andconfidentially. As manufacturer,with the use of our own re-search and development labora-tory, special types of serialinstruments and individualsolutions, are part of our dailyroutine. The professional exper-

    tise of our product specialistsguarantees the realisation ofyour quality demands as aresult of the best possibleattendance.

    You will, upon request,immediately receive detailedtechnical information. For thispurpose, please make use ofour fax form at the back ofthis catalogue, or contact per-sonally:

    Tel. + 49 (0) 23 72-96 83-0Fax. + 49 (0) 23 72-64 [email protected]

    Machines for testing the forming properties of coating materials I Viscometers and consistency measuring instru-ments I Density measuring devices I Equipment for determining the electrical properties of paints I Devices forascertaining grain size and pigment dispersion I Instruments for determining opacity I Devices for producing filmsof defined thickness I Instruments for testing drying properties I Film thickness gauges I Flexibility testers IAdhesion testers I Instruments for testing adhesives I Impact resistance testers I Hardness testers I Abrasionresistance and scrubbability testers I Instruments for conducting chalking tests I Gloss measuring devices I Den-simeters I Equipment for corrosion and weathering tests I Film applicators for printing ink I Special testing instru-ments I Torque measuring equipment I Calibrating equipment I Force and pressure gauges I Tensile and pressu-re testing machines I Deep Drawing test I Equipment for specimen preparation I Sheet metal marking

    Deep Drawing Cup Test

    Cupping Test

    International standardfor lacquer and paint

    ISO 1520

    Specimen Preparation. Coating Tests.

    ERICHSEN / Surface Testing

  • ERICHSEN / Index and Key Word Index



    Key Word Index


    All test instruments of the REFERENCE CLASS aresupplied with a Manufacturers Certificate M (in accor-dance with DIN 55 350, part 18)! Product identificationensures traceability.

    Subject Matter Group Page

    Formability of Coating Material 1 08Viscosity and Consistency 2 08-10Density 3 10Electrical Properties of Paint 4 11Grain Size and Pigment Dispersion 6 11Opacity and Hiding Power 7 11Film Application 8 11-13Drying Properties 9 13Film Thickness 10 14-16Flexibility 11 16-17Adhesion 12 17-18Impact Resistance 13 18-19Hardness 14 19-21Abraison Resistance and Scrubbability 15 21-22Chalking 16 22Appearance 17 22-23Colorimetry 18 23-24Brightness 19 24Porosity 20 24Corrosion and Weathering 21 24-27Surface Inspection 25 20Physical Measuring Technique 27-28

    Test Property/Instrument Group Page

    Test Property/Instrument Group Page

    Test Property/Instrument Group Page

    Abrasion 15 21-22Adhesion 12 17-18

    Appearance 17 22-23

    Application 8 11-13

    Automatic spraying 8 11-13

    Bead test 1 08Bending elasticity 11 16-17

    Brightness 19 24

    Chalking 16 22Chemical resistance 21 24-27

    Climatic stress 21 24-27

    Coil coatings 1 08

    Colour 18 23-24

    Colour difference 18 23-24

    Condensation water test 21 24-27

    Conductivity 4 11

    Conductivity measuring 27-28

    Consistency 2 08-10

    Corrosion test 21 24-27

    Crack form 1, 11 08, 16

    Cross cutting 12 17-18

    Cupping test 1 08

    Deep draw cup test 1 08

    Density 3 10

    Drying time 9 13

    Elasticity 1, 11 08, 16Electro-cupping test 1 08

    Electro-static paints 4 11

    Film application 8 11-13Film spreading 2 08-10

    Film thickness 10 14-16

    Fineness of grind 6 11

    Flexibility 1, 11 08, 16

    Flow cup 2 08-10

    Flow rate measuring 27-28

    Foil thickness 10 14-16

    Gloss 17 22-23Grindometer 6 11

    Hardness 14 19-21Hegman gauge 6 11

    Hiding power 6, 7 11

    Humidity test 21 24-27

    Impact test 13 18-19Impact folding test 13 18-19

    Levelling 2 08-10Mandrel bending test 11 16-17

    Mar test 14 19-21

    Material-moisture 27-28

    Moisture 27-28

    Opacity 6, 7 11Pencil hardness 14 19-21Pendulum hardness 14 19-21

    pH/Redox measuring 27-28

    Porosity 20 24

    Pull-off-test 12 17-18

    Pycnometer 3 10

    Reflectance 17 22-23Sagging 2 08-10Salt spray test 21 24-27

    Scratch hardness 14 19-21

    Scrub resistance 15 21-22

    Stone hammer blow 13 18-19

    Temperature 27-28Tension 17 22-23

    Test cards 7 11

    Tinting Strength 19 24

    Viscosity 2 08-10Washability 15 21-225Weathering 21 24-27

  • ERICHSEN / List of Standards


    List of Standards

    ASTM B 117 606 21 26608 21 26610 21 26613 21 26615 21 27617 21 27

    ASTM B 287 606 21 26608 21 26610 21 26613 21 26615 21 27617 21 27

    ASTM B 368 606 21 26608 21 26610 21 26613 21 26615 21 27617 21 27

    ASTM B 504 GalvanoTest 10 16ASTM D 522 266 S 11 16

    312 11 17 ASTM D 523 503 17 22

    507 17 23560 MCX 17 22562 MC 17 22565 18 23

    ASTM D 823 481 8 13510 8 13

    ASTM D 1005 233 10 14296 10 14

    ASTM D 1200 243 2 08243 T 2 09460 FC 2 10

    ASTM D 1210 232 6 11ASTM D 1212 234 10 14ASTM D 1475 290 3 10ASTM D 1729 425 MC 18 23ASTM D 1735 606 21 26

    608 21 26610 21 26613 21 26615 21 27617 21 27

    ASTM D 2244 565 18 23ASTM D 2247 519 21 25

    529 21 26ASTM D 2457 503 17 22

    507 17 23560 MCX 17 22562 MC 17 22565 18 23

    ASTM D 2486 494 MC 15 22ASTM D 2745 527 19 24ASTM D 2794 304 13 18ASTM D 3170 508 SAE 13 19ASTM D 3265 527 19 24ASTM D 3359 295 12 17

    404 12 18430 P 14 21

    ASTM D 4138 455 10 14ASTM D 4212 343 2 09ASTM D 4366 299/300 14 20ASTM D 4400 419 2 09ASTM D 4414 333 10 14

    433 10 14ASTM D 4541 525 12 18ASTM D 5071 522 21 25ASTM D 5125 243 2 08

    243 T 2 09322 2 09460 FC 2 10

    ASTM D 5796 518 MC 10 15548 10 15

    ASTM E 308 565 18 23ASTM E 1164 565 18 23ASTM G 85-A1 606 21 26

    608 21 26610 21 26613 21 26615 21 27617 21 27

    ASTM G 85-A2 / -A3 608 21 26610 21 26615 21 27617 21 27

    ASTM G 85-A4 617 21 27ASTM G 85-A5 615 21 27

    617 21 27DIN 5033 565 18 23DIN 5036 565 18 23DIN 6173 T1 / T2 425 MC 18 23DIN 6174 565 18 23DIN 50017 (w) 519 21 25

    529 21 26608 21 26610 21 26615 21 27617 21 27

    DIN 50018 519 21 25DIN 50021 606 21 26

    608 21 26610 21 26613 21 26615 21 27617 21 27

    DIN 50958 519 21 25529 21 26

    DIN 50986 455 10 14518 MC 10 15548 10 15

    DIN 53109 352 15 21DIN 53150 415 9 13DIN 53159 241 16 22DIN 53167 (w) 606 21 26

    608 21 26610 21 26613 21 26615 21 27617 21 27

    DIN 53211 (w) 243 2 08243 T 2 09321 2 09460 FC 2 10

    DIN 53754 352 15 21DIN 53778 T2 (w) 494 MC 15 22DIN 55670 PoroTest DC 20 24DIN 55677 (w) 419 2 09DIN 67530 503 17 22

    507 17 23560 MCX 17 22562 MC 17 22565 18 23

    DIN 68861-2 352 15 21EN 438-2 305 13 18

    352 15 21413 14 21

    EN 13329 352 15 21305 13 18

    EN 13523-1 MiniTest 10 16EN 13523-2 503 17 22

    507 17 23560 MCX 17 22562 MC 17 22565 18 23

    EN 13523-4 293 14 20EN 13523-5 304 13 18EN 13523-6 202 EM 1 08

    295 12 17404 12 18430 P 14 21

    EN 13523-7 266 S 11 16312 11 17

    EN 13523-8 606 21 26608 21 26610 21 26613 21 26615 21 27617 21 27

    EN 13523-12 249 14 20EN 13523-16 352 15 21EN 13523-22 425 MC 18 23EN 13523-23 519 21 25EN 14322 352 15 21EN ISO 1518 249 14 20EN ISO 1519 266 S 11 16EN ISO 1520 200 1 08

    202 EM 1 08212 1 08242 1 08

    EN ISO 1522 299/300 14 20

    EN ISO 1524 232 6 11EN ISO 2177 GalvanoTest 10 16EN ISO 2409 295 12 17

    404 12 18430 P 14 21

    EN ISO 2431 243 2 08243 T 2 09322 2 09460 FC 2 10

    EN ISO 2808 MikroTest 10 15MiniTest 10 16PenTest 10 15QuintSonic 10 16233 10 14234 10 14296 10 14333 10 14433 10 14455 10 14497 10 15518 MC 10 15548 10 15

    EN ISO 2811-1 290 3 10EN ISO 2811-2 475 3 10EN ISO 2812-5 432 9 13EN ISO 2813 503 17 22

    507 17 23560 MCX 17 22562 MC 17 22565 18 23

    EN ISO 2815 263 14 20EN ISO 3231 519 21 25EN ISO 3668 425 MC 18 23EN ISO 4541 617 21 27EN ISO 4623-1/-2 617 21 27EN ISO 6270-2 519 21 25

    529 21 26608 21 26610 21 26615 21 27617 21 27

    EN ISO 6272-1/-2 304 13 18EN ISO 6880 312 11 17EN ISO 6988 519 21 25EN ISO 7253 606 21 26

    608 21 26610 21 26613 21 26615 21 27617 21 27

    EN ISO 7784-1/-2 352 15 21EN ISO 8780 T2 392 2 10EN ISO 9117-1 416 9 13EN ISO 9227 (D) 606 21 26

    608 21 26610 21 26613 21 26615 21 27617 21 27

    EN ISO 11997-1 (D) 617 21 27EN ISO 11998 494 MC 15 22EN ISO 16862 419 2 09EN ISO 17872 404 12 18

    426 21 24427 21 24428 21 24463 21 25

    EN ISO 20567-1 508 VDA 13 19EN ISO 20567-3 408 13 18GME 60280 430 P 14 21ISO 4586-2 305 13 18

    352 15 21413 14 21

    ISO 4532 305 13 18ISO 5435 527 19 24ISO 7724 565 18 23ISO 9352 352 15 21ISO 11341 522 21 25ISO 11503 519 21 25ISO 15184 293 14 20SAE J 400 508 SAE 13 19UNI 9397 522 21 25VW PV 3952 430 P 14 21

    (D): Draft / (W): withdrawn

    Standard Model Group Page Standard Model Group Page Standard Model Group Page

  • 08 For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de

    Model 200 Group 1

    Lacquer and Paint Testing Machine EN ISO, ISO

    This simple to operate Lacquer andPaint Testing Machine is used forrapid and accurate measurement ofthe elongation and adhesion pro-perties of protective paints andother coatings of all types using theERICHSEN CUPPING TEST.

    The cupping speed is infinitely variable from 2 mm/min to 60mm/min. On Model 202 EM thesheet metal specimen is clampedautomatically. Due to the laterallyopening of the cylinder also largersheet metal panels can be accom-modated in the test head.

    At option: Microscopes for observing the testprocedure.

    Model 202 EM Group 1

    Model 243 Group 2

    Lacquer and Paint Testing MachineEN ISO, ISO

    Flow Cups conforming to internatio-nal standards. Optional accessories:adjustable tripod and thermostati-cally controlled jacket to ensurereproducible results; thermometerand digital stop watch with calibra-tion certificate.

    Flow CupDIN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    For numerical evaluation of the quality of stamping lacquers andplastic coatings on cylindrical stan-dard cups.

    Accuracy up to 20 m.

    Model 227 Group 1

    Bead Test Instrument

    Especially intended for coil coatings,this machine is suitable for theERICHSEN Cupping Test as well asfor the Deep Drawing Cup Test pro-ducing cylindrical and square cups.To intensify the material stressing itis possible to conduct a first andsecond re-drawing operation. Blanking,drawing and ejection of the cup iscarried out in one operation. Thesheet thickness to be testeddepends on the quality of the mate-rial and on the required testmethod.

    Blanking force: 265 kNDrawing force: 200 kN

    Model 242-Basic Group 1

    Cupping and Deep-drawing Cup Test MachineEN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    Intended for the ERICHSEN CuppingTest and for the Deep Drawing CupTest. Electro-hydraulic drive, varia-ble drawing speed as well as a blan-king press integrated into the testhead allow the manufacturing of a

    Blanking force: 200 kNDrawing force: 120 kN

    cup (blanking, drawing and ejec-tion) in one operation. The sheetthickness to be tested depends onthe quality of the material and onthe required test method.

    Model 212 Group 1

    Cupping and Deep-drawing Cup Test MachineEN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    Mechanical testing machine forERICHSEN Cupping Test on painted orplastic coated sheet metal specimensup to 1.25 mm thick.



    For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de 09

    CUPTIMER 243 T Group 2 Model 301 Group 2

    Model 343 Group 2Model 321 and 322 Group 2

    Model 419 Group 2

    Objective determination of flow timefor viscosity measurements using stan-dardized flow cups. Including tempera-ture bath and adapter rings for the dif-ferent flow cups. Automatic measuringsequence with optical detection of theefflux stream of sample. Flow times upto 200 s can be read from the LCD withan accuracy of 0.01 s.

    Flow Time Measuring InstrumentDIN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    Well-known, handy instrument forquick and convenient establishmentof viscosity, directly from the contai-ner, by simply dipping in and measu-ring run out time. Internal dimen-sions in accordance with DIN 53 211(Modell 321) and (EN) ISO 2431(Model 322), respectively.

    Dip Flow Cup DIN - Model 321Dip Flow Cup (EN) ISO - Model 322

    A simple reliable instrument for checking the required brushing orspraying consistency of coatingmaterials. Invaluable for users ofpaint. Serves also as stirrer for thin-ning down small quantities.

    Visco Test Bladeacc. to Rossmann

    Film applicator frame with gapsarranged in pairs and with steps ofincreasing depth, separated and atequal pitches.

    ASTM VersionCombined instrument for levellingand sag testing acc. to ASTM D 2801 (withdrawn)ASTM D 4400.DIN VersionSag testing applicator acc. to DIN 55 677 (withdrawn)(EN) ISO 16862.

    Levelling Test Blade and Sag TesterEN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    Simple dip flow cup used particu-larly in the U.S.A.. 5 cups available fordifferent viscosity ranges.

    Zahn Flow CupASTM

    Model 458 Group 2

    Viscosity Nomogramme andViscosity Temperature Comparative DialFor rapid conversion between diffe-rent viscosity units (ASTM seconds,DIN seconds, cSt, Engler degrees,

    Krebs-Stormer units, Gardner-Holdtunits) at defined temperatures (tem-perature-dependent viscosity scale).

  • Model 475 Group 3Model 290 Group 3


    10 For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de

    PycnometerEN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    Density BallEN ISO, ISO

    VISCOSOFT 460 FC Group 2

    SoftwareDIN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMSoftware for rapid conversion be-tween viscosity and efflux time, foruse with standardised flow cups.Converts between dynamic andkinematic viscosity. Clearly arrangedgraphics, easy to use.

    For rapid determination of density ofliquids. A sphere of volume 100 or 10 ml is immersed in a beaker thecontents of which have been pre-viously weighed. The increase inliquid level given in grams (g) corre-sponds with 100 or 10 x the value ofthe density. The equipment is easilycleaned after use.

    To measure the density of coatingmaterials and similar liquids. Robustand light weight design, made ofblack anodized aluminium, or alter-

    natively, stainless steel. Available for50 or 100 ml capacity, also with offi-cial calibration certificate.

    RED DEVIL 392 Group 2

    A world-wide well known machinefor grinding, dispersing, mixing three concepts related to importantprocesses in the

    manufacture of paints and lacquers.The RED DEVIL has several decisiveadvantages: A perfected shaking

    system with 3-way orbital mixingaction achieves optimal disper-

    sing results whilst at thesame time ensuring shortest

    cycles. The operating methodof the RED DEVIL is so convin-

    cing that it is prescribed by DINEN ISO for standardizing the

    dispersing behaviour of pigments.

    Paint ShakerEN ISO, ISO


    The DISSOLVER 492 I is a preciselycontrolled laboratory high speed stir-rer. It is suitable to produce colloidalsuspensions with very fine solid parti-cles integrated by high speed intofluid, as well as mixing and dispersingof mill feed material within commonpaint/lacquer matters (Here are clu-sters of powder-type componentsdisintegrated by shearing forceduring the dispersing procedure, tocover in ideal case their primary parti-cles with the fluid phase.). A low-noise drive system with continuousadjustable speed as well as high-techPID electronics to ensure a constantspeed even when viscosity - and dueto this also the shear rate - changes,are already included in the deliveryspecification. The DISSOLVER 492 Ihas primary been created for vessel

    volume ranges of 0,25 up to 2 liters,and can be operated with a steplesslyvariable speed of up to 10.000 min-1.

    The DISSOLVER 492 III equates infunction, construction and applica-tion/ usage in principle DISSOLVER492 I, but for a higher vessel volumerange of 0,2 up to 8 liters, and can beoperated with a steplessly variablespeed of up to 12.000 min-1.


    Group 2

  • Model 451 Group 7 Model 238 Group 8

    Model 232 Group 6Model 515 Group 4


    For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de 11

    To produce 2 or 3 parallel paint filmson test cards under identical andreproducible application conditions.Paint specimens produced for visual

    comparison or to build up a colourtone collection. Standard film thick-nesses 100/150/200/250 m.

    Duplex or Triplex Film Applicator acc. to Biddle

    24 test card versions available, in dif-ferent sizes, patterns and colourings,including special penetration cardsfor watery systems.

    Contrast ChartsASTM

    Paint Resistance Measuring Instrument

    Grindometer acc. to HegmanEN ISO, ISO, ASTM, NF

    To measure electrical resistance ofpaints in the range from 0-20 M.Specially suited to establish charac-teristics of dipping paints and monito-ring spray paints for electrostatic pro-cesses. Portable measuring system.Display of measuring value after defi-ned measuring time. Easy to clean dip-in measuring probe with annular gap.

    A robust instrument for gaugingthe degree of fineness of grind ofliquid dispersions of pigments inthe range 0-15/25/50/100 m. Thesubstance is filled into the wedge-

    shaped grooves and drawn downwith a blade. Rippling occurs at thepoint where pigments particles arebigger than the depth of the groovemeasured in m.

    APPLICATOR acc. to Bird / BAKER APPLICATOR 286 Group 8

    Special film applicator with 4 gapheights and film widths of 50/75/100/150 mm. Standard gap heightsare 50/100/150/ 200 m. Instru-ment made of corrosion-resistantsteel.

    Special film applicator with 4 gapheights and film widths of 60/75/100 mm. Standard gap heights are30/60/90/120 m. Instrument madeof corrosion-resistant steel.

    Film Applicatoraccording to BIRD, Model 284

    Film ApplicatorBAKER APPLICATOR 286

    Model 288 Group 8

    Duplex film applicator for film widths80/120/180/230 mm. Made of corro-sion resistant steel. The two gaps canbe chosen as desired from the range15-2000 m.

    Film Applicator System Wasag

  • Model 421 Group 8MULTICATOR 411 Group 8

    UNICOATER 409 Group 8


    12 For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de

    Film ApplicatorASTM

    A film applicator with variable gapheight. Clearance adjustable in therange 0-1000 m by means of a

    micrometer screw (accuracy 1 m).Available for film widths 80/150/220 mm.

    Film Applicator

    Produces 6 or 10 Film stripes ofgraded Thicknesses in one opera-tion. Film thickness range: 10-500m. Suitable for assessing paint

    properties in relation to film thick-ness: opacity, color strenght, dryingproperties etc.

    Staggered-Gap Film Applicator acc. to Krause

    Motor-driven film applicator for theapplication of coatings of an even anddefined thickness onto glass plates,contrast charts, foils, etc.. Equippedwith a multi-functional applicatorsupport appropriate for most of thenormally used applicators (spiral filmapplicators, gap applicators of various

    dimensions). Adjustable speed up to99 mm/s. Maximum application areaapprox. 330 mm x 345 mm. To be usedoptionally with glass plate, vacuumsuction plate or flexible applicationsubstrates.

    Model 334 Group 8

    To produce specimen panels with anevenly applied paint film of definedthickness. Variable speed from 100-2500 min-1.

    Centrifugal Film Applicator

    Model 358 Group 8

    Spiral Film Applicator

    Well proven film applicator for anykind of film forming liquid. Particu-larly suitable for applying films toflexible substrates. Available for

    film widths 80/150/220 mm andwet film thicknesses between 10and 200 m. Made of stainless steel.

    Model 360 Group 8

    Quadruple Film Applicator

    An inexpensive special film applica-tor with 4 heights of gaps for widthsof film 13/40/60/90 mm. Standardgap heights 30/60/90/120 m. Also

    available for other wet film thick-nesses in the range from 15-2000m. Model 360 is made of corro-sion-resistant steel.

  • COATMASTER 510 Group 8

    Model 415 Group 9 Model 416 Group 9

    AUTOSPRAY 481 Group 8


    For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de 13

    A combined application- and testingmachine, attached with a foil keypad. Especially within the constantprecisely defined as well as reprodu-cible application of coating materialsit leaves nothing for contingency. Itfulfills two essential basic functions -The use for high precision applica-tions and for the determination of

    coating materials drying time cha-racteristics (acc. to DIN 530150 andin comparison to each other)- plus anadditional function: The use of theERICHSEN Hardness Rods 318 and318 S as well of the Mar Testing rod435 and the Adhesion- and Scratch-testing Rod 435 S.

    Film ApplicatorASTM

    Through-Dry TesterEN ISO, ISO

    A simple plunger type press for mea-suring degree of dryness in accordan-ce with DIN 53 150 in the range from2 to 7. A glass tube Ballotini dispenserto measure degree of dryness 1 isavailable as accessory.

    Drying Time TesterDIN, EN ISO, ISO

    Test Panel Spraying Applicator Type APL 1.2

    For testing the degree of through dry-ing of a coating. A test plunger facedwith nylon fabric and loaded with adefined weight is lowered onto thetest surface for a period of 10 s, andthen turned through 90. The resultingeffect on the coating is evaluated afterlifting the test plunger.

    This modern and inexpensive sprayapplicator for test panels has beendesigned for reproducible applicationof coating substances onto varioussubstrates. It is easy to operate andcan also be used in hazardous areas. The control unit of the AUTOSPRAYallows not only the use offixed programmed spray-ing parameters such asstep sizes, horizontal strokespeeds, number of spraying strokesand ventilation time, but also permitsto adapt to practically all conceivablerequirements of coating technologyby altering the settings. The AUTO-SPRAY 481 is pre-fitted to enable theuse of one or two automatic flow cupspray guns. Optionally a material con-veyor unit as well as a "cross-path"programme can be supplied.

    Model 432 Group 9

    Gradient-ovenEN ISOThe Gradient-oven, Model 432, is atesting instrument for the assess-ment of the baking and drying beha-viour of paint and powder coatings,resins, plastic materials and similar.The production process can be simula-ted by programming heat-up speed,

    baking temperature, and time. Thevery good repeatability of measure-ments allows a remarkably accuratedetermination of the present limitingvalues. Depending on the gradient-oven type coatings can be tested withtemperatures up to 320 C.

    Model 504 Group 9

    Drying Time Recorder

    Motorised instrument for automaticrecording of drying process of paintsand similar coating materials. 6 tests

    can be performed in parallel. Runningtime selector for 6, 12 or 24 hours fordifferent drying times.

  • Model 433 Group 10 Paint Inspection Gauge P.I.G. 455 Group 10


    14 For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de

    Coating Thickness GaugeDIN, EN ISO, ISO, AS, ASTM

    One instrument only for 4 measuringranges: 5-100 m, 100-500 m,300-700 m, 700-1500 m.

    This comb-shaped instrument, madeof stainless steel, stands for highaccuracy.

    A successful instrument using thestandardised wedge cut method.Indispensable for film thicknessmeasurement on any substrate. Inthe case of multi layer coatingscomplete and individual layer thik-kness can be measured.

    Measuring ranges: 200/500/1000/2000 m

    Also for adhesion tests in accordan-ce with AS 1580 (method 408.1).

    Wet Film Thickness Gauge EN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    Model 233 Group 10

    Dry Film Thickness Gauge acc. to RossmannEN ISO, ISO, ASTMThe difference in level between sub-strate and film surface is gauged bythe contact point of the dial indicator.

    Measuring range 0-1000 m in 5 m divisions.

    Model 296 Group 10

    Model 234 Group 10

    Wet Film Thickness GaugeDIN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    Wet and Dry Film Thickness Gauge acc. to RossmannEN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    A hardened and ground doublewheel with an eccentric cam in thecentre is rolled over a newly appliedfilm. The wetting line on the centre

    cam is read on a scale as wet filmthickness. Total measuring range:1500 m, available in 8 different sub-ranges.

    Same principle of measurement asModel 233.

    For measurements on wet films thecontact point is raised by means of aknurled screw and then lowereduntil it touches the surface of thewet film.

    Model 333 Group 10

    Wet Film Thickness Gauge acc. to Rossmann EN ISO, ISO, ASTMSimple operating instrument. Thestainless steel comb with toothlengths varying by equal amounts isapplied perpendicular to the wet filmand the film thickness can be read onthe last tooth that made contact withthe wet coating. 3 versions with mea-suring ranges 120/600/1200 m.

    Model 333 SLarge version acc. to BASt for roadmarking paint.

  • Model 497 Group 10

    PenTest Group 10

    PAINTBORER 518 MC Group 10


    For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de 15

    Coating Thickness GaugeDIN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    To measure the thickness of foils,cards, paper, with and without coa-ting. Indispensable for scrubbingresistance tests on Leneta foils andfor colour and opacity measure-ments on contrast cards.

    Measuring range: 1000 m, accuracy 1 m

    Foil Thickness GaugeEN ISO, ISO

    Inexpensive instrument using themagnetic pull-off method for rapidnon-destructive measurement ofnon-magnetic layers on steel. Measu-ring result held mechanically. Noelectrical supply required.

    Measuring range: 25-700 m

    Coating Thickness GaugeEN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    For film thickness measurementsusing the wedge cut technique. Com-bines the advantages of P.I.G. 455 withgreater ease of operation: a conicalbore of defined angle is made in thecoating. Measuring microscope, easilyand accurately focused over the cutout. Minimum specimen damageallows a large number of test points.

    Specimen table for extremely smallspecimens (dia. 10 mm) available asaccessory. Due to the mobility of themicroscope into two directional axes(turned by 90 from one another) withthe possibility of turning the scale, thePAINT BORER 518 MC is especially sui-table for the evaluation of ellipticalholes that arise with curved specimens.

    PAINTBORER 518 USB Group 10

    Coating Thickness GaugeDIN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMFor measuring the thickness of organiccoatings on all substrate using thewedge cut principle; with high-resolu-tion digital microscope (50x magnifi-cation, 2 million pixels CMOS image

    sensor) for digitally assisted visualdetection/collection of circular or ellip-tical holes directly on the object aswell as documentation, for connectionto PC/Laptop/WINDOWS-Tablet.

    LAYERCHECK 750 USB Group 10

    The small, universally applicable thick-ness gauge, used for non-destructive,fast and precise coating thicknessmeasurements. The LAYERCHECK 750USB FN provides the magnetic induc-tion principle as well as the eddy-cur-rent method. Due to this, it is availablein two versions: LAYERCHECK 750 USBF for all non-magnetic coatings onsteel (0-3000 m). LAYERCHECK 750USB FN for all non-magnetic coatingson steel (0-2000 m) and all insula-ting coatings on non-ferrous metals.Both versions are equipped with stati-stics function, illuminated display, USBInterface, Standard-/ 1-Point-/ and 2-Point-Calibration. Software as freedownload. At option: calibration certificate.

    Coating Thickness Gauge EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    PAINTXPLORER 548 Group 10

    Thickness Gauge DIN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMIn accordance with the standardizedwedge cut method in which the speci-men is cut at a defined angle. It hasbeen developed to extend the rangeof the application of the PAINT BORER518 S, especially targeting sensitivedrillings, especially into rigid/brittlematerials. It is possible that, already atminor eccentric irregular running ofthe drill used or of its centre axle, suchmaterials can be subject to breakingoff of the cutting edges includingchipping off. To minimize these limita-tions the PAINTEXPLORER 548, a con-venient table top unit, is equippedwith an improved rotating/slidinghigh precision axle-bearing device. Itis a laboratory equipment, either beheld in hand or used in connectionwith the measuring stand that isincluded in the scope of supply.

    At option: A 50 x Measuring Micro-scope, with illumination.


    16 For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de

    MiniTest 3100 Group 10

    Up-to-date technology in a handyprecision instrument. Alphanumeri-cal LCD, touch pad keyboard, micro-processor controlled calibration andmeasuring sequence, statistic modu-le, bidirectional interface. Designed

    for use with 20 different probes (F, N,FN, CN). Total measuring range 1 mto 100 mm. Other features: Automa-tic hold and battery switch off. Stora-ge of up to 10.000 measuring data.

    Coating Thickness GaugeEN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    MiniTest 725, 735, 745 Gorup 10

    New generation of portable coatingthickness gauges with a completelynew, modern signal processing(SIDSP). For non-destructive, highlyreproducible measurement of non-magnetic coatings on steel (F) and

    insulating coatings on nonferrousmetals (N). Also available as combi-ned version (FN). Supplied with aninternal probe, a cable probe or withthe possibility of an interchangeableinternal/external probe.

    Coating Thickness GaugeEN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    GalvanoTest Group 10

    Coating Thickness GaugeEN ISO, ISO, ASTMTo measure metallic single or multilayer coatings on a metallic base byelectrochemical removal. Particular-ly suitable for galvanic coatings.Total measuring range: 0.5-75 m.

    Special electrolytes for more than70 combinations of coating andbase material. Minimum measu-ring area: 0.25 mm2. Interface RS232 C for printer or PC.

    QuintSonic 7 Group 10

    Ultrasonic Coating Thickness GaugeASTMUltrasonic Coating ThicknessGauge for up to 5 layers measuredin one single measuring action. Forlayers of paint, lacquer and plasticon plastic, metal, wood, glass andceramic.

    Measuring ranges: 10 m....356m, 890 m, 1900 m, 3900 m,7500 m (at 2375 m/s Sonic Veloci-ty in all layers) Resolution: 0,1 m.With graphic Display (160 x 160Pixel Backlight LCD) showing theresults. Interfaces: IrDA 1.0, USBand RS 232.

    MikroTest 5, 6 Group 10

    Coating Thickness GaugeEN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMFor non-magnetic coatings on steelusing the non-destructive magneticpull-off technique. No electrical current required. Measuring resultheld mechanically. With uniqueautomatic measuring system forreproducible results, even underextreme measuring conditions.

    Mikrotest 5 and 6:9 analog versions for a total mea-suring range 1 m - 20 mm, also forelectro-plated nickel layers onvarious base materials.

    SmarTest Group 10

    Coating Thickness GaugeDIN EN ISO, ASTMSmarTest is an intelligent wirelesssensor for non-destructive coatingthickness measurement and relayssensor data via Bluetooth to yourtablet, smart phone or to the coa-ting thickness gauge MiniTest 745.The SmarTest app shows the currentmeasuring values, the statistical

    evaluation and helps store controland calibration of the sensor. Thereis an option of the metric (m, mm)and imperial (mils) formats fordisplay and processing of measu-ring values. Storage and transfer /download of measuring values isdone in the CSV format.

  • Model 312 Group 11 Original TABER STIFFNESS TESTER 362 Group 11


    For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de 17

    To establish the limiting extensionof coating materials on sheet metalspecimens by bending around aconical mandrel (1/8" - 11/2" or 3 mm- 38 mm dia.). From the diameter ofthe mandrel at the point where thecrack starts, the maximum relativeextension of the coating can be cal-

    culated. With rapid clamping devicefor faster operation.

    Conical Mandrel Bending Tester EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    Precision instrument for measuringbendability in accordance withstandards for flexible materials(metal and plastic foils, cardboard,paper etc., max. thickness 3 mm).Outstanding measuring accuracy(up to 0.1 %) achieved with motori-

    sed measuring process. Analogueand digital versions available, withaccessories covering a total measu-ring range of 0.01-10.000 StiffnessUnits.

    Bendability Measuring InstrumentISO, ASTM, JIS, TAPPI

    Model 266 S Group 11

    Cylindrical Mandrel Bending TesterEN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMLever-type instrument for testingthe flexibility and the adhesive pro-perties of coatings when these aresubjected to bending stresses. With14 easy changeable mandrels (dia-meter 2 - 32 mm). Testing with thecylindrical mandrel bending tester

    determines the greatest cylinderdiameter at which a coating willshow cracking or flaking subsequentto bending. Model 266 S allows thetesting of samples up to a width of100 mm.


    Model 295 Group 12

    These folding rulers feature for eachpossible of the concerning requiredcutting distance the right ruler thik-kness, without necessity to add themby single 1 mm steps. The Folding Ruler

    Folding Ruler for Model 295/III:with 10 swivel-mounted rulers of 1mm thickness /each.

    for Mod. 295/XII is especially even forthe cutting distance for tests acc. toDaimler-Benz, also attached withrulers of 1,5 mm thickness. The FoldingRuler for Mod. 295/XIII allows by its

    Folding Ruler for Model 295/XII:with 10 of each swivel-mountedrulers of 1 mm and 1,5 mm thickness.

    innovative design with ball type tophandle, a comfortable as well as fati-gue-proof performance. All FoldingRulers are also separately available!

    Folding Ruler for Model 295/XIII:with 5 of each swivel-mounted rulersof 1 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm thickness.

    The SCROLLRULER 295/XV is a univer-sal ruler for cross hatch cuts, wherethe desired cutting distances (6 x 1mm, 6 x 2 mm, 6 x 3 mm, 11 x 1 mm,11 x 1.5 mm) can be adjusted veryeasily as well as comfortable, simplyby turning a thumb wheel.

    SCROLLRULER 295/XV:universal cross cut ruler, adjusted byturning a thumb wheel.

    LayerScan 590 Group 10

    Coating Thickness Gauge

    Touchless & Non-destructive CoatingThickness Gauge, acc. to the principleof Thermic Layer Examination. Thesurface of the coating layer to bemeasured is heated by flashing light.The recorded gradient of temporallyreflected heat energy allows someessential conclusions regarding thecoating materials thickness, adhe-

    sion and characteristics. The methodis suitable for dry as well as also forwet coatings. Due to this, several dif-ferent coating materials in combina-tion with various substrates can bemeasured in a comfortable as well asprecise manner. Also an Online/Inlineapplication is possible.


    18 For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de

    Model 525 Group 12

    Adhesion Test ApparatusASTMTo measure adhesion of coatings inaccordance with ASTM D 4541 bypulling off stuck on dolly. Robustunit requiring no electrical supplyand therefore particularly suited to

    application in the field. Completetest case with necessary accesso-ries. 3 versions for measuring ran-ges 5/10/25 N/mm2.

    Model 525-B Group 12

    Adhesion Test Apparatus

    Special pull off test instrument version for concrete surfaces with 50 mm diameter dollies and measu-ring range up to 4.5 N/mm2.

    Model 295 XIV Group 12

    Multi-Cross Cutter EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMDue to numerous enquiries of users,now, by Mod. 295/XIV a variouslyusable single blade instrument forthe application of free cuts on cur-ved surfaces is available. It consistsof a single cutting tool additionally

    covered with an extremely hardlayer, mounted in an adaptor block,with holder. A flexible steel ruler, sui-table for several of the curvedapplications, is already included inthe delivery specification.

    VarioCut 404 Group 12

    Cross Hatch CutterEN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMMultifunctional applicable tool inthe cross-cut test of coatings as wellas for standard compliant definedpreparation of corrosion tests.

    Optionally, the user has a total offive different adapters with varioustools available:

    Clamping chuck adapterto attach test tools

    Adapter block Sikkensto attach Sikkens tools

    Adapter block 45to attach test tips

    Cross cutter adapterto attach multi cross cutters

    Chucking adapter (rolling)to attach model 318

    Model 295 I Group 12

    Multi-Cross Cutter EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMWell established, manually guidedtool for cross hatch cutting tests.For the application of 6 parallel cutswith a cutting distance of 1 mmbetween them, for adhesion testsat layers with a thickness of up to

    60 m. Further types with otherstandard-according cutting distan-ces, for testing the adhesion of lay-ers with higher thicknesses, arealso available from the standarddelivery range.

    Model 295 IX Group 12

    Multi-Cross Cutter EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMAdvanced version for manually guidedcross hatch cutting tests. For the appli-cation of 6 parallel cuts with a cuttingdistance of 1 mm, for adhesion tests atlayers with a thickness of up to 60 m.To simplify the performance, Mod. IX(as well as also X and XI) has a free tur-nable axle between handle and head.The axle promotes a more homogene-ous spread of the applied scratch forceover the full range of cutting width andenables due to this a lower user-depen-

    dence of the evaluated results. Manyusers value the use of this Mod. quitefatigue-less and due to this also morecomfortable! By simple turning theunits interlock ring, the connectionbetween handle and cutter can be lok-ked stiff, if desired. Further types withother standard-according cuttingdistances, for testing the adhesion oflayers with higher thicknesses, are alsoavailable from the standard deliveryrange.


    For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de 19

    MULTI GRIT TESTER 508 SAE Group 13

    The MULTI GRIT TESTER 508 SAE features a good repeatability andreproducibility of the test results.

    It is equipped with an adjustableimpact angle. The bombardment ofthe test panels is carried out withdeterminate grit (according toASTM D 3170). Dependent of thespecifications offurther standardsother shot materialscan be used.

    The shot is enteredautomatically usingan adjustable vibra-tory feed. On a multifunctionaldisplay the working pressure, theduration of the test, the setting ofthe vibratory feed and the number

    of tests conducted (total/ tempora-ry) can be read off alternatively.

    SAE Stone Hammer Blow Testing InstrumentASTM, SAE, GM, VOLVO

    MULTI GRIT TESTER 508 VDA Group 13

    Originally developed in reconciliationwith the Association of Car Manufactu-rers (VDA), it is an even currently stillvalid Stone Hammer Blow Testerwhich meets the prescriptions of natio-nal as well as international standards.The shoot procedure acc. to VDA actswith defined sharp edged Steel Shotaccelerated by compressed air in an

    shoot/impact angle of 54. With fur-thermore, it is possible to equip theMULTI GRIT TESTER 508 VDA within afew minutes with the conversion kit(offered as an accessory) for carryingout tests in accordance with the speci-fications of Peugeot-Citron (verticalimpact).

    Stone Hammer Blow Testing Instrument acc. to VDAEN ISO, ISO, Peugeot-Citroen, Renault, VDA

    Model 471 Group 13

    The performance of a coated sheetmetal panel, previously formed to aU-shape when it is deformed byconical bar in a sudden blow can beexamined.

    Bend and Impact TesterIVLV

    Model 305 Group 13Model 304 Group 13

    ERICHSEN impact tester for testing thestrength, formability and ductility ofcoatings and substrates and the adhe-sion of coatings. Three versions areavailable:

    Model 304 ASTM(ASTM D 2794);

    Model 304 ISO-1(ISO 6272-1 direct impact test)

    Model 304 ISO-2(ISO 6272-2 indirect impact test)

    Optionally, with the correspondingretrofit kit, each model 304 can be con-verted to a different version.

    Variable Impact TesterEN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM, NF

    Portable and handy instrument espe-cially designed for tests on enamel inaccordance with DIN EN ISO 4532.Enables the user to carry out tests onsite.

    Optional accessory: Special supportfor testing plastic surfaces.

    Impact Tester acc. to Wegner DIN, EN, EN ISO, DIN ISO, ISO

    RIMpact Group 13

    Impact Cabinet for Stone ChippingSimulation at Wheel Rims; an access-ory for Multi Grit Tester 508 SAE.Enables the user to test completerims i.e. in principle also severalother specimen, which up to now due to their big sizes would have to be pre-viously segmented bycutting them. TheWheel Rim to be testedis turnably fixed, soeach single spoke canbe tested differently bychoice with varyingcombinations of ShotGravel, Shoot Cycles,Shot Gravel quantities,Shoot Periods andShoot Pressures. So, theuser is free to use it in

    accordance to the current standardsstipulations he has to follow as wellas for individually tailored tests.

    Impact Cabinet for Stone Chipping Simulation at Wheel Rims


    20 For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de

    Model 299/300 Group 14

    Pendulum Damping Tester EN ISO, ISO, ASTMDamping of the oscillations of apendulum resting on the coatingmaterial in accordance with thestandards. Two pendulum versions

    with automatic adjustment: inaccordance with Koenig and Persoz.In addition, two different measu-ring modules: basic version withmanual pendulum excursion andautomatic version. Measuringvalues are shown on the digitaldisplay of the control terminal.

    Model 456 USB Group 25

    USB Microscope

    High-resolution digital microscopeto be connected with PC/Laptop: 2million pixels CMOS image sensor,integrated light (adjustable), videofunction, live view, direct imagecapture directly from the object,shootings with microscopic preci-sion, scalable precision measure-ment.

    The scope of supply includes:Camera with USB cable, 1 tubestand for 20x magnification, 1 tubestand for 40x/200x magnification, 1swivel-type special stand, softwareCD, instructions.

    Model 263 Group 14

    Indentation Hardness Tester acc. to BuchholzEN, EN ISO, ISOA steel block with an insertedimpression body is applied onto thetest surface and produces a pressu-re mark, the length of which ismeasured with a microscope. The

    impression hardness in accordancewith Buchholz is established fromthe length of the impression, usingthe standard table.

    LINEARTESTER 249 Group 14

    To establish the ability of a surfaces toresist damage by scratching, also forseveral other tests: Scribe/Scratchtests, To and fro-cycle abrasion tests,Crockmeter tests, MEK tests, testsdetermining the resistance againstsolvents in general or wipe test,respectively. The required scratchingforce in the range of 0.5 to 40 N is setby moving the weight along the

    reciprocating beam, making use of asetting scale. When testing insula-ting coatings on conducting substra-tes, an electric recognition of thethrough-scratching offers an addi-tional security for setting the scrat-ching force. There are three fixed aswell as one freely programmabletest speeds available. A wide pro-gram of available test tools is tailo-red to cover a lot of testing require-ments.

    Scratch Hardness Tester EN, EN ISO, ISO

    TriForcePencil 293 Group 14

    Scratch Hardness Tester EN, ISO, EN ISO Pencils of increasing hardness arepushed across the surface of the coa-ting at a defined angle and under adefined load. The film hardness isestablished by the two hardness gra-des between which there is a limitingeffect of surface marking and inden-tation into the surface. The advancedERICHSEN TriForcePencil 293 is (due toseveral enquiries especially also fromthe Asian market) equipped withthree test loads (5 N/7,5 N/10 N)instead of usually only one (7,5 N). Theweight block of the TriForcePencil 293is equipped with three pencil guides,

    which apply by the principle of levera-ge the appropriate test load on thepencil tip, according to their positio-ning. Setting the correct height or thedefined projection of the pencil out ofthe weight block, is ensured by rota-ting an adjusting screw with distance tip.

    Scratch Test Station 450 Group 14

    Scratch Test Station acc. to BMW/ERICHSENBMWVersatile instrument for the executionof scratch resistance tests on lacqueredand plastic surfaces. Supplied with aservomotor-driven X-Y specimen tableand a universal tool holding fixturewith vertical linear guide and pneuma-tic tool feed motion. The Scratch TestStation is operated by means of a

    touch-screen control panel. Adjustableare the test speed of the movements inthe x and y direction, respectively, thescratch length in x or y direction re-spectively, the selection of the requiredscratch pattern (linear/curved/plane)as well as the preselection of the num-ber of the test cycles.


    For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de 21

    Original TABER ABRASER 352 Group 15

    Abraison Test InstrumentDIN, EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMInternationally established abrasiontest instrument. Standardised tests forplastics, decorative coatings, paintsetc.. Suitable for abrasion simulationof all types by applying appropriateabrading wheels and the use of a widerange of accessories. Also available asdual version for simultaneous testingof two specimens.

    Model 435 S Group 14

    Adhesion and Scratch Resistance Tester

    When using Model 435 S, the direc-tion of the test movement is rota-ted by 90 so that the adhesion ofcoloured markings (e. g. of the dialsof speedometers) can be tested bylateral slipping. It is particularly

    suitable for testing the scratch resi-stance of surfaces against blunteffects where the application of theHardness Test Pencil, Model318/318 S has turned out to be tooaggressive.

    Model 435 Group 14

    Mar Tester acc. to Oesterle

    The pocket instrument model 435serves to determine the scratch resi-stance of lacquered and plastic sur-faces. The test body (plastic, copper

    or steel disc) is applied with a presetforce and drawn across the test sur-face. Spring force 0 20 N, dividedinto 3 measuring ranges.


    Scratch Hardness Tester EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMMultifunctional machine for testingsagainst mechanical influences: CrossHatch Cutting Test, Scratch Resistance,Writing Effect. Adjustment of thetest/scratch force (up to 50 N) manually(Mod. 430 PI) or electromotive (Mod.430 PII) by pressing key buttons. 9 pre-set cutting patterns in accordance tothe common standards as well 1 freeadjustable cutting pattern. 2 speedsand 2 cutting path lengths, to be com-bined user-defined free. With quickclamping device for the specimen to betested and optically indication forthrough cutting of insulating layers on

    metallic substrates. The only world-wide established machine for testingthe scratching resistance of leathertype structured plastics materials forcar interiors. Due to this already suc-cessfully established at a lot of well-known nameablecar manufactu-rers as well as ata lot of theirsuppliers.

    Model 318/318 S Group 14 SCRATCH HARDNESS TESTER 413 Group 14

    The Hardness Test Pencil 318 is awell tried and extremely usefulscratch hardness tester in the formof a pocket instrument. Also suita-ble for tests on curved surfaces. Fora convenient operation on surfacesthat are highly sensitive to scrat-ches the Hardness Test Pencil 318 S

    is equipped with a rolling head sothat only the test tip used can leavea scratch on the test surface. Supp-lied with a carbide ball tip of 0.75mm dia.; optionally 0.5 mm or 1.0mm dia. Test load 0 20 N dividedinto 3 measuring ranges using 3spiral springs.

    Hardness Test Pencil Scratch Hardness TesterDIN, EN, ISOCompact rotary table instrumentfor determination of the scratchhardness and scratch resistance oflacquered, glass or plastic surfaces(especially HPDL coatings). If pro-ceeding in the appropriate manner,it is also possible to test small parts

    of different geometries. Four inter-changeable diamond or carbidetest tools with defined test geome-tries are available. Including twoweights movable on the graduatedload arm, load range 0.01 to 1 Nand 0.1 to 10 N.


    22 For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de

    PICOGLOSS 562 MC Group 17

    Gloss Meter DIN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMThe two-angle gloss meter with themeasuring geometries 20/60 is oneof the smallest portable gloss measu-ring instruments which have everbeen designed. The measuring geo-metries 20/60 and the automaticchange-over of mirror-gloss meet therequirements of the mostly used

    Measuring ranges 20 mode:0 - 150 and 150 - 1999 GU, respectively.

    Measuring ranges 60 mode:0 -150 and 150 -1000 GU, respectively

    gloss ranges i. e. high and mediumgloss. The PICOGLOSS 562 MC is provi-ded with an automatic calibration aswell as extremely long-life LEDs aslight sources and a USB interface. Theinstrument is operated by two roundcells the capacity of which is suffi-cient for at least 10,000 measure-ments.

    PICOGLOSS 560 MC-XS Group 17

    Gloss Meter DIN, EN ISO, ASTMThe PICOGLOSS 560 MC-XS is, as wellas the PICOGLOSS 560 MC, one of thesmallest Glossmeters ever. The maindifference to the 560 MC is theremarkable small aperture of the560 MC-XS (round, with a diameter

    of 3 mm), which has been developeddue to numerous enquiries frompotential users (up to now, mainlyfrom the Automotive matter). It ena-bles now the gloss measurementeven on small parts.

    PICOGLOSS 560 MC-X Group 17

    Gloss Meter DIN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMThe PICOGLOSS 560 MC-X actually be-longs to the smallest portable glossmeters available. It is smaller than a PCmouse and therefore particularly sui-table for use in situ. The universal 60measuring geometry and the automa-tic change-over of mirror-gloss makethis instrument suitable for a widerange of applications. The PICOGLOSS

    560 MC-X features an automatic cali-bration as well as an extremely long-life LED as light source and a USB inter-face and integrated statistic function.The instrument is operated by a roundcell, the capacity of which is sufficientfor at least 10.000 measurements.Measuring ranges: 0-150 or 150-1000 gloss units.

    Model 494 MC Group 15

    Model 241 Group 16

    Damp photographic paper is pres-sed by a rubber pad under definedforce onto the film surface in accor-dance with DIN 53 159. Evaluationof chalking mark by comparisonwith sample scale.

    Chalking Rate Tester acc. to KempfDIN

    Robust instrument for standardtests of washability and scrubbabili-ty as well as cleanabilty of emulsion

    paints and similar coating materi-als. Available accessories: standardbrushes, PVC foils, dosing pump.

    Washability and Scrub Resistance TesterDIN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    Original TABER LINEAR ABRASER 364 Group 15

    Abrasion Test Instrument

    Instrument for testing the abrasionresistance as well as the scratch hard-ness of finished products of any size orshape. The free-floated test head ofthe Linear Abraser follows the con-tours of every sample. Therefore parti-cularly suitable for testing shaped pla-stic parts, automotive components,printed graphics, optical products, rub-

    ber, leather and textiles. Equippedwith TABERs famous abrasives orwith a universal attachmentfor customised test means.Optional attachments convertthe Linear Abraser to a ScratchTester or a Crockmeter.


    For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de 23

    MATCHMASTER 425 III Group 18

    Colour Comparison Cabinet DIN, EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMThe standard light cabinets MATCH-MASTER 425 III and 425 IV are colourcomparison instruments with threelight types. There are three standardlight types available: D65, A andTL84. It is possible to switch overautomatically or manually between

    these three standard light sources atarbitrary time intervals in any de-sired order. Each cabinet comes witha Test Certificate (light quality). Bothbench models consist of metalsheets lacquered conforming tostandards and can be assembled

    without any tool withinsome minutes. Thecolour comparison cabi-nets are open at thefront side. A controlpanel with illuminatedtoggle switches -the symbols of the threelight sources are shownabove - provides aneasy operation of theinstrument.

    MATCHMASTER 425 MC II Group 18

    Colour Comparison Cabinet DIN, EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMThe Standard Light Cabinet MATCH-MASTER 425 MC II is a colour com-parison instrument with five diffe-rent light sources (D65, TL84, A,TL83, UV) for perfect assessmentand comparison of colour undervarious light types. Alight diffuser provides auniform distribution oflight. Upon request lighttypes can be exchanged,e.g. CWF (cool white flu-orescent). A CalibrationCertificate (light quality)is included in the scopeof supply. An electroniclight automatism ena-bles a programmableautomatic change oflight sources in connec-tion with adjustable

    times of illumination. The user canprogramme a sequence of the indi-vidual light types (up to 10 changes)in any desired order.

    MATCHMASTER 425 MC Group 18

    Colour Comparison Cabinet DIN, EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMMicroprocessor controlled colourcomparison cabinet. Automaticoperation based on manually presetprogramme sequences. 3 types ofilluminants: A, D65 and TL84. Facili-ty for adding UV light to clarifyresponse to the fluorescent effect.

    Control panel with foil pad keybo-ard and LCD. Display of operatinghours and number of switchingcycles for each light source.

    Accessories: Pivoting specimentable, light diffusor.

    SPEKTROMASTER 565 Group 18

    Color and Gloss Unit DIN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMThe overall appearance of a productis influenced by color and gloss. Asample of the same color but highergloss level is visually perceived dar-ker and more saturated than a lowgloss sample. In order to get a uni-form appearance, both attributesneed to be controlled. The Spectro-meters of the very most other sup-pliers are only able to measure thecolor value. In comparison with this,the SPEKTROMASTER 565 is able tomeasure color and gloss both simul-taneously! Thus, the cause of a mis-match can be clearly defined in anysituation.

    Two different versions are available:

    - SPEKTROMASTER 565-45, for simultaneous measurement of

    color (geometry 45/0) and gloss (geo-metry 60).

    - SPEKTROMASTER 565-D,for simultaneous measurement ofcolor (geometry 8/d) - (UllbrichtscheKugel) - and gloss (geometry 60).

    PICOGLOSS 503 Group 17

    A compact portable battery-operatedgloss meter in SMD-Technics with highaccuracy and three measuring geome-tries of 20, 60 and 85. In case of e. g.high gloss metallic or chromium-pla-ted surfaces the instrument switchesover automatically to mirror glosseasurement. The integrated USB (Mini)

    as well as Bluetooth interfaces ena-ble the data transmission to a PC.Additionally, also the power supply canbe provided through the integratedUSB (Mini) interface, by a PC. A DataAnalysis Software is already part of thedelivery specification.

    Gloss Meter DIN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM


    Consisting of measuring head andsupply and display unit for non-con-tact gloss measurement on the pro-cess line. 10 mm measuring distan-ce. Built-in calibration standard and

    dust protected versions on request.An electrically controlled traversingdevice carrying the measuring headcan also be supplied.

    Gloss Meter Facilities DIN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM


    24 For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de

    HANDCUTTER 428 Group 21

    Scratching Tool acc. to Clemen EN ISO, ISOA practical instrument with tung-sten carbide tip acc. to Clemen. Theinstrument is used for standardisedscratching of corrosion test samples.A test tip acc. to van Laar is additio-nally available.

    SCRATCHMARKER 427 Group 21

    Scratching ToolEN ISO, ISOPortable instrument to apply defi-ned scratches through coatings onspecimen panels used for corrosiontests. Compact construction for

    fatigue-free operation. Scratch toolwith van Laar geometry. Definedadjustment of the depth of thescratch in increments of 25 m.

    Model 426 Group 21

    Scratching Tool acc. to van LaarEN ISO, ISOA practical instrument with tungstencarbide tip 0.5 mm in diameter. Theinstrument is used for standardisedscratching of corrosion test samples.

    PoroTest 7 Group 20

    A pinhole detector forfinding flaws and po-rous areas in insulatingcoatings such as paint,plastic and enamel onelectrically conductingsubstrates Portable in-strument, battery oper-ated. Version for stan-dardised direct voltagetests, with 3 high voltageprobes, respectively, withina range up to 35 kV. Max.layer thickness 11,3 mm. Special accessories for particu-lar applications.

    Pinhole Detector DIN

    TINT TESTER 527 Group 19

    Special laboratory version for darkpaste type test layers, with 4 1/2 digitLED display and special measuringhead. In addition to tinting strengthmeasurement in accordance with

    ASTM D 3265/2745 also for standardbrightness measurements. Can beequipped with BCD/RS 232/analogueoutput.

    Brightness Measuring Instrument DIN, EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    MATCHMASTER 425 IV Group 18

    Colour Comparison Cabinet DIN, EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMThe standard light cabinets MATCH-MASTER 425 III and 425 IV are colourcomparison instruments with threelight types. There are three standardlight types available: D65, A andTL84. It is possible to switch over

    automatically or manually betweenthese three standard light sources atarbitrary time intervals in any de-sired order. Each cabinet comes witha Test Certificate (light quality). Bothbench models consist of metal

    sheets lacquered conformingto standards and can beassembled without any toolwithin some minutes. Thecolour comparison cabinetsare open at the front side. Acontrol panel with illumina-ted toggle switches -the symbols of the three lightsources are shown above -provides an easy operation ofthe instrument.


    SOLARBOX 522/522 RH Group 21

    Light Exposure Test ApparatusEN ISO, ISO, ASTM, UNICompact instrument to determinethe resistance to exposure to sunlight using a Xenon high pressurelamp (1.5 kW or 2.5 kW). Adjustablelevel of irradiance, uniform illumina-tion by special mirror system, exchan-geable filters for variable UV fraction.Four versions available:- SOLARBOX 522/1500, 522/3000- SOLARBOX 522/1500e, 522/3000e(each without and with microproces-sor controls)

    Light Exposure Test Apparatus- SOLARBOX 522/1500e RH- SOLARBOX 522/3000e RHare extended versions of Model522/1500e and 522/3000e with addi-tional control/monitoring of relativehumidity in the test chamber duringthe test.

    Optional: Programmable floodingsystem for periodic wetting of spe-cimens.

    Machu-Test-Bath 530 Group 21

    Machu-Test-BathQUALICOATTest instrument for the executionof a short-term corrosion testwhich lasts over a period of 48hours. This test is used to obtainthe QUALICOAT labels (quality com-munity for industrial coating). Thecross-cut of the coating is appliedwith Mod. 463, Sikkens scratchingtool.

    Bac Ford-BathAFNOR, EN ISO, ISO, Renault, PSAImmersion-Test to determine the resi-stance of a coating to the immersionin deionised water thermostated to40 C +/- 1 C. The test plates areimmersed under an angle of 15during several days.

    Bac Ford-Bath 531 Group 21

    For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de 25

    Model 463 Group 21

    This hand operated instrument com-plete with carbide cutting tip provi-des a convenient means of scoring a 1 mm (optional 0.3, 0.5 mm or 2 mm) wide rectangular track in asurface coating - for corrosion tests.

    Scratch Stylus acc. to SikkensEN ISO, ISO

    SOLVENTCHECKER 434 Group 21

    Corrosion Test Instrument

    Simple and practical instrument fortesting paints and plastics for theirresistance to chemicals under staticconditions giving results simultane-ously for the effects of liquids andvapours as well as in the thresholdarea. 4 tests can be performed inparallel.

    HYGROTHERM 519 / 519 FA/SA Group 21

    Humidity CabinetDIN, EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    Fully automatic corrosion test appara-tus for standardised tests in condensa-tion water climate with and withoutSOc addition, using a programmablelogic control (PLC) for the automaticsequence, i.e. control of heating, acidfeeding and draining, filling and drai-ning of the bottom trough water tankas well as evacuation and replacementof air (manual operation also possible).Test chamber volume 300 l. Model 519SA equipped with a semi-automaticcontrol system, i. e. acid draining, eva-cuation and replacement of air as wellas the control of the heating systemare executed automatically.

  • 26 For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de


    Cathodic Delaminator, Model 602 Group 21

    Corrosion Quick Test

    Used for rapid checking of productquality and frequently quality con-trol of coated metals. The appara-tus consists of a control unit and atemperature control vessel (immer-sion container) with 8 test recepta-cles and circulator. Each test vesselhas its own constant current sour-ce. So you can use up to 8 specimenfor testing, independently of eachother.

    The cathodic delamination allowsthe determination of infiltration ofthe coating in the damaged areaand erroneous pretreatments canbe made visible (formation of bub-bles during pinholes, scratches orstone impact).

    Model 606 Group 21

    Corrosion Test Apparatus for Salt Spray Tests EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTMTo carry out the mostly required saltspray tests and condensation watertests in accordance with the currentstandards. Corrosion test apparatuswith circular or rectangular chamberof plastic construction system.

    Corrosion testing equipment consi-sting of regulation unit including salt-solution-reservoir with operatorfriendly controls and up to 2 individu-al test chambers selectable with volu-mes of 400 l, 1000 l and/or 2000 l.Special dimensions upon request.

    Model 608 Group 21

    For testing with cycles of changingcorrosive effects in accordance withe.g. VDA 621-415. Basic concept,design details and dimensions as forModel 606 consisting of a regulationunit including salt-solution-reservoirand up to 2 individual test chambers

    With touch screen, for the display ofthe present projected and the actualstates and for the input of the testconditions selectable with volumes of400 l, 1000 l and /or 2000 l.The controland adjustment of the test instru-ment is effected by a Siemens S7-200PLC (programmable logig controler).

    Corrosion Test Apparatus for Alternating Tests EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM, VDA, VW

    Bandol Wheel 532/I Bandol Wheel 532/II Group 21

    Accelerated Weathering InstrumentISO, NF

    HYGROTHERM 529 Group 21

    For tests of bulky parts in condensa-tion water climate (without additionof gas), e. g. in accordance with (EN)ISO 6270-2, this instrument with atest chamber capacity of 1000 l or

    2000 l is available. The instrumentconsists of a control unit and a sepa-rate test chamber in rectangulardesign.

    Humidity CabinetEN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM

    Photo-ageing instrument for accele-ration of natural weathering - fordry (532/I) and wet (532/II) cycles.

    In a compact and light form, the Ban-dol Wheel integrates all the necessa-ry characteristics of a real equipmentfor accelerated weathering. All usedmaterials and components, are speci-ally chosen for extreme reliability.

    Model 606-Basic Group 21

    Corrosion Test Apparatus for Salt Spray and Condensation TestsDIN, EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM, BS, DEF, ECCA, JIS, NF, SISThe compact Corrosion TestingInstrument, Model 606-Basic, to per-form salt spray and condensationtests, is made of impact resistant,ecofriendly polypropylene materialand is delivered in a rectangulardesign. It consists of a test chamber,available either of 400 l or 1000 l

    capacity, with a built-in control unitand built-in storage tank for thespray solution as well as the necessa-ry control instruments. A dosingpump serves for an infinitely variableadjustment to achieve optimum con-sumption of spray solution.


    Quick response measurements onsurfaces, in liquids, air/gases etc..Incl. Surface Probe GOF 400 VE.

    High precision, low power consump-tion, min-/max-value memory, holdfunction, auto-off function, down to-25C ambient temperature, C andF, offset/scale

    GTH 1170

    Digital Quick-response Thermometer

    GLF 100

    All-purpose conductivity measuringdevice with electrode, adjustable.

    Main field of application:- Water,- Waste Water,- Chemical Solutions

    Conductivity Measuring Device

    GTH 175/PT

    High-precision measurements inliquids, core measurements (usinginsertion probe), for air/gases or asreference device for calibrating other,more expensive systems! Batteryoperation, complete with probe.

    Digital Precision Pocket Thermometer

    For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de 27

    CORROCUTTER 639 Group 21

    Test Panel Scratcher EN ISO, ISOComfortable, manual instrumentfor fatigue-free application of defi-ned scratches on coated specimenpanels intended for corrosion tests.Provided for use of scratching toolsin accordance with Clemen, vanLaar and Sikkens frequently used inpractice. Avoids the great strain

    usually put to fingers and wristswhen scratching specimen in largeseries. Using adequate scratch tem-plates available as accessories, it ispossible to apply 90 cross scratchesas well as 60/120 St. Andrew's crossscratches.

    CORROTHERM 610/610 E Group 21

    To carry out the mostly required fogtests and condensation water tests inaccordance with the current stan-dards. The test instruments CORRO-THERM 610/610 E are available withtwo different chamber capacities each(400 l or 1000 l). The version 610 is

    equipped with a key control for testselection. The more sophisticated COR-ROTHERM 610 E is provided with amicro controller offering the possibili-ty of programming individual testsequences. All relevant test parame-ters are displayed on a multiline LCD.

    Corrosion Test InstrumentEN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM, VDA, VW

    Corrosion Test Unit 618 Group 21

    Besides the usual applications suchas salt spray test and cyclic corro-sion tests, the specimens can be sto-red and tested in an atmospherewith controlled humidity.

    Constant settings, as well as risingand falling ramps for temperatureand humidity can be programmedquickly and easily using a displaywith "Touch" function.

    The Model 618 is ideal for using fastramps for temperatures or rel.humidity or for slowly increasing/decreasing over several hours.

    An additional air conditioner allowsthe operator to carry out low-tem-perature cycles down to - 40 C.

    Corrosion Test Instrument EN, EN ISO, ISO, ASTM

  • 28 For detailled technical product information please visit: www.erichsen.de


    GMH 3431

    Digital Precision Conductivity Measuring Device

    Including conductivity measuringcell, double display for conductivityand temperature; display of resi-stance, salinity or TDS; automatictemperature compensation, serialinterface; battery and d.c. operation.

    GMH 3350

    Humidity, Temperature and Flow Rate Measuring Device

    Double display of humidity and tem-perature. Incl. Humidity- and Tem-perature Probe, TFS 0100 E. Compactprobe for humidity and temperaturemeasuring resp. flow rate measuring(probe exchange without re-calibra-tion). Calculation of dew point tem-perature, dew point distance and ent-halpy. Additional NiCr-Ni-socket forsurface measurement. Min-/Maxvalue memory, Hold function. Serialinterface, device can be connected tobus system (up to 5 devices can beconnected to one PC interface). Batte-ry/d.c. operation, 2 integrated loggerfunctions. Optical and acoustic min-/max- alarm. Real-time clock withday, month and year.

    GMI 15

    Digital Indicator for Moisturein Wood and BuildingsDevice for high-speed determinationof moisture in buildings, contractingwork etc. The GMI 15 allows detec-tion of moisture in wood down to adepth of approx. 3 cm and in concreteor wash floor down to a depth ofapprox. 4 cm. Detection of moisturebehind ceramic tiles and/or variouswall or floor coverings. To check moi-sture simply place device on the sur-face to be measured - no injectioninto the measuring object required.

    GMH 3531

    Double display for pH or redox andtemperature. Incl. Additional SetGMH 55 ES and Redox Electrode GE105 BNC. Redox mode allows forautomatic conversion to a hydrogensystem. Automatic or manual tem-perature compensation. Automaticbuffer detection. Automatic detec-tion of measuring value stability. rH-measurements. Min/Max valuememory, Hold function. Evaluationof probe quality. Battery and d.c.operation. Serial interface, devicecan be connected to bus system (upto 5 devices can be connected to onePC interface). Device can be used asthermometer, too.

    pH-/Redox-/TemperatureMeasuring Device

    GMH 3851

    Digital Material-Moisture MeasuringDevice with Data LoggerThis instrument is indispensable forthe documentation of material stateby quality assurance systems. Incl.Wood Moisture Measuring Set 38 HF.By means of the integrated data log-ger there can be recorded up to 10000measuring values and processed ondemand. Additionally there can be 4material curves individually pro-grammed by the user to data acquiredby reference measurings with dryovens or CM-method. This instru-ments finally makes the usage ofpaper correction tables and so onobsolete.

    GFTH 95


    Quick-response humidity and tempe-rature measurements in EDP rooms,museums, galleries, churches, officecomplexes, workshops, storagerooms, swimming-baths, privatebuildings, greenhouses, for refrigera-tion engineering, air conditioning,for building sites/technology, forinspectors or rendering of expert opi-nions etc..



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