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This presentation describes the relationship between a software tester and a software developer and how it relates for delivering a high quality outcome.


  • 1. By Dilini Prasangika 9th May, 2012

2. Tester & Developer Are Testers trouble makers? Relationship behind the scene How to make the relationship healthy? How it affects for delivering a quality outcome? Some tips to be a good tester & developer 3. Who is the Tester? Tester is the person who measures the product quality in customers perspective to ensure what the customer asked has been developed Who is the Developer? Developer is the person who develops the product according to the given customer requirements 4. What do you say? Unfortunately almost everywhere developers take the tester as a trouble maker and vice versa 5. In the SDLC, there is a potential conflict of interest between developers and testers Developers can experience feelings of frustration, anger, and bitterness whenever they have to face the testers and their bug reports When there is a debate, as to fix or not to fix a bug, the debate between developers and testers can get nasty If the level of understanding between the testers and developers is insufficient, the developers may start thinking the testers are troublemakers, and vice versa 6. Teamwork and Friendship are the best solutions If you are a TESTER; Share some test tactics with developers on how to test the application Try to build friendly relations with developers Keep your issue reporting style positive and respective Be a supporter for the developer not a burden Team Work is based on the RIGHT ATTITUDE & COOPERATION of all team members 7. If you are a DEVELOPER; Remind yourself that the ultimate goal is to maximize the value of the software It's the mission of both developers and testers to ensure that there are no bugs in the software When issues or enhancements were raised, accept them modestly Respect the ideas & suggestions of others Be friendly with testers without treating them as trouble makers Be co-operative and collaborative with the team 8. As a team, you are able to work together in finding defects before handing over If everyone is cooperative enough to look into the actual target, team can deliver a quality outcome as expected by the customer If a battle arise between testers & developers, team cannot meet the deadlines and the quality will not be addressed properly At the end, customer satisfaction is improved by delivering high quality products and it helps the growth of the business and its reputation as well 9. Finding bugs and breaking the product is the job of testers because, from a business perspective, the cost is significantly less and customers are much happier, if the product is bug-free before it's shipped out the door By sharing test tactics with the developer, it will help him To recreate the issue To better understand the issue To test better before delivering the product to QA And ultimately, customer gets the RIGHT product as he expected 10. To create, build and maintain an everlasting harmony between the testers and developers, here are some tips: Be a team player Share Raise an Alarm Accept Frameworks Tester is a bridge Be a great contributor Encourage Remember 11. http://www.softwaretestinghelp.com/ http://www.vietnamesetestingboard.org http://marjanashammi.wordpress.com/2008/04/07/re lationship-between-a-developer-and-a-testerqa/ 12. Thank You!!!

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