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Phoenix Turbine Builders ClubTable of Contents

NEW Articles:First Quarter 2006 Report: Breaking the Yoke of Dependence, more on the CAD CD, Tesla Turbine oiling system details - Ken Rieli

2001 ArticlesJanuary 1, 2001 January 10, 2001 February 1, 2001 March 5, 2001 April 2, 2001 May 2, 2001 June 18, 2001 July 9, 2001 August 27, 2001 September 10, 2001 September 11, 2001 October 22, 2001 November 27, 2001

Forward Introduction -- Ken Rieli, Founder Engine Case Selection Bearings Shaft Basics, and Pulling It All Together How to Build & Assemble Remaining Shaft Components Fitting Parts Together in the Real World, Introduction to the Hot Rotor Hot Rotor Case, Lubrication & Energetic Fluids Member Input: Pulse Combustion Project by a Tesla Turbine Enthusiast! Member Input: From California: A Member's Tesla Turbine Generator Project Member Input: More from Luis Mendonca: Pulse Combustion Update on the Phoenix Turbine Builders Club Tesla Turbine Project! Combustor Improvements, Nozzle Construction & More Test Results

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December 24, 2001

Combustor Test Results, More on Nozzles & Combustor Sequencer Schematics Member Input -- Luis Mendonca's Pulse Combustion Turbine, and Samuel Falvo's Paper Turbine

2002 ArticlesJanuary 23, 2002 February 26, 2002 March 27, 2002

New Directions in Turbine Design Fuels Solutions Special Test: Tesla Disk Design Vs. Phoenix Hybrid Winglet Design, More on Inlet Nozzles Turbine Construction Details, Beyond Tesla, Our Comparative Tests Member Input: Samuel Falvo Performance Report, and Hamish Edgar on Tesla Disk Spacing

April 29, 2002

September 25, 2002 September 27, 2002

Member Input: John Faith's Compressed Air Turbine Project Combustion Models -- Getting the Most Bang for the Fuel Buck! Also: Pulse Combustor Wiring Diagram Correction Dynamics of Disk Spacing, Geometry, Horsepower & Torque Member Input: Richard Gideon's Experiments in Disc Geometry Improvements Also: 2002 End of the Year Review by Ken Rieli

December 5, 2002

2003 ArticlesJanuary 8, 2003

Worldwide Proliferation of Tesla Turbines -- "Build-to-Order Tesla Turbine Kits" and "Using Tesla's Turbine to Generate Electricity and Income" Developer of the Month! Richard Gideon's Continuing Experiments in Disk Geometry Improvements First Detailed View of the Global Cogenerator Turbine Developer of the Month! Nozzle Experiments by Richard Gideon Experimenter's Turbine Launch Chapter 1 Experimenter's Tesla Turbine Assembly Manual: Bearing, Oil Pump Case Chapter 2 Experimenter's Tesla Turbine Assembly Manual: Shaft Assembly Developer of the Month! More on Nozzles, Experiments by Richard Gideon

January 8, 2003

February 11, 2003 March 1, 2003 March 18, 2003 April 22, 2003 May 31, 2003 May 2003

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June 4, 2003

Chapter 2 (continued) Experimenter's Tesla Turbine Assembly Manual: Final Shaft Assembly Chapter 3 Experimenter's Tesla Turbine Assembly Manual: Hot Section Developer of the Month! Sean Doyle's AOL CD Tesla Turbine Project Time to Get Off the Grid! by Ken Rieli Chapter 4 Experimenter's Tesla Turbine Assembly Manual: Jet Oil System Understanding Turbine Basics -- Impulse turbines, reaction turbines, Tesla disk turbines Nozzle Design, Key to Turbine Efficiency -- Inlet nozzle, disk geometry, outlet nozzle Boiler Basics: Waste Oil Generator System -- Chest boilers, flash tube boilers, boiler operation Completing the Waste Oil Generator -- System description by Ken Rieli

July 11, 2003 August 1, 2003 August 20, 2003 August 20, 2003 September 2003

October 2003 November 2003

December 17, 2003

2004 ArticlesJanuary 27, 2004 February 25, 2004

2004 Free Energy Plan -- Solar steam turbo-electric generator system by Ken Rieli Solar Steam Turbine -- Examining the Curnutt solar furnace, construction basics, solar tracking by Ken Rieli Parabolic Reflector Basics -- How to design plugs for constructing a precise FRP solar reflecting dish by Ken Rieli Developer of the Month! Solid Fueled Flash Boiler Experiments -- Steve Redmond Solar Reflector Dish Mold: Shaping the Plug -- using a low-cost plywood template to shape sand & concrete by Ken Rieli Constructing the Fiberglass Solar Reflector Dish -- fabrics, resins, parting wax, FRP layup tips, and how to pop the dish from the mold by Ken Rieli Hanging the Dish on the Steel Mount -- stiffening techniques, sandwich construction vs. steel rib supports by Ken Rieli Solar Turbo-generator: Anatomy of a Two-axis Mount -- azimuth & elevation, tracking the sun's path to focus maximum solar heat energy by Ken Rieli Developer of the Month! Curnutt Style Furnace Project by Sean Capogreco Waste Heat to Electricity Tesla Turbine Project -- Ken's new custom designed turbine built for SVSU experiments using CFC refrigerant New 6-inch Turbine for Low Horsepower Applications! - Ken's closed loop solar turbine design; designing for load, energy transfer efficiencies, turbine sizing, storage options, containment vessel & more

March 18, 2004

March 2004 April 2004

May 2004

June 2004

July 2004

July 2004 August 2004

September 2004

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October 2004

Opposed Bearings & Stacked Plate Turbine Design - advantages of opposed bearings & overhung rotor designs; also stacked plate construction, by Ken Rieli Parabolic Trough to Produce Steam, Thermocouple Electricity - easy to build solar reflector for efficient energy transfer; direct heat to electricity using thermocouple effect by Ken Rieli Developer of the Month! Curnutt Furnace Update: Free Steam, Winter Heat by Sean Capogreco 2004 Review: Solar Turbo-generator Basics through New Turbine Designs by Ken Rieli

November 2004

Oct-Nov 2004

December 2004

2005 ArticlesJanuary 2005

2005 Looking Ahead at Complete Solar Systems Development, New Experimenters Tesla Turbine by Ken Rieli Introduction to Electronic Systems Development -- low-cost, easy to use developer's systems; front end computers, developer software & embedded processors for solar energy projects by Ken Rieli Developer of the Month! Fire from Ice! Sean Capogreco's Curnutt Furnace Project Solar Dish Aiming & Tracking System - Electronic System Block Diagram - aiming and tracking system overview, and how it relates to the system development hardware by Ken Rieli Targeting Subsystem: General Purpose Microcontroller for Intelligent Solar Tracking how discreet electronic components interact with the embedded processor by Ken Rieli Developer of the Month! Schematic for Solar Collector Sun Tracking - Richard Gideon shares solar technology More on the Embedded Microprocessor Solar Targeting System - how to connect LDR & phototransistor light sensors to the cpu by Ken Rieli New Life for an Old Engine Case - using a recycled engine case for a small turbine by Ken Rieli The New 4.5-inch Turbine Initiative - introducing our new 4.5-inch Experimenter's Tesla Turbine Hot Rotor Kit! by Ken Rieli Developer of the Month! Luis Mendonca's PDE Project

February 2005

February 2005 March 2005

April 2005

April 2005

May 2005

June 2005

Introduction to Solar Systems Programming - essential flowcharts, adding intelligence to an actuator power control unit for solar tracking by Ken Rieli New Life for Old Engine Case 2 - bearing plugs, air galleys, shaft preparation & case assembly by Ken Rieli

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July 2005

Solar Targeting: translating the flowchart into lines of software - sending data in one direction over a two-wire cable from PIC processor to PC by Ken Rieli More Programming Basics: examining a simple terminal program - receiving status values sent by the PIC processor to a PC; printing to a computer screen by Ken Rieli It's Alive! It's Alive! - wiring the dish & commanding it to move; equations & computer program for aiming the dish based on predicted solar position New 4.5" Experimenter's Tesla Turbine, construction details Part 1 - baseplate, bearing housing end plates, hot rotor housing, case ring by Ken Rieli New 4.5" Experimenter's Tesla Turbine, construction details Part 2 - exhaust port, fittings, new experimental air seal design, bearings, new dry sump system design by Ken Rieli 2005 Review- Moving on to Phase II - from basic technology & component builds to application

August 2005

September 2005

October 2005

November 2005

December 2005

2006January 2006

Strategy for 2006 - energy independence, Experimenter's Tesla Turbine applications, new energy Open House - Ken Rieli Rebirth of the Tesla Turbine.pdf - 2003 Extraordinary Technology reprint, by Ken Rieli Tesla Turbine Primer.pdf - 2003 Extraordinary Technology reprint, by Ken Rieli

February 2006

Jan - Mar 2006

First Quarter 2006 Report: Breaking the Yoke of Dependence; CAD CD; Tesla Turbine oiling system details

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