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Tesla Motors

Tesla MotorsDigital Strategy

Marshall Clabeaux


Intro into final assignment, Tesla Motors Founded 2003.Products made Model S, Model X, Model 3, Supercharger (car charging stations), Powerwall (home battery)


Current Strategy

No advertisingNo ad agencyNo CMO


Tesla has a $0 advertising budget. Its true. Elon Musk communicates the groundbreaking technology that Tesla is. He does this through many interviews that can be found on YouTube. Internet blogging and word of mouth are the main sources of advertising.No advertising, no ad agency, no chief marketing, no deal network.7 person in-staff marketing team who run the websites."Right now, the stores are our advertising. We're very confident we can sell 20,000-plus cars a year -- without paid advertising," Georgeson(Alexis Georgeson Public Relations at Tesla.$47 million on selling, general and administrative expenses that include marketing.


Internet MarketingSecure and maintain relationshipsSocial NetworksBloggingWord of mouthCapture Mindshare

21st century style of advertising has got to include Internet marketing. This includes social media networks, blogging, and word of mouth. Ultimately, success in this field can be defined as securing and maintaining relationships by consistently capturing the mindshare of consumers.


Target AudienceCurrentEnvironmentally conciseZero emissionInnovative ConsumersElectric Vehicle

Target ShiftCollege studentsEnvironmentally conciseEducatedModel 3 Timing

Talk current appeals, main environmentally concise, zero emissions, and electric vehicle. Current prices are high, opportunity for college students now to become aware of Model 3, which could be around $25,000 following incentives to lower from the reasonable $35,000 base price. Key is production wont be mass until late 2019, capture the audience now. Prepare for future cars, timing of well paying jobs to purchase an electric vehicle will be key for Tesla, and for their commitment in fighting against climate change for a sustainable future.


Social MediaIs NOW2016 AdvertisingLive FeedCapture mindshareBig 3Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Twitter948.1K FollowersConsistent adsEarly Environment Fact of The DayDinner Time Tesla TriviaInformative postings

Social MediaCurrent trends. Breakdown of Twitters current usage and potential ideas going forward.


Social Media cont.Facebook1,428,280 LikesGreat current strategyElectric routesPersonal StoriesInformative postings


InstagramBig potential553K followersIncrease postingsInformativeEnvironmental facts

Further breakdown of current Facebook and Instagram with potential ideas.


Mobile Strategy

YouTube biggest opportunityExpand to daily lessons 10-15 minutesTopics included currently Customer stories, Tesla playlists, Autopilot, Touchscreen walkthrough, manufacturing, Tesla in the news, Model X, and Roadster.Only 145,000+ subscribers

Opportunity to capture mindshareMobile Social MediasTwitter 948.1k+ FollowersFacebook 1,400,000+ LikesInstagram 553k+ Followers

Current mobile is solid, can be improved with previous mentions.Biggest opportunity is for an inventive YouTube mobile channel.Daily lessons or short clips of 10-15 minutes about customer stories and other categories that they currently list such as: Tesla playlists, Autopilot, Touchscreen walkthrough, manufacturing, Tesla in the news, Model X, and Roadster.


Measuring MetricsNet Promoter ScoreFriends and FamilyCLV / CAC RatioCustomer lifetime valueCost of customer acquisition

Number of comments / blog postsFacebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube commentsBlog posts regarding TeslaElectric vehicle transition

Net Promoter Score, measures friends and family. Important as it is a big transition to an electric vehicle switch and to gain those closest to you is important for a business of the sort. A grassroots style of advertising is doable with such a product because of the benefits. Cost of customer acquisition, measures includes of the in cost of the product, as well as the cost involved in research, marketing, and accessibility costs.


Big Idea

College market key to future sustainabilityEducated environmentally knowledgeable/concise Tech Savvy

Climate ChangeElectric vehicle importance Clean path

Big idea.Current and future college markets are key for sustainability. Educated and knowledgeable about climate change. Will have the money to be tech savvy and buy the toys.Climate change and sustainability importance behind electric vehicle transition and the clean path it creates.


ClosingCurrent legal issues in statesSelling directly to consumersModel S Sticker shockStarts at $69,000 goes to $120,000Model 3 Potential Base price $35,000Incentives could lower to $25,000375,000 reservations $14 billion future salesProduction orders now 200,000 - 2017 Production full swing late 2019

Current legal right issues to sell cars directly to consumersModel S starts at $69,000 goes to $120,000 stick shockModel 3 potential and importance. 375,000 reservations, production 200,000 a year 2017. Late 2019 - projected full-scale production.Repaid $465 million loan from U.S Energy DepartmentElon Musk - 227,000 twitter followers