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  • Tesla Motors

    Company Overview

    Andy Rietschel, Regional Corporate Sales Manager

    Stockholm October, 2015

  • 2015 Tesla Motors, Inc. | Tesla Motors Company Overview | 2

    To accelerate the worlds transition

    to sustainable transport


    Elon Musk | CEO

  • Design / Advanced Eng.

    Hawthorne, California

    Tesla Factory

    Fremont, California

    Tesla Assembly

    Tilburg, Netherlands

    Tesla Today


    Palo Alto, California

    Founded: 2003

    Employees: 12.000+

    Retail Locations: 150+

    Supercharger stations: 500+

    Production capacity 1.000+ cars/week

    Tesla Electric Kilometers Driven: ~2 billion

    Tesla cars delivered: +75.000

    Tesla Gigafactory

    Reno, Nevada

    Tesla European HQ

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • Model 3

    Global Impact

    1st generation

    2nd generation

    3rd generation

    Model S/X









    1. Develop a high-end, high performance sports

    car to prove that electric vehicles are both

    stylish and efficient. Use the sports car to

    develop core intellectual property and patents.

    2. Introduce a premium sedan that competes

    with brands like BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

    3. Produce hundreds of thousands of low cost

    premium electric vehicles for mass adoption.

    The Secret Master Plan

  • Vertical integration

    Tesla-owned Stores

    Tesla-owned Service Centers

    Tesla-owned Supercharger network

    Zero discount policy

    Staff from industries other than

    traditional automotive business

    What Makes Us Different?

  • Customer Feedback Loop

    Direct feedback loop accelerates development

    Value Customers

    Development Products


  • The most customer-friendly configurator in the market

  • 2015 Tesla Motors, Inc. | Tesla Motors Company Overview | 8

    Fully electric

    0-100 km/h in 2.9 seconds

    Top speed: 250 km/h

    559 km per charge

    Optional Dual Motor


    Over-the-air updates with

    constant improvements

    Model S top specs

  • Li-ion 18650


    Tesla Battery Pack Drive Inverter Motor Gear Box

    Integration Value: A System that is greater than the sum of its parts

    Tesla Power Train

  • 2015 Tesla Motors, Inc. | Tesla Motors Company Overview | 10

    Model S Dashboard

    Built on Linux

    Intuitive interface

    Controls all functions

    Constant improvements

    v7.0 coming soon

  • Tracking - Available for the driver via

    mobile app

    Vehicle localization can be provided in

    case the car is proven stolen

    Media (internet/internet-radio/maps)

    Free firmware updates over WIFI or 3G

    Remote vehicle health and history


    Ability to remotely fix issues

    API accessible by fleets

    Most Connected Car On Earth

  • 2015 Tesla Motors, Inc. | Tesla Motors Company Overview | 12


    Half a charge in as little as 20 minutes

    500+ sites World wide

    120+ sites in Europe

    Worlds largest fast-charging network

    Worlds fastest-growing charging network

    By end of 2016, 95% of Europe covered

    Communication towards car and Tesla servers


  • 2015 Tesla Motors, Inc. | Tesla Motors Company Overview | 13

    The best of a SUV with the

    benefits of a minivan

    Dual motors as standard

    Falcon wing doors

    Three rows of seating

    First deliveries in US Sept 2015

    Deliveries to EU 2016

    Model X

  • Model 3

    ? Third generation Tesla vehicle

    Launch date in 2017

    High-volume production

    Indicative price of $ 40,000

    Gigafactory is key for the development of the

    Tesla Model 3

    Positioned to compete with cars such as

    BMW 3 Series and Audi A4

  • 2015 Tesla Motors, Inc. | Tesla Motors Company Overview | 15

    Massive battery manufacturing facility

    Enables production of Model 3

    2020 lithium-ion cell production > 2013 global


    Reduce cost of batteries by 30%

    Powered by renewable energy

    Partnership with Panasonic


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