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Tracey Poutama-Mackie. Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards. Did I j u mp or was I p u shed? . Background / History . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


What is the goal of marketing?

Tertiary Teaching Excellence AwardsTracey Poutama-MackieDid I jump or was I pushed? 1To enable all of you to get an understanding of how I got to the place I am, it is important to understand the journey of the organisation I work for as my progression has only happened as the progression of the organisation has.

the logos will give you an indication as well Background / History

2People Potential started back in 1990 by Sandra Mackersy, cofounder and Director. This is the actual building that they worked from in Whangarei a little batch delivering cooperate courses to businesses

BELIEF never doubted the individual, when know what they want and they think they can then we were half way there. When you get it right and inspire people its MAGIC! *We got it right..and continue to do so today.

Correlation of DISCIPLINES and standards required by prospective industry and the culture of the learning environment and organisation. hikoi te korero - kaupapa maori incorporated in programme, this encouraged participation by students by giving them the opportunity to learn more about their own heritage and implement, as well as things maori. Treaty of Waitangi. - whaka whanaungatanga environment encouraged responsibility to self, others and external contacts of progamme eg: Strive time, marae wananga, police station monitoring - Value of relationships beneficial to all parties eg: individual, organisation, police and the communities each student came from. A Proactive and ongoing relationship with industry re: current, concise and correct up to date information and involvement in industry practices and experiences. As the tutor I continued ongoing training and gaining qualifications just like the students (and they saw and knew that). PP support and guidance, as well as industry & community support and involvement. Credibility - locally, regionally and nationally.

RESULTS National Significant Difference. The goal in 1998 was to get more maori in the police in Northland to date we have an 85% successful pass rate, a 2 year waiting list for personnel wanting to police in Northland and we continue to contribute to the national policing recruitment goal.

3Couple years later Sandra and her family moved to a bigger house which was soon turned into training rooms as well as the garages out the back & this was where I joined the team.

Small teamAncient furniture, pretty plain lookingProvided TEC and WINZ training programs

41996 moved to a bigger site more training courses started, & more staff.The culture of PP has always been kaupapa maori, and believing in the potential of the individual the name People Potential was no accident. When we say to the learner Your Potential is Our Priority, we mean it and we tell them, your hand is always in ours until your ready to let it go.. Marnie mentioned yesterday about negative learning experiences being a barrier to students ability to give input and self assess. the majority of our learners both (Youth and mature students) come with a negative learning experience that happened predominantly while they were either at primary or secondary school, our staff can relate to that & Sandra & I as well - so we know how important it is that we engage our learners differently so that their learning experience is positive which as we know motivates them to succeed. We are proof of student success.

So more staff, more courses, more learners5

Since 2005 we have a biennial staff conference at the Copthorne in Waitangi. Its gives the Management Team the opportunity to self asses and review, plan & strategise, share best practice and in the evening partners attend the conference dinner & stay overnight and staff that have been with the organisation for 10 years are acknowledged and presented with a taonga from Sandra & the PP Board of Directors. Theres 3 of us at the moment but we have 2 team members joining us next year.