terra cotta army of emperor shi huangdi founder of qin dynasty 221-206 bce xian, china

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Terra Cotta Army of Emperor Shi Huangdi Founder of Qin dynasty 221-206 BCE Xian, China Slide 2 Xian combines old & new China. The name means western capital. Slide 3 Old Xian city wall. This is where the Silk Road caravans started. Slide 4 Three pits were discovered and each contained some Terra Cotta soldiers. The soldiers are life size. Their clothing and hair styles help us understand social class divisions in Qin China. A topknot indicates an officer. There are over 7,000 soldiers in total. Slide 5 Pit 2 is 7,100 square meters Slide 6 Life size horses of Terra Cotta Slide 7 Honor Guards Slide 8 The clay entrance ramp still has some workers footprints in it. Slide 9 An honor guard formation Slide 10 size Bronze chariot Slide 11 size Bronze horses Slide 12 The recent movie, Heroportrayed this chariot bringing the main character for his audience with Emperor Shi Huangdi. This model is smaller than in real life. Bronze was expensive. Slide 13 A gold & silver bridle Slide 14 Officers in front probably in a formation as if the Emperor was reviewing them. Slide 15 Pit 1= 16,000 square meters Slide 16 The well at the right is how the army was discovered. In this pit were 6,000 soldiers in many small pieces. Slide 17 Three farmers digging a well discovered these terra cotta figures below ground. They called in Chinese archaeologists who quickly uncovered the army and realized what this find meant. Legends had talked about it but everyone assumed it was just a story until 1974. Slide 18 Today the surviving farmers are employed by the museum. In the summer, they sign autographs for tourists. They were only paid $500 for their land by the Chinese government so these jobs are also compensation for the finders for their honesty in reporting the find. Slide 19 This is what the soldiers look like when they were discovered. Slide 20 Qin battle formation Notice the broken soldiers at the top. This is how they look when first uncovered. They must be put back together piece by piece. Slide 21 An officer and horses Slide 22 Broken soldiers Slide 23 Slide 24 Slide 25 Soldiers being reassembled Slide 26 Soldiers with bundles of possible missing pieces behind them. Slide 27 The reconstruction process- soldiers must be put back together and refired. Slide 28 Officers in the front Slide 29 This pit is HUGE ! Slide 30 An enlisted soldier Slide 31 An officer and his horse Slide 32 An officer wears armor and a moustache. Slide 33 An archer without his bow Slide 34 Cavalry soldier and horse Slide 35 A Ming burial in Pit 3 Slide 36 Pit Three is 4,282 square meters Slide 37 Broken soldiers from the wooden roof collapsing on them. Slide 38 Amy and a modern soldier