tera - glyphs and skills beginner overview

TERA Skills and Glyphs Fast Walk-Through

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Page 1: Tera - Glyphs and Skills Beginner Overview

TERASkills and GlyphsFast Walk-Through

Page 2: Tera - Glyphs and Skills Beginner Overview

What You Learn in the Tera Video Tutorial

• If you haven’t grabbed all of your available class skills from your Tactics or Magic Instructor / Trainer, do yourself a favor and do so.• Quick overview of combat, passive, pet, mount and alliance skills.• Brief explanation of glyphs, they enhance your skills.• How-To unlock glyphs via glyph boxes. You get them at the BG Bellicarum vendor and through two dungeons, Sabex Armory and Macellarius Catacombs.• When you reach level 61 with a gear item level of 160+ you can run the Sabex Armory dungeon on a daily basis. When you complete the dungeon the daily quest will give you a superior glyph box.• When you reach level 64 with a gear item level of 170+ you can run the Macellarius Catacombs dungeon. It will also give you a superior glyph box as a daily reward for completing it.• Glyph Builder / Calculator – A website where you can input a glyph setup on any class at any level. Then you can share that setup with your friends via a provided link.• Explanation of Glyph points, how glyph points accumulate and the maximum amount of glyph points available at max level.