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<ul><li><p> 1</p><p>M P STATE ELECTRONICS DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION LTD (A Govt. of M.P Undertaking.) </p><p>Tender for Rationalization, Deduplication, Shifting of </p><p>Electors, Data Entry &amp; Updations, EPIC Preparation, </p><p>Integration &amp; Consolidation, Generation &amp; Printing of Integrated Photo Electoral Roll as per the guidelines of </p><p>Election Commission of India </p><p> Tender No. MPSEDC/MKT/2011/204 </p><p> (All pages of this document except for Commercial-bid to be submitted in original duly signed on each page along with the technical bid envelope. The Commercial bid in original is to be enclosed in a separate sealed envelope) </p><p>M.P. State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. 147, Zone-I, M. P. Nagar, Bhopal - 462011 (M.P.) </p><p>Ph. No. 0755-2769822, 2769816 Fax: 0755-2769824 </p><p>www.mpsedc.com </p></li><li><p> 2</p><p>INVITATION FOR BIDS </p><p> Addl. Chief General Manager, MPSEDC Ltd., Bhopal invites sealed bids, under two envelopes system, </p><p>from bidders for Tender Document for Rationalization, Deduplication, Data Entry and Updations, </p><p>EPIC Preparation, Integration &amp; Consolidation, Generation and Printing of Photo Electoral Roll as per the guidelines of Election Commission of India on behalf of office of the Chief Election Commission, </p><p>Bhopal. Interested bidders may obtain further information from the office of MPSEDC Ltd., Bhopal Bids are invited for the work mentioned hereunder: </p><p> S</p><p>n </p><p>Items Description </p><p>a Scope of Work Rationalization, Deduplication, Data Entry and Updations, EPIC Preparation, Integration &amp; </p><p>Consolidation, Generation and Printing of Photo Electoral Roll as per the guidelines of Election </p><p>Commission of India </p><p>b Cost of Tender Document Rs.1000.00 (non-refundable) by Demand Draft/Cash c Sale of Tender documents Date 1.8.2011 to 16.8.2011 (Between 10.30 a.m. to </p><p>5.30 p.m.) d Last date of submission of </p><p>Tender </p><p>Date 17.08.2011 up to 3.00 p.m. </p><p>e Date of opening of Technical Bid Date 17.08.2011 at 4.00 p.m. </p><p>f EMD Rs. 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh Only) in the form of </p><p>Demand Draft payable to MPSEDC Ltd., Bhopal g Place of opening of Bids Office of MPSEDC Ltd., 147, Zone-1, Maharana Pratap </p><p>Nagar, Bhopal (M.P.) </p><p>h Address for communication MPSEDC Ltd., 147, Zone-1, Maharana Pratap Nagar, </p><p>Bhopal 462 011 (M.P.) </p><p> Note : Tender can be downloaded from the website www.mpsedc.com In case. tender document </p><p>has been downloaded from the website, the tenderer will have to enclose a Demand Draft of Rs.1000/- (Rupees One Thousand only) as tender document from any scheduled bank in favor of </p><p>MPSEDC Ltd. payable at Bhopal along with the tender. </p><p> *Any future Corrigenda/Information shall be posted only on our website </p><p>www.mpsedc.com </p></li><li><p> 3</p><p>Letter for Submission of tender </p><p>To Dated --------, 2011. </p><p>Addl. CGM, MPSEDC </p><p>147 Zone I, M P Nagar Bhopal (M P) </p><p> Ref : Tender Document for Rationalization, Deduplication, Data Entry and Updations, EPIC </p><p> Preparation, Integration &amp; Consolidation, Generation and Printing of Photo Electoral Roll </p><p> as per the guidelines of Election Commission of India against Tender No. MPSEDC/MKT/2011/204 due on 17.08.2011 </p><p> Dear Sir, </p><p>Having examined the tender document relating to the Tender Document for Rationalization, Deduplication, Data Entry and Updations, EPIC Preparation, Integration &amp; Consolidation, Generation </p><p>and Printing of Photo Electoral Roll as per the guidelines of Election Commission of India as detailed in your tender, Conditions and scope of work etc., and having understood the provisions and </p><p>requirements relating to the development and all other factors governing the tender, We hereby submit our offer for the same in accordance with terms and conditions and confirm our acceptance to </p><p>execute the order within the time period specified in the tender document, at the rates quoted by us </p><p>in the accompanying Bid. </p><p>If, after the tender document is accepted, we fail to complete the said work as per the order. We agree that, M/s. MPSEDC LTD. Bhopal shall have full authority to forfeit the earnest money and </p><p>cancel our order with no obligation on their part. </p><p> We confirm having deposited earnest money of Rs 1,00,000/- (Rupees One Lakh only) by Demand </p><p>Draft No..dated .. Drawn on Bank . Branch attached </p><p>here to, and general information required are as per Annexure attached. </p><p>We further confirm that i. We have successfully executed orders of similar nature and we have sufficient experience and </p><p>financial strength in handling orders of this value. ii. We have sufficient qualified manpower and after support to execute the order efficiently in </p><p>the specified time schedule. </p><p>iii. The quoted rates shall be valid till the completion of the order but not less than 90 days. </p><p>iv. We further confirm that all chapters of the tender documents have been read, understood </p><p>and signed and there is no deviation/discrepancy. v. We hereby declare that we have not been blacklisted by any Govt. Authority. </p><p> The information given above and in the Tender Document is true to the best of our knowledge and </p><p>we understand that in case, the information is found to be false, our tender/work order can be </p><p>rejected at any point of time. </p><p>Signature of the Tenderer </p><p>With stamp and date </p></li><li><p> 4</p><p>Part I Technical Bid </p><p>1 Name of the Tenderer: </p><p>2 Category of the tenderer </p><p>(Whether company, partnership firm or Proprietary concern) </p><p>3 Name of Chief Executive Officer and Telephone No. </p><p>4 Contacts: </p><p> Telephones Office: </p><p> Residence: </p><p> Fax: </p><p> E-mail: </p><p> Mobile No: </p><p>5 Year of Establishment </p><p> Name(s), contact number and Address(s) of proprietor or </p><p>partners or Directors </p><p>6 Other branches/agencies of the </p><p>tenderer in the state of Madhya Pradesh. (Enclose list if any) </p><p>7 Amount of Earnest Money </p><p>Deposit </p><p> Demand Draft details </p><p> Amount (In figures) </p><p> Amount (In words) </p><p> Payable at (Indicate Name of </p><p>Bank &amp; Branch) </p><p> Serial Number </p><p> Dated </p><p>8 Sales Tax/Commercial Tax/ </p><p>VAT/CST No. and P F No. </p><p>9 Income Tax PAN/GIR No. </p><p>10 Name of Zones (Maximum 4) for </p><p>which the tenderer have </p><p>submitted the bid. </p><p> TECHNICAL INFORMATION: </p><p>11 Available Facilities: </p><p> No. of Employees on permanent </p><p>roll </p></li><li><p> 5</p><p> Technical : Non-Technical: </p><p>(Details be given ) </p><p> Number of card production centers and places thereof </p><p> Available Infrastructure </p><p>12 Total number of Pentium-IV </p><p>computers with minimum 160 </p><p>GB HDD or above. </p><p>13 </p><p>Operating System </p><p>14 Number of Digital Cameras </p><p>available </p><p>15 Number of Laminating Machines Available </p><p>16 Number of Laser Printers </p><p>(20ppm,600 dpi or above) </p><p>available </p><p>17 Number of additional sets of </p><p>equipments, if any, proposed to </p><p>be procured (give details) </p><p>18 Time required to place the </p><p>equipments on the job </p><p>19 Backup facilities </p><p>20 Software support </p><p>21 No. of generators with capacity </p><p>22 Turn over of the Last 3 years </p><p>(Attach CA's certificate) </p><p> 2008-09 </p><p> 2009-10 </p><p> 2010-11 </p><p>23 </p><p>Name and Address of the Banker </p><p>24 </p><p>List of major orders executed </p><p>(details to be given ) </p><p>25 Past experience as per eligibility </p><p>criteria (details may be given </p><p>along with Documentary </p><p>evidence) </p><p>26 Work in hand (details to be </p><p>given) with documentary evidence. </p></li><li><p> 6</p><p> Note: The present Database is in MS-SQL Server. The Computers used by the Vendor should have </p><p>Windows XP Professional SP II or Windows 7, .net framework and MS SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition installed on them. The vendor should use licensed software for the activities outlined in this </p><p>Tender. </p><p>2. Eligibility Criteria: </p><p> The Eligibility Criteria for bidders is as follows: </p><p>1. Tender can be submitted by any bidder who has previous satisfactory experience of preparation of Photo Electoral Rolls and Electors Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) in any state of </p><p>India as per guidelines of Election Commission of India. A certificate from the concerned </p><p>DEO/CEO/SLA (clearly indicating the name/names of Districts) in this regard should be enclosed. Sub-contractors certificate(s) not allowed. </p><p>2. The bidder must have had an average annual turnover of Rs. 30 lakhs during the last 3 financial years. The balance sheets of the last three years should be submitted. In this regard </p><p>CA certificate should be submitted by the tenderer. 3. The Bidder should be registered with Shops and Establishments (enclose certificate). 4. The Bidder should not have been blacklisted by any Government Authority. </p><p>3. Description of work </p><p>The Scope of Work involves the following activities: </p><p>Part- I </p><p>The vendor will perform the Rationalization (breaking of a single part into two parts), Deduplication (removing duplicate entries), Shifting of Electors from one part to another, Data </p><p>Entry of Electors details, Photograph merging in electors database after scanning the photo, </p><p>Mobile Nos, E-Mail IDs, Passport No. etc, followed by data Updations. All these activities will be carried out as per the instructions of the concerned District Election officials. </p><p>Part - II </p><p>The vendor will carry out integration by merging the mother roll and supplementary lists into one </p><p>single roll and re-numbering the electors through the software provided by SLA. After integration </p><p>the vendor will generate electoral roll in PDF format and print one copy of the electoral roll as check list and submit the same to District Election authorities. </p><p>The District Election authorities will check and mark corrections on the check list. The vendor will </p><p>collect the corrected check list and make the corrections in the Database through the software </p><p>provided by SLA and print corrected copy of the check list and submit the same to District </p><p>authorities. In case, errors are still found after correction, the vendor will have to make </p><p>corrections and print another check list. This process shall be continued till error free check list </p><p>(which shall be known as final check list) is generated. </p><p>The process of incorporating corrections in electoral roll shall be done at respective </p><p>district head quarters only. </p><p>The vendor will create PDF files (with and without photo) of the error free, integrated photo </p><p>electoral roll and submit the PDF files on CD/DVD in three copies (make Moser Baer, HP, Philips </p><p>or Sony only) alongwith the corrected, Integrated data on DVDs (make Moser Baer, HP, Philips </p><p>or Sony only) in three copies in jewel case with Authorised signature and seal to concern district. </p><p>The vendor will also return the original data. </p><p>The vendor will also submit one copy of the data &amp; PDF on a 500 GB External Hard Disk </p><p>(Transcend/Seagate) with USB cord to SLA. </p><p>Part - III </p><p>The vendor will print one laser print of the error free integrated electoral roll on single side of </p><p>white A4 Sheet of minimum 75 gsm. The vendor will also generate 10 photocopies of the electoral </p><p>roll on both sides of white A4 sheet of minimum 75 gsm. </p><p>Part - IV </p></li><li><p> 7</p><p>Preparation of EPICs </p><p>The process of generating EPICs will involve the following operations: </p><p>1. Receiving residual electors Photographs of Electors from DEO if not available in database. </p><p>2. Grabbing of photographed images or Scanning of images of collected passport size </p><p> photographs and merging into database if not available in database. </p><p>3. Editing of data (including alternation if any in other entries), at the time of processing on the </p><p> card format. </p><p>4. Printing of Checklist of Electors whose EPIC have been prepared or modified. </p><p>5. Incorporating corrections after field verification of checklist by BLO. </p><p>6. Printing of error free EPIC cards. </p><p>7. Cutting of Printed cards to proper sizes. </p><p>8. Fixing of holograms </p><p>9. Affixing appropriate facsimile signature of the ERO. </p><p>10. Lamination of cards. </p><p>11. Handing over of cards to District authority. </p><p>12. Report generation at different stages of work as required by DEO. </p><p>13. The card shall be on milky white paper of thickness not less than 80 GSM of size 5cms </p><p> horizontal and 8.4 cms vertical with permissible variation of plus or minus 10 percent and the card shall be produced by single side printing on paper and folding the same before </p><p> lamination. Maximum Six cards will be printed on one A-4 size paper. It will be the </p><p> responsibility of the vendor to approve the quality of the paper to be used for printing EPICs </p><p> from the Govt. competent authority. The applicable fee for approving the quality of paper will be borne by the vendor. </p><p>14. Lamination Pouch for EPIC of thickness 125 Microns (75 microns polyester &amp; 50 micron </p><p> polymer, transparent &amp; colourless) and size: 100mm X 80mm. </p><p>15. The applicable fee for testing of Lamination Pouch for EPIC preparation will be borne by the </p><p> vendor. </p><p>16. EPIC Image specification: </p><p> Format: JPEG </p><p> Resolution 320x240 Pixels in aspect ratio of 4:3 </p><p> Image size: 24 mm vertical x 18 mm Horizontal </p><p>The total process from Photography till handing over the EPIC, integrated Photo Electoral Roll in </p><p>PDF format, CD/DVD ROMs and associated work to the concerned DEO is to be done by the </p><p>tenderer in coordination with the concerned district authorities. </p><p>Part - V </p><p>Supplementary Revision of Electoral Roll (if required) </p><p>The Tenderer will carry out data entry for Addition, Modification and Deletion as per the </p><p>manuscript provided by DEO Office. After the Data Entry, the Tenderer will print checklists of supplementary rolls and submit the same to DEO office. The DEO Office will verify the checklist </p><p>and if found, correct, the Tenderer will print the supplementary lists and generate PDF files of the </p><p>Electoral Roll. Incase, errors are observed in the checklists the Tenderer will have to correct the errors and print another checklist. This process will be continued till error free checklists are </p><p>prepared. </p><p>Note: The vendor will be required to generate MIS Reports relating to the work as and when required. The generation of MIS Reports will form a part of work and any cost incurred by the </p><p>vendor shall be included in the quoted rates. No extra charges will be paid for generation of MIS Reports. </p></li><li><p> 8</p><p>TERMS AND CONDITIONS </p><p>1 Tender should be submitted only in this original form. It should be filled up in all respects </p><p>and should be duly signed (with seal) on each page by the Tenderer. </p><p>2 This Tender Form consists of two parts. </p><p> a In Part I Tenderer is required to give the technical and business profile of his firm/ </p><p>corporation / company and Terms / Conditions, Job specification etc.. </p><p> b Part II is related to the price bid for the job. </p><p>3 Each tender shall be accompanied by earnest money deposit (EMD) in the form of Bank </p><p>draft of any Nationalised/Scheduled Banks for an amount of Rs. 1,00,000 (Rupees One lakhs only). No exemption in EMD/Security deposit in any form will be given to any firm/ </p><p>company/ corporation/ public undertaking. </p><p>Bank draft shall be payable to the Madhya Pradesh State Electronics Development </p><p>Corporation Ltd., Bhopal on any of the Nationalised/Scheduled Banks having an operating </p><p>branch at Bhopal. </p><p>4 Bank draft for Earnest Money Deposi...</p></li></ul>


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