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<ul><li><p>TENDER DOCUMENT FOR </p><p>ELECTRICAL AUDIT OF BRANCHES &amp; OFFICES OF Pune ZONE </p><p>To Be Submitted from 17/04/2015 to 27/04/2015 </p><p>AT </p><p>1162/06 ,Shivajinagar, Pune 411005 Pune.csd@bankofindia,co,in </p><p> Phone no 020-25535455 </p><p>Website: www.bankofindia.co.in </p><p>mailto:Pune.csd@bankofindia,co,inhttp://www.bankofindia.co.in/</p></li><li><p>INVITATION FOR TENDER/BIDS (ELECTRICAL AUDIT) </p><p>Bank of India invites Sealed Tender/Bids from eligible consultant or firm for Electrical Audit of branches and offices (Except high rise buildings and building having four floor and more then four floors) of Pune zone in the state of Maharashtra. </p><p>1. Interested eligible Bidders may obtain tender document from our office 1162/06, Shivaji nagar Pune 411005 from 17-04-2015 to 25-04-2015 (except Sundays &amp; holidays) during working hours between 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM (10:00 AM to 01:00 PM on Saturdays)on submission of written application to the above and upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Rs 500/- in the form of a Demand Draft/Bankers cheque in favour of Bank of India, payable at Pune .The Bidding Document may also be obtained from our website - www.bankofindia.com. The Price of Bidding Document (non-refundable) (Rs. 500/-) shall be payable in the form of DD/Bankers Cheque in favour of Bank of India payable at Pune, at the time of submission of bid document. No forms downloaded through website would be accepted/considered valid without the payment of the price of Bidding Document. Document must be enclosed in a separate envelope. Part I to be filled &amp; enclose with technical bid and Part II to be filled &amp; enclose with financial bid. </p><p>2. Price of Bidding Document Rs.500/- </p><p>Date of commencement of sale </p><p>of tender document </p><p>17/04/2015 </p><p>Last Date for sale of Bidding Document </p><p>25/04/2015 </p><p>Last Date and Time for receipts of tender/bid </p><p>27/04/2015 </p><p>Address of Communication The Zonal Manager, </p><p>1162/06 Shivajinagar Pune 411005 </p><p>Contact Person </p><p>1.K A Niphadkar 25535455 </p><p>2.M D Kale 25535455 </p><p>Date of opening of Bids/Tender 28.04.2015 </p><p>Estimated Cost Rs: 3.50 lac Total </p><p>Earnest Money deposit 5% of estimated cost </p><p>http://www.bankofindia.com/</p></li><li><p>Time of Completion 02 month </p><p>3. The Bid has to be accompanied by an Earnest Money Deposit (EMD) 5% of estimated cost for electric audit in the form of a demand draft or payslip in favour of Bank of India, Payable at Pune. Such Draft/ payslip should be in separate third cover marked as EARNEST MONEY DEPOSIT. </p><p>4. The bids/proposal shall remain valid for 90 days from the last date of submission of the bids. </p><p>5. Bank of India reserves the right to accept or reject in part or full any or all the offers without assigning any reasons therefor. </p><p> (Prasad Joshi) </p><p> Zonal Manager </p><p> Pune Zone </p></li><li><p>Instructions for Bidders </p><p>1. Sealed and completed bids shall be submitted at 1162/06 Shivaji nagarPune 411005 and super scribed Tender ForElectrical Audit of Branches and Offices for Pune Zone (covering District viz Pune Nasik,Aurangabad, Dhule,Ahmednagar Nandurbar Jalna Baramati ) sent to us at the address of owners not letter than 3.30pm on 27/04/2015. Tender should clearly indicate on copy of the tender under their full signature the Name of Work, for which quoted. </p><p>2. No tenders will be received after 3.30pm on 27/04/2015 under any circumstances. 3. Technical Bids will be opened at Shivajinagar Pune on27/04/2015 in the presence of the </p><p>bidders or their representative. 4. Tenders shall remain open to acceptance by the Bank for a period of 90 days from the </p><p>date of opening of the price bid and the tenderer shall not cancel or withdraw the tender during this period. In case the tenderer withdraws their tender prior to the expiry of 90 days then the contractor shall be treated as the defaulter and the earnest money deposit will be forfeited. </p><p>5. The tender document is non-transferable. 6. Rates should be quoted both in figures and words in columns specified. All erasures and </p><p>alterations made while filling the tender must be attested by initials of the tenderers. Overwriting of figures is not permitted; failure to comply with either of these conditions will render the tender void at the authoritys option. No change in quoted rate in the original document and duplicate document, the lower of the rates quoted shall prevail. In case of any discrepancy in the amount of the item the corresponding rate quoted will prevail &amp; amount will be concluded accordingly. </p><p>7. Each of documents should be signed by the contractors submitting the tender in token of his/their having acquainted himself/themselves with the general conditions of contract, specifications, special conditions etc. as laid down. Any tender with any of the documents not signed will be rejected. </p><p>8. The tender submitted on behalf of a firm shall be signed by all the partners of the firm or by a partner who has the necessary authority on behalf of the firm to enter into the proposed contract. Otherwise the tender may be rejected by the authorities. </p><p>9. The Bank will have a right to accept or reject any or all the tenders, either in whole or in part without assigning any reason for doing so. </p></li><li><p>Qualification requirement of the Bidder: The bidder/consultant/firm/companies, who fulfill the following qualification criteria- </p><p> a) The bidder should have a proper infrastructure/office in Pune </p><p> b) The bidder should have minimum 05(Five) year experience in the field of captioned work. c) The contractor should be an income tax assesse and should have filed income tax return for the last assessment year. d) The average financial turnover during the last three years ending as on 31st March 2015should be Rs. 10 (Ten) Lakh per year. e) The minimum educational qualification of an electric auditor/consultant should be a diploma holder in electrical engineering (DEE) or BEE certification by Min. of Energy and Power. Bachelor degree in electrical engineering will be consideredan additional advantage to the firm. e) The bidder/firm must have minimum 05(Five) year experience of successful execution of electric audit of similar nature in Govt./PSU/Nationalized banks/Private firms. </p><p>i) at least three(03) similar works costing minimum Rs.1.5 Lakh each out of which at least one work should have been in PSU </p><p> or ii) at least two(02) similar works costing minimum Rs. 02 (two)lakh each out of </p><p>which at least one work should have been in PSU or </p><p>iii) at least one (01) similar work costing Rs.2.5 Lakh. If this single work was carried out outside PSU then at least minimum cost of Rs. 03 (three) Lakh . </p><p> f) The bidder could be a sole proprietary concern/partnership firm or a company and should be registered of Firms/Companies wherever applicable. g) The company/ firm/bidder should have valid sale tax no., P.F registration, ESI registration etc. whichever is applicable. </p></li><li><p>Submission of bid:- The offers must be submitted in separate sealed covers as under:- Technical Bid:- </p><p>a. Technical Bid as per Form-1 b. Technical bid containing all detailed which have asked by us and signed all tender </p><p>document (annexure I) as a acceptance of technical parameter c. Demand Draft/Pay slip of as a EMD( Earnest Money </p><p>Deposit) in favour of Bank Of India payable at . d. Demand draft/pay order of Rs. 500/- as a Tender cost, in case the tender download </p><p>from our website or pay receipt if tender document was collected from our office. Commercial Bid:- Commercial bid have only the price bid quoted by vendor in prescribed format (annexure-II)only. No other format will be accepted by the Bank. The prices/offer shall be valid for 90 days only. </p><p> Scope of Work </p><p> The work consists of the proposed electric audit work of branches and offices in Pune Zone (consisting of Pune, Nasik, Aurangabad ,Jalna, Ahmednagar ,Dhule, Jalgaon ,Nandurbar dist.). In accordance for the work all electric equipment, tools, manpower etc. will be provided by the vendor. </p><p>a. The electric auditor shall strictlycomplythe technical format during audit of the branch/offices. No other format will be accepted by the bank. </p><p>b. If there will be any electric shut down required in branch or office for doing electric audit then branch may give a suitable date/time for same (as per convenient ) and may call /visit on holiday or Sunday for complete the job. No extra payment/ charge will be entertained by Bank. </p><p>c. The Company/Firm shall be responsible for all injuries to the work or workmen, to persons, animals or things and for all damages to the structural and / or decorative part of property which may arise from the operations or neglect of himself or their, whether such injury or damage arise from carelessness, accident or any other cause whatsoever in any way connected with the carrying out the electrical audit of branch/offices.Insurance is compulsory and must be in effect during electric audit. </p><p>d. TheBank will have a right to call electrical auditor once or more at zonal office/branch during electrical rectification work for branches/offices. The company/firm will also submit consolidated summary chart of proposed electrical work of all branches/offices. Company/Firm will not claim any amount for the same. </p><p>e. If project work/electric audit works is found unsatisfactory before/during the project work then there will be penalty of Rs. 10,000/- or 2% of the work order cost whichever in higher. Bank will have a right to terminate the contract in between or before the work by giving 15 (fifteen) days prior notice to the vendor. </p></li><li><p>f. Company/Firm will prepare and provide SLD (Systematic Line Diagram) of electrical system of the branch and it will be attached in a separate sheet with their audit report. </p><p>g. Company/firm will provide technical specification and rating for wire and electrical equipment as per his recommendations in separate sheet of each branch/offices electric report. </p><p>h. Company/Firm may recommend/advise, the make and tentative price of wire and electrical equipment in separate sheet of each branch/offices electric report. </p></li><li><p>ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT </p><p>ARTICLES OF AGREEMENT made this ___ day of ___ Two Thousand Fifteen between the Bank of India, a body corporate Constituted under the Banking Companies (Acquisition and Transfer of Undertakings) Act 1970 and having its office at (hereinafter referred to as the Owner or The Bank which expression shall include its successor or successors and assigns) of the ONE PART through the authorized officer Shri. ______________ _____ ____ (Designation) </p><p>AND </p><p>M/s._______________________________________, having its registered office at _____________________________________________________________________, (hereinafter referred to as the CONTRACTOR) of the OTHER PART.WHEREAS the Owner is desirous of taking up ________________________________________________________________________ (hereinafter called the Works). </p><p>AND WHEREAS the Bank has issued work order for electrical audit of branches and offices which includesSLD (Single Line Diagram), thermography, quantityand rating/specifications for propose electrical rectification work . The work/project to be known as Electrical Audit of Branches and Offices of as per the term and conditions of the contract. </p><p>AND WHEREAS the tender of the Contractor for the above work at, branches or offices under jurisdiction of has been approved by the Bank. </p><p>WHEREAS THE Contractor has deposited/Bank Guarantee with the Bank 5% of the work order as a security deposit for the due performance of the Agreement. </p><p>NOW IT IS HEREBY AGREED AS FOLLOWS: 1) In consideration of the payments to be made to the contractor as hereinafter provided the contractor shall upon and subject to the said conditions execute and complete the works shown upon the said terms and conditions with All the Due Care and Attention. </p></li><li><p>2) The Owner will pay to the contractor on item rate basis , the sum of Rs. ___________(Rupees _______________ Lakhs ____________ Thousand _________ Hundred ________ and ___________ only) (hereinafter called the contract amount and in the manner specified in the said conditions. However, the actual sum will be worked out and paid on the actual value of work done, irrespective of the contract sum. </p><p>3) The scheme of the ----------------------------------- works, agreement and documents above mentioned shall form the basis of this contract and all disputes to be decided in the manner prescribed in the conditions attached hereto. </p><p>4) The contractor shall be responsible for all injuries to the work or workmen, to persons, animals or things and for all damages to the structural and/or decorative part of property, which may arise due the project execution. The bank will not responsible or will not entrainment any such type of claims or reimbursement, if any such case arise during the project. </p><p>5) The Bank have a right to invoke a penalty of Rs. 10,000/- or 2% of the work order value (whichever is higher) against unsatisfactory performance and may terminate the contract before/during the project by giving15 (fifteen) days prior notice to the vendor. </p><p>6) The said conditions shall be read and be treated as forming part of this agreement and the parties hereto will respectively be bound hereby and to abide by and submit themselves to the conditions and stipulations and perform the same on their parts to be respectively observed and preferred. </p><p>10) Any dispute arising under this Agreement shall be referred to the arbitration to a sole arbitrator appointed with consent of the Owner and the Contractor as indicated in the Article of General Conditions. The award of the arbitration shall be final and binding on both parties. IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto have executed these presents the day and year first hereinabove written. WITNESS EXECUTANTS 1) 2) 1) OWNER 3) 4) 2) CONTRACTOR In case of the company, the common seal be affixed pursuant to resolution of Board of Directors in accordance with Articles of Association of the Company the directors etc., as the case may be affixing common seal may initial in token thereof and also by putting their names. </p></li><li><p>TECHNICAL BID </p><p>Form I (To be filled) </p><p>Basic Information </p><p>Sr. Particulars Details 01 </p><p>Name of the Company/Firm/Applicant and address of the registered office:- Phone No:- Fax No:- E-mail:- Mobile No:- Website, if any:- </p><p>02 Date and year of establishment (enclose documentary evidence) </p><p>03 Type of the organization (whether sole proprietorship, partnership, private ltd. or Co-operative body etc.) </p><p>04 Name of the proprietor/partners/Directors of application with address and phone no. (in case) a. b. c. </p><p>05 Details of registration- whether partner...</p></li></ul>