ten water-related things to be thankful for this thanksgiving

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A list of the top ten water-related things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. For more information from NRDC on water issues, visit: http://switchboard.nrdc.org/blogs/sfleischli/


  • 1. 10. Showers Bathing is definitely something worth being thankful for. Just ask anyone in your general vicinity. Its also good for your health. And after a long day, a nice warm shower just feels good. Photo: EPA WaterSense

2. 9. A Favorite Waterway Whether it means a trip to the beach or a place to boat or fish, local waterways are often the economic and recreational backbones of our communities. There are so many great ones, but Santa Monica Bay remains my personal favorite. Photo: Mariusz Jurgielwicz/Dreamstime.com 3. 8. Aquatic LifeThe diversity and complexity of aquatic life are simply amazing.Fish and other types of aquatic life also provide much of theworlds food. Photo: Dora Valdez 4. 7. Wetlands Wetlands provide critical habitat, ecological diversity and water filtration, and they serve as spawning and rearing areas for all kinds of life. Wetlands also store water, protect communities from flooding and provide a natural buffer from storm surges. Photo: Earl Cunningham/USFWS 5. 6. ToiletsJust imagine life without a toilet. Most American householdshave one, two or even three. The White House has 35. Yetover 2 billion people on the planet dont have regular access totoilets or adequate sanitation. Photo: EPA WaterSense 6. 5. Wastewater Treatment When you flush the toilet, it all has to go somewhere. In most U.S. cities, it goes to sewage treatment plants. Thankfully, modern wastewater treatment reduces disease and protects our waterways from all that human waste and lots of industrial waste too. The most advanced treatment plants, like this one, recycle all that water. Photo: West Basin Municipal Water District 7. 4. The Clean Water ActThe Clean Water Act is the primary law in the U.S. that protects our waterwaysfrom pollution. The Clean Water Act makes sure that when we dispose ofwastewater, it is treated before it is discharged back to a river or otherwaterway often the source of our drinking water or a place for swimming,boating or fishing. Yet the law is under attack in Congress and needsprotection of its own. Photo: USDA/NRCS 8. 3. The OceansThe worlds oceans cover more than 2/3 of the planet, sustain adizzying array of aquatic life, help moderate the climate andprovide food for billions of people. Photo: Heather George 9. 2. Water for Food Agriculture consumes more water than any other use in America. More water efficient practices are needed in many places, but it is an inescapable fact that your Thanksgiving meal and every meal, for that matter wouldnt be possible without water. Photo: Olga Lyubkin/Dreamtime.com 10. 1. Drinking Water We literally cant live for more than a few days without water. But one billion people on the planet dont have access to clean drinking water. This often results in illness and death. Photo: EPA


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