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Powering Up Talent ManagementFor Business Performance:Ten Top Trends for 2015

The HR of tomorrow is here today.

Businesses are reimagining the workplace in ways that seemed like science fiction just a few years ago.

Centralized organizations have transformed into distributed workgroups, networking across continents at all hours. New models of social interaction are reshaping top-down leadership styles, making more collaborative approaches to management a reality.

Sophisticated methods of data analysis enable companies to spot and reduce workforce risks.

This is what we learned.

At the end of 2014, SilkRoad conducted a comprehensive survey of customers to determine the new trends to look for in 2015. Technology: Purchasing new applications and integrating existing ones

Not on the HR tech agenda: Swapping out or decommissioning current applications, or adopting Big Data.

*Finance, Controller, Operations Manager, Management TeamPERCENTAGE

Who Owns the HRMS?

The majority of HR departments own decision-making responsibility for the HRMS, and so should leverage this authority to integrate disconnected systems.

Minimizing Risk in Managing Confidential Data

Recent breaches of employee data in major companies has highlighted the vulnerability of vital HR information.

Talent management professionals (IT organizations too) will seek bulletproof HRMS software that offers levels of data access for different categories of users.

The User Interface becomes a Deal Maker in Talent Management Software

The market rise in use of mobile devices, plus the dominance of employee self-service applications, force companies to take a closer look at slick interface design and user experience.

Mobile computing is ubiquitous

As of May 2014, globally there are:

Kleiner, Perkins, Caufeld, Byers, May 2014.5.2 Billion mobile phones

1.6 Billion smartphones

789 Million laptops

439 Million tablets

Talent Management Gets Pressure to Go Mobile

Mobile recruitment applications will lead the way, driven by a competitive labor market and the demand for tech-savvy Millennial workers.

Mobile learning apps are next, training company road warriors and stationary employees alike.

Approval for Purchasing Analytics Tools Becomes Easier

The C-suite presses HR for workforce metrics to help create competitive advantage, drive higher performance, and reduce costs.

HRs New Watchword: The Internet of Things

Wearable technologysmart glasses, badges, jewelry, watches, pens, and even connected clothingcan tether workers to their organizations.

Though this innovation seems more like sci-tech than high-tech now, HR must bone up on ethical issues around monitoring employees, such as employee privacy and security.

HR Aims to Elevate Performance Management

Moving performance from the annual tactical review to a more strategic approachincluding coaching and ongoing feedbackis a long-term goal for HR.

Only time will tell if professionals can fix dysfunctional performance management processes.

HR professionals could be squeezed by labor shortages on one end and lack of training for internal people on the other.

Nows the time for companies to prepare their Gen-X talent for leadership and to train Millennials to shoulder management roles. Relying on external hires alone to fill leadership positions demotivates internal employees and causes discontent.

HR will be challenged to determine the right business balance of outside hires and internal promotions.Front and Center: Developing Leaders, Addressing Skills Gaps

The Skills Gap

Employees arent just whining, the skills gap is real.

James Besson, Harvard Business Review, August 25, 2014

The Two Biggest Human Capital Issues: Engagementand Retention

IN: A positive workplace culture, meaningful employee experiences, an appealing company brand, and ample opportunities for advancement.

OUT: Job stasis and the promise of the same desk for life.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows that there were 4.7 million job openings in December 2014, yet more than half of employers say that they cant find qualified candidates. U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, December 9, 2014. CareerBuilder Skills Gap Survey.

The Wild Card: HR Still Elbows for a Seat at the Table, a Strategic Role in Business

We expect talent management professionals to continue to fight this battle in the coming months. What new weapons can HR use on the battlefield?

A fresh, consultative mindset, the language of business ROI, and hard workforce metrics that inform C-level decision making.

About SilkRoadSilkRoad is a leading global provider of cloud-based, end-to-end talent management solutions that enable customers to find, attract, develop, and retain the best talent. The award-winning SilkRoad Life Suite includes Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, and HRMS solutions that are delivered through a Talent Portal to drive greater engagement, collaboration, and user adoption. The suite is easy to deploy, easy to use, and affordable for businesses of every size. Visit www.silkroad.com for more information.

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