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This is a great presentation of the deadliest mistakes you want to avoid before and during your next hiring mission!


  • 1. Table ofContentsIntroduc- tionMistake#1SPECIAL REPORTMistakeHIRING#2 In Selecting and Hiring PersonnelMistake#3Mistake#4Mistake#5Mistake#6Mistake#7Mistake#8Mistake#9Mistake#10 A SPECIAL E-BOOK PRESENTED BY Conclu-How to Avoid Them - and Make YourM2-TEC USA, INC.sionNext Hiring Mission a Success!

2. Table of ContentsDisclaimerThis e-book is designed to provide information and education in personnelselection and hiring. It is sold with the understanding that the publisher Introduc-and the author are not engaged in rendering legal or accounting services. tionThe content of this e-book is solely based on the authors professionalexperience and observations, and does not necessarily always reflectopinions or positions of any other quoted author(s). MistakeWhile the publisher and the author have used their best efforts in preparing #1this workbook, they make no representation, claims or warranties withrespect to the accuracy or completeness of the content of this work. Theadvices and strategies contained herein may not be fully suitable for yoursituation. Neither the publisher nor the author shall be liable for any loss Mistakeof profit or any other commercial damages, including, but not limited to #2special, incidental, consequential or other damages resulting from thestudy of this workbook.If you do not wish to be bound by the above, you may return this e-bookMistaketo the publisher for a full refund minus 10% for covering administrative #3expenses.---------------------------- Mistake #4Copyright M2-TEC USA, INC. All rights reserved. MistakePublished byM2-TEC PUBLISHING, #5a division of M2-TEC USA, INC.1988 Freedom DriveClearwater, FL 33755info@m2-tec.comMistake #6The No-Fail Hiring System is a trademark owned by M2-Tec USA, Inc.No part of this e-book may be reproduced without the expressed permission of the copyrightowner in writing. The copyrighted material contained in this e-book can only be used forpersonal use and application. No part of it can be used for commercial application without Mistakepermission. No part of it can be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, copied or transmitted #7in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, scanning orotherwise, except as permitted under section 107 or 108 of the 1976 United States CopyrightAct, without either the prior written permission of the publisher, or authorization throughpayment of the appropriate per-copy fee to the copyrighter clearance center. Requests to the MistakePublisher for permission should be addressed to the legal department of M2-TEC USA, INC. #8 Mistake #9 Mistake #10 Conclu-sion 3. Table ofContents Introduc-tion TABLE OF CONTENTS Mistake #1 Mistake #2 Mistake #3 Mistake #4 Page 02 - 03INTRODUCTION : Purpose of this E-Book. MistakeOrganization of this E-Book #5 Page 04 - 05 MISTAKE N1 :The companys long term strategy is unclear Page 06 - 07 MISTAKE N2 : The marketing approach is inappropriate Mistake #6 Page 08 - 09 MISTAKE N3 : The job opportunity is too good to be true Page 10 - 11 MISTAKE N4 : Gut feelings lead the pre-selection Mistake #7 Page 12 - 13 MISTAKE N5 :Falling in the personality trap Page 14 - 15 MISTAKE N6 : The candidate controls the interviewMistake #8 Page 16 -17 MISTAKE N7 : Dangerous invisible factors are neglected Page 18 -19 MISTAKE N8 : Final decision: the subjective dominatesMistake #9 Page 20 - 21 MISTAKE N9 :What happens after hiring? Page 22 - 23 MISTAKE N10 : Important factors of negligent hiring are Mistake unknown #10 Page 24CONCLUSION Conclusion Conclu- Page 71 sion 4. Table ofPURPOSE OF THIS E-BOOKContentsPractical Tips Introduc-tionOur purpose is to help you understand the natural laws of hiring so that you can develop an optimalcontrol of this vital function.The success and expansion of your company is, to a large degree,dependent upon your ability to attract, hire and lead dedicated, productive and loyal employees.MistakeThis exclusive report, based on 21 years of experience and the evaluation of over 20,000 candidates, #1guarantees to provide you with invaluable tips to: Minimize the subjectivity of your hiring judgment Mistake Attract and hire the best, most qualified candidates#2 Simplify and make your hiring procedure much more effective Important: Develop a high-spirited, high performing and dedicated team.Mistake #3The No-Fail HiringSystem was developed specifically for small-to-Mistakemedium sized companiesPresentation of the No-Fail Hiring System #4 which do not have aThe No-Fail Hiring System is a unique, practical methodology dedicated to help small-to-medium department or servicesized companies develop an optimal control of their selection/hiring missions. entirely devoted to the Mistakehiring process. Within the last 21 years, we have evaluated over 20,000 candidates and worked with thousands of#5businesses in 25 countries. The know-how developed throughout these years allowed us to designThis system is based on the most practical, down-to-earth and effective system for selecting and hiring people from sales togood sense, practical technical and managerial positions.Mistake observation and successful#6 experience. If you needWe are all aware that the economic and emotional costs involved in bad hiring can potentially help in establishing anruin a companys expansion plans. As a matter of fact it is estimated that the direct cost of a wrong effective hiring recruitment amounts to $29,000 not considering the impact of consequent frustrations and/orMistakedepartment, we can help.disappointments which can undermine the business owners morale. #7The No-Fail-Hiring System brings the vital knowledge, tools and practical supports which can helpyou avoid costly, sometimes deadly mistakes as the ones presented in this report. MistakeIt is solely based on proven experience. Although none in the recruitment industry can claim 100%#8efficiency in its method, we can claim that our system and techniques can double, even triple youreffectiveness in selecting and hiring people. MistakeYou simply cant afford to fail in hiring. The No-Fail-Hiring System offers you to minimize the risks of #9failure and provides more certainty of success than any other methodology, if applied perfectly.This special report is a presentation of the costliest sometimes deadliest mistakes we have observedwhich can affect the outcome of you hiring missions. The related advices and suggestions were Mistakedeveloped from real life experience, not from any nebulous theory. Try them and see your success rate#10reach unsurpassed levels. Conclu-Page 6 2sion Modern Hiring Tools and Technology 5. Table ofContentsORGANIZATION OF THIS E-BOOK Intro-ductionMistake#1Mistake#2MistakeMistake#3#3The Deadly MistakeThe No-Fail Hiring MistakeMistake System is structured Through our experience, we have detected 10 deadly mistakes, made by over 90% of small-to-medium sized companies in the hiring procedure.#4#4around 18 immutable laws in the field of Any of these mistakes can cost your company unbearable consequences. recruitment. This report will help you detect and correct any of the most obvious and most hurting mistakesMistakeMistakeyour company may have suffered through in the past. #5#5By knowing andapplying each one ofThe Immutable Law these, you have theMistakeMistakeFor each detected mistake, we present an immutable law. One thing about immutable laws is: theyguarantee to greatly#6should never be violated.For each of these mistakes, we propose a solution #6improve your results in and recommendations.your hiring experience.Each immutable law and related solution can help you dramatically improve your control on thehiring process.MistakeMistake#7#7The No-Fail Hiring System ApplicationEach immutable law is covered in our No-Fail Hiring System training program. If you need help MistakeMistakein implementing the laws as presented herein, get trained. Our training program addresses thefollowing general topics:#8#8 How to get strategically prepared PRIOR to the hiring campaign, in order to attract the most qualified candidates?MistakeMistake Unique interviewing procedure. How can you quickly detect the most important selection#9#9 criteria, with maximum objectivity? Diagnostic Support.Our web-based Recru-tec test is the best quality control tool for your hiring procedure. It helps you detect what you did not see during the interview, regarding a Mistake candidates intentions, honesty and many other important personality-related factors.#10Conclu-Page 7 3 sion Modern Hiring Tools and Technology 6. Table ofContents THE COMPANYS LONG-TERM THE DEADLY MISTAKESTRATEGY IS UNCLEAR Intro-ductionDeadly Mistake #1Mistake M01#1MISTAKE Small-to-medium sized companies too often neglect theimportance of having a well defined strategy, as part of the hiringprocess. The company simply hires because there is an emptyspot which needs to be filled. MistakeTop management often is not aware enough that a clear picture#2about the companys future and the related challenges, are vitalcriteria for good candidates to respond to your hiring messages. Mistake MistakeIf you dont seem to have a clear picture of the future, the #3 #3applicant will not believe in it. Mistake Mistake More info on the#4 #4 No-Fail Hiring System... Lack of VisionAn unclear vision of the future makes good candidates hesitate - even run away.Mistake MistakeOn the other hand, it doesnt repel those who are mostly looking for job security#5or do not see the point in getting involved in the companys future. #5Lack of ChallengeMistake MistakeA lack of challenge on the job AND in the business can have a disastrous impact#6 #6on good candidates.This is due to a very specific, natural attitude:productivepeople tend to respond favorably to challenging opportunities. In fact, they searchfor jobs which offer an opportunity to prove that they are good! Mistake Mistake #7 #7Incomplete Job DescriptionA companys strategy that isnt clearly de