Ten Big Themes That Owned #SXSW This Year

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Post on 08-May-2015




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  • 1.ten BIG THEMESTHAT OWNED SXSW this year For more coverage visit sxsw.360i.com.

2. Exec summary // top themes 1.Transmedia storytelling 2.Brands acting like content companies 3.Brands as APIs 4.Big data getting bigger 5.Apps still matter to people 6.Intellectual property law in the social space 7.The Pivot Point in digital 8.Newsjacking + real-time content 9.Brands stealing the show from startups 10.The collective need to simplify digital 360i.com // @360i 3. one // TRANSMEDIASTORYTELLING + THE NEWBRAND NARRATIVE Multi-platform storytelling, specifically as it relates to social TV, was one of the buzziest topics in Austin this year. Networks like Bravo, USA Network and IFC are leading the way as apps like Shazam, Miso and GetGlue continue to attract new users.360i.com // @360i 4. two // BRANDS ACTING LIKECONTENT COMPANIESMarketers are realizing that the if webuild it, they will come model wont workin todays consumer-driven landscape.Brands need to provide real value topeople in social spaces, and one of thebiggest ways they can do this is bycurating & creating compelling content.360i.com // @360i 5. three // BRANDS AS APIsTechnology has afforded brands with ahuge opportunity to create one-to-onerelationships with consumers. On thebleeding edge of this trend are brands thatare turning themselves into platforms,capturing rich data and allowingdevelopers to creatively mold it into newexperiences (i.e. Nike+). 360i.com // @360i 6. four // BIG DATA gettingbigger The wealth of data offered by digital is at once powerful and overwhelming. Data and data visualization will continue to be hot trends in the interactive space how can we collect, capture and communicate data in a way thats valuable and actionable? At SXSW, Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley said this very question is what drives his company.360i.com // @360i 7. five // APPS STILL MATTERTO PEOPLE While there was no clear breakout star in the app world at SXSW this year, it was very clear that people continue to rely on apps for utility and entertainment. Some of the most buzzworthy in Austin were Highlight, Sonar and Draw Something. 360i.com // @360i 8. SIX // intellectualproperty law in thesocial space When will the law catch up to social media? As brands try to stay more culturally relevant, all parties from legal counsels to community managers will need to be clear on whats permissible and whats not. 360i.com // @360i 9. seven // THE PIVOTPOINT IN DIGITAL What do we mean by pivot point? Its that moment in time where one must shift direction in order to accomplish an initial planned goal. The idea of staying flexible and open to change in digital was a theme that resonated in sessions led by big brands, startups and entrepreneurs alike. 360i.com // @360i 10. eight // NEWSJACKING +REAL-TIME CONTENT Brands looking to capitalize on breaking news or rapidly emerging trends are realizing that the traditional model of content creation isnt always quick enough or nimble enough for a real-time environment. As a result, theyre implementing new processes and changing the way they view content.360i.com // @360i 11. nine // BRANDS STEALINGTHE SHOW FROM STARTUPS SXSW has traditionally been a coming out party for the latest startup starlets, but this year big brands were able to cut through the clutter better than anyone else. Look for more of the same in 2013. 360i.com // @360i 12. ten // THE COLLECTIVENEED TO SIMPLIFY DIGITAL No one ever said navigating digital would be easy, and the intense rate of change brings both challenges and opportunities for brands. Emanating from Austin in 2012 was a collective need to simplify digital both on a micro-level (user experience) and a macro- level (how we view digital within the broader marketing environment). 360i.com // @360i