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Ten Best Baby Shower Gifts. A baby's on the way, so it's time to celebrate! This is the Ultimate list of gifts By Windshield Alert (http://windshieldalert.com/), which guarantees to help you.


  • 1. Ten Best Baby Shower Gifts A baby shower is something very special for a would be mother. Commonly, it is a "women-only" social gatherings. The baby shower gathering gives a chance to the pregnant women to celebrate and the gifts help her to prepare for the parenthood. There are some of the essentials, you can gift on the occasion for the newborn and the mother. Following are the ten best baby shower gifts, you can go for: 1. Windshield Alert: It is one of the best and unique baby shower gift. Alert other motorists to move over using Windshield Alert Emergency banner. Windshield Alert Static-cling EMERGENCY banner is a well designed, high quality emergency accessory that can be easily applied on the inside of the windshield using glass cleaner, while planning a hospital trip. It is a practical additional baby shower gift. 2. Bedding & blanket: Soft and beautiful set of the bedding and blanket for the baby is one of the essentials for the newborn's nursery. You can select any color you like and it is for sure that this pair of gift will surely make the would be parents happy. 3. Baby sling or front carrier: Parent and the newborn loves the feeling of closeness provided by a baby carrier. It cuddles the baby around the mother's body, leaving both the hands free. The experts also says that the close contact encouraged by slings and front carriers helps strengthen the parent-child bond.

2. 4. Bath kit: If you want to gift something, that is both fun and practical at the same time. Just get a baby bathing tub and fill it with all the particulars needed for a baby bath. Make sure to include a soft washcloth, mild soap, baby shampoo, a towel, some sweet and simple bath toys and a baby comb. 5. Sleep kit: Usually the newborns cry a lot at night. To comfort them, you can gift the mother a soft blanket, eye soothing night light, a bedding. Along with all these things, you can also include a Cd set of soothing music for babies. 6. Bouncy seat: A bouncy seat is something a newborn can enjoy from the first day. It keeps the baby safe and the attached toys and vibration keeps them engaged. This will give the mother few minutes for herself, to eat or to relax a bit. 7. Baby burp cloths: Baby burp clothes make a great baby shower gift. You can gift a set of different color and shaped burp clothes. Just make sure those are soft for the baby. 8. Newborn Noonie: A noonie is a newborn swaddling blanket. It provides a perfectly cozy environment to the baby to be swaddled. Great for after bath lazing around or showing baby off in pictures. This makes a wonderful and beautiful baby shower gift. 9. Starter library for the newborn: A set of story books for babies, along with the some fairy tale books is the perfect gift for the baby shower to be thought of. A would be mother will definitely love the idea as, reading the stories at night for your newborn, makes the mother happy. 3. 10. Diaper bag: Its nearly impossible for a new mother to get out of the house without leaving something essential behind. Help the would be mother to avoid this. Buy a diaper bag, add a couple of diapers in it, along with some extra clothing for the baby and a ready to feed bottle. This will make the new moms task easier. These are some of the best baby shower gifts, you can opt for. Make the special occasion of the would be mother, more special with your unique and essential gifts.

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