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Temporary Shelters. to. For Grade 1N By Mrs Goh June 2005. Go to Temporary Shelters. Temporary vs. Permanent Shelter. Shelters may be. temporary (portable). or. permanent. What is a temporary shelter?. Temporary shelter one which is used for a short time. What is a permanent shelter?. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Temporary Shelters

Storm Shelter

Back to Other SheltersStorm shelters are prefabricated tanks made of steel, reinforced concrete or fiberglass which may be installed in the ground, or under a slab or foundation before a new home is built. They provide a space where people can survive a natural disaster such as a tornado or hurricane with little or no injury.

Shelters can also be used as a safe place in case of an intruder or a fireproof place to store valuable items. Click the following to read more about temporary shelters.

TentHouseboatSpace station

Other shelters

Natural ShelterIglooCaravanWigwam


End ShowTemporary shelter one which is used for a short time

What is a temporary shelter?What is a permanent shelter?

Permanent shelter Designed to last for a lifetime TentOne of the most convenient shelters for dwelling outdoors is the tent. The tent has a shell where the outer walls support the structure.

It is a portable shelter that can be carried great distances and set up and taken down easily. There are many different types of tents.Bedouin Tent


Back to MainCaravan

A caravan is mobile - one which can be moved to other locations. It is normally used as a temporary shelter.

In Europe, shepherds used to live in wagons or caravans while looking after their flocks in remote pastures.

It can be a permanent shelter for some people who lives in caravan park.

Back to MainIraqi KurdsIraqi Kurds fleeing civil conflict in Iraq sought refuge in mountainous terrain on Iraq's borders with Turkey and Iran in 1991. Living in tents made of plastic, they did their best to shield themselves from harsh winter conditions.

Back to Refugee CampSpace station

Space stations are large orbiting satellites that stay in space for years. Crews of astronauts take turns living and working in space. They usually stay for several weeks, months or even up to a year.

Currently, 16 nations are building the International Space Station, the biggest space station ever built. Mir space stationInternational Space StationBack to MainJunkBack to Houseboat

This boat is called a junk. People live in junk because there is more room on the water than on the land.Other Shelters

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In the Artic, Eskimos build dome-shaped houses called igloos to shelter them against the fierce winds and snow of winter.

Although an igloo can provide adequate protection for weeks in severe cold, it is used almost exclusively as a temporary shelter while traveling and hunting for seals and polar bears.

An igloo can be built in a few hours using blocks of snow and ice. Back to MainWigwamWigwams are Native American homes that were designed so that they could be moved easily. Wigwam is dome shaped and is made of thin branches or poles covered with bark or animal hides.

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What has an underground tunnel entrance that faces away from the wind to keep out cold air and reduce heat loss when the door is open?TepeeCaravanIglooHutTree ShelterThe tree shelters or wattowadli were most often used in winter as the aboriginal family groups moved inland to escape the cold winds near the coast.

The shelter would have been made more comfortable by blocking off openings exposed to the weather and lining the dirt floor with bark and animal skin rugs. A verandah, made of leaves, bark and branches, probably extended the size of the shelter.

Back to MainTsunami ShelterMore than a million people have been left homeless by the tsunami disaster.

Blankets, tarps and burlap bags are used to construct temporary shelters for thousands of families whose homes and possessions were swept away by the tidal waves.

Back to Other SheltersKenya-SomaliaIn the dry, desert climate of northeastern Kenya, more than 100,000 Somali refugees live in small huts built from sticks and plastic sheeting.

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Back to questionQuizThe following frame could be transported on camels. What is it?A. TepeeB. YurtC. CircusD. Caravan

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Back to questionQuizWhich of the following is the LEAST effective in obtaining shelter:A. finding a natural shelter (rock overhangs, caves)B. finding a shelter easily enlarged (deadfalls, woodpile, or brush pile)C. finding a depression in the snow or earthD.building a shelter from scratch

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Back to questionQuizQuestionWhat is the purpose of a space station?

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Space stations remain in orbit for years at a time. They give astronauts both a space home to live in and a space laboratory to work in.


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