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Contents I....&-..Irierations ppy together oodhealth Let's go! Fashion ae andidentity A perfect world Upsanddowns estly! Grammar reference Pronunciationbank Vocabulary bank Wordlist Expressionbank Irregular verbslist 80 100 103 112 126 128 Starter unit Vocabulary3Correct the sentences. Is it time tor dinner? Wet:l3ve hungry. Expressions withbeand have Would you liketo have something eat? 1Complete the phrases with beor have. 2I need a drink.I have very thirsty. 3My best triend is fifteen years. 4My sister is having the liein. 5That's not the correct answer. You have wrong. 6Victoria is onholiday in Florida.She's very luck. a party 4Complete the texto a lie in6alook 2eighteen years old7dinner High Towers Theme Park3riqht8wrong Your guide to agreat day out 4a good time9a shower 5thirsty10early 2Complete the sentences with be or have andthe expressions in the box. Thenmatch sentences 1-6 toplaces a-f. latealie-ina good timea breakscared something toeat ',r.. 'lvan is tired.Hewants toaatthe airport Follow these simple rules and you're sure to at High Towers.today.' bathome 1 Very youngchildren aged0-6 can't go onthe Dragon2'The lesson s finished.Let's eat the cinema Roller Coaster.Childrenmust (1) stop and andover togo onthis.datthe caf 3'Hurry up!Wernustn't 2 Remember some ofthe ridesare frightening andyounger eatthe disco visitorsmight (2)for the plane! 3 You don't need tobring food tothe park. Youcanatschool4'Here's the menu.Let's (3)or drink atany ofthe cafs. 4 Ihetheme park opens at9.00 a.m.Don't (4)5'Don'tof the because the rides arebusy after 11.00 a.m.monsters! They're not real.' 5 If youget tired, youcan(5).You're 6'Let's all dance! We want welcome tosit down onthe grass around the park. l'to GrammarQuestionwords 3Complete the sentences using questionPresent simple and present continuous words. Thenmatch questions 1-6 toanswers 1Choose the correct words.a-f. Look!It snows /,'s snowinqoutside.1are youfrorn?a17thMay.l' 'Are youbusynow?''No,I don't do/'mnot doing2yourbirthday?bBeyonc. anything.' 3your favourite singer?eLiverpool. 2They always stay / arestaying in thesamehotelon 4oftendodAt 6 o'clock. holiday. youwatch TV? eBecause t'rn 3We don't like/'renot Iiking romantic films. 5timedo yougoing. 4'Where's Ruben?''He tidies /'s tidying his room.'wakeup? Every day. 5This TV programme is good.Do youenjoy /6are youstanding up? Areyouenjoying it? 6Howoftendoes shego/is shegoing shopping?Verbs + -ing 4Complete the sentences with the -ing2Complete the text using the present form of the verbs in the box.simple andthepresent continuous. dolistenlearnget updanceshop I don't mindmy homework. Mybrother can 'tstand_early. 2Do your two sisters likelanguages? 3Rociolovestoher mp3player. 4I don't really enjoyforclothes.Do you? 5We'reintoFlamenco_- it's great exercise. MaxRagJey(be)one oftheUK's best 5Complete the dialogue. young dancers.Maxnormally SamHi! lt'sSamhere. How are you? (1)(study)balletattheEnglish NationalBallet Schoolbutthisweekhe TomFine thanks. (1)are you?Athome? (2)(not do)hisusualclasses -SamYeso(2)are youdornq?he(3)..___(learmtodancehiphop instead.Tomi'rn(3)tennis in theparkwithJosh. lAwell-knownsinger (4) Comeand joinUSo (want)metodanceinhisnewpop video!' SamNo thanks.I can't stand(4)exercise(5)(say)Max.IAtthemornentI andI don't (5)runningaround! (6)(workwiththree other hip hop dancers and we(7)r have:aTomWell, youcould justwatch. good time together.I(8)(enjov) SamOK.I (6)rnindwatching. See youin a thesenewclassesa101.' minute, Starter unit5 7 Vocabulary3Complete the sentences using the correct Irregular verbs 1Write the past tense of the irregular verbs. do buy7teach 2see8get 3eat9give 4hear10make 5ride11have 6speak12be 2Complete the sentences using the verbs in exercise 1. tothat new boy in the class yesterday.He's reallynice. Dd our teacherus anyhomework? 2What did youfrom your parents this Christmas? 3all those difficult qrammar exercises in ten minutes,It was amazing! 4We feela bitill. Wetoo rnuchin the restaurant. 5Canyoume toplay the piano?I'dlove to learn 6that new Kanye West song onthe radio. It wasverygood. 7Claudia didn'therbike toschool today because rt wassowindy. 8Mynerqhbourslucky.They won a lotof "'()ne\onthe lottery form of the verbs. begiveseeteachnavehearspeak buygoeat youhungry?''Ves.I amoLet'sdinner right nowl 'Did youthat horror filmonTV lastnight?' 'No.Itoa party with myfriends.' 2'Can youItalian?''Ves,ofcourse I can Mymumme.She's frornSicily.' 3'How much chocolate doyou_every day?' 'Lots: Isome at the shops earlier.' 4'Can youmeyour phone number?''I'm sorry.I can 'tyou.Themusic is too loud.' 4Complete the sentences with the past simple of anirregular verbo 1didn 'tanyof n1Yschoolfriends011thefirst dayof theholidaysbecause they( 1)a11 busy.Whatalongandbonng day!Lucas,15 MYbrother and1(2)upverycarly andwe(3)ournewmountainbikesup mtothehillsnearourhouse.We (4)a lot o' interesting plantsandanimals there. Adam,16 1())aliein andthen1didnt (6)anvthing al! day.Perfect! Gabrlclla,14 Thcfirst davof theholidays (7) 111Ymum "shirthdayso1 (R)tothe supermarket and(9)alot 01' food,then I ( 10)a bigchocolate birthday cakefor herWe ( 11)thewhole cakein onedav de 1JCIOUS! 15 6 I Grammar Past simple 1Order the words tomake sentences. Make contractions where necessary. go/not/did/we / August /until/holiday /on did / the/what /you/on /plane /do/? 2happy /was /your /brother /little /? 3did / the / not /dog / come / us / with 4did/how /sister / to/ your /France / travel /? 5you/did/stay /hotel/in /a /nice /? 2Write past simple questions andshort answers. RafaelNadal/win/ Wimbledon /in 2008 /? Pedro Almdovar /make / the filmVolver / ? 2The2008 Olympics /be /in Athens /? 3Picasso /beborn /in Paris/? 4Barcelona /be / thewinners of theUEFA Champions League /in 2009? Object and subject questions 3Readthe sentences andcomplete the questions. Someone helped Chloe withher school work. Whowithher school work? Ellenemailed someone yesterday. Whoyesterday? 2Someone took mynewbike. Who_____ bike? 3Mark metsomeone lastyear. Wholastyear? 4Something happened this afternoon. Whatthis afternoon? 5Myparents bought something on Tuesday. Whaton Tuesday? 4Your cousin hada birthday party.Read the email. Thencomplete the questions. Hi! Howareyou? I hada great birthday party last week.I invited fifteen friendsand in the end,twelve peoplecame to the party includingMaria andEva.Mariabought mea lovely present - it was a picture. Mumhelped mewith the tood and we ate lots of pizzasin the kitchen.My friendAlexbrought a guitar andhe playedLaBamba for usall - it wasreallyfunny. Seeyounext week! Esther tothe party? Fitteen. totheparty?Twelve. 2a lovely present?Maria. 3for you?A picture. 4with thetood?Mum. 5in thekitchen?Pizzas. 6a guitar?Alex. 7 ___________________ .. .tor youall?La Bamba. Starter unit7 2 unit1Generations Vocabulary Nouns: generations 1Complete thepuzzle. Then find themystery word. 81011 1An mp3player or a GPSphone. 2Whenwarends. 3Michael Jackson,Marilyn Monroe orRonaldhino. 4Something that everybody wants todoor tohave. SWhena baby is born. 6Whentwo countries fight witharmies. 7The opposite of lite. 8Theindustry of Versaceandgatha Ruz dela Prada. 9A bigincrease in, forexarnple,births. 10Something that has beenmade forthefirsttime. 11Howa person's hair is cut. Match words 1-6 with sentences a-f. crazeaElvis Presleywasverypopular in the1950s. 2gadget bThenews fromIraqis veryserious. 3icon eAII my friends are usingTwitter at 4war themoment. Sboom dThereis a new car that uses 6invention hydrogen,notpetrol. eThismobile phone has gotGPS Thereis a hugeincrease in births. 3Complete the text with thewords in thebox. crazefashiongadgethairstylesicons inventionlook A new Kate Moss ? Kare Moss has got onc of thc lTIOSttamous taces in rhe world, But now a ncw the HRPC-L!C tashion robot, has becn developed inJapan. Irs crcators think thar thc HRPC-4C could replacc human models. ( 1)experts disagree. Thcy savthat (2)like KateMoss will a l ~ v a v s have a jobo Inthe 1990s, she started thc (3)for thin modcls, with short (-4)and a simple ()). Could a (6)...._ rcallvrcplace Kate Moss? 4Answer the questions. Write complete sentences. Whatis thebestinvention ever, in your opinion? Whatis thelatest craze among your friends? 2Whatis your favourite gadget? Why? 3Whodoyouthink is an icon? 4Whatfashions are silly, in youropinion? 8 Grammar used to 1Choose the correct words. Mydad used to /didn't use tohave a mobile when he wasyoung. My family used to/ didn't use tolive in thecity but now welive ona farrn, 2Thereused to / didn't use tobe a supermarket in our areabut they built onelastyear. 3Mymumused to/ didn't use to work but she works in a hospital now. 4We used to/ didn't use tobe vegetarians but weeat meat now. 5Thereused to/ didn't use tobepeace butnow there is a war. 6Iused to/ didn't use towalk everywhere butnow I goonmybike. 2Complete the sentences. Use used toor didn't use toandthe verbs in the box. driveemaillistenreadridewrite usewatch Inthe1930s.people. telev.sronThey(1)to the radio Most people (2)cars People(3)oicyclcs or walk Inthe1930s.people (4)Ietters but they (5)their tnends They(6)newspapers but they (7)computers Past perfect andpast simple 3Write sentences using the past simple and the past perfect form of the verbs. Real Madrid /get/ their frstgoalafter they /play/ for twenty minutes. thebaby boom /end/before / myparents /meet 2she /notget/Maria's present /whenI / see /her 3I /notread / thebook before we/watch / theOVO 4when1/ see /Steven,he /buy/another gadget 5he /be / good at footballbecause he /learn/ toplay whenhe wasfour 6thewar/ start /before Liam/ join/ thearmy 4Complete the sentences with your own ideas using the past perfect toexplain each situation. I got tothebusstop at 9.03but We invited Jack fordinner but 2Mark's wallet wasempty because 3Louis laughed because 4Mary failedthehistory test because 5I tried tobuya reallycoolbikeon eBaybut 1 Generations z9 Vocabulary Uses of get 1Complete thesentences wi