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<ul><li><p>Retailer H&amp;M teams up with some creative types to help raise AIDS awareness. Nice campaign including a UGC component. </p><p>Whilst style blogs are the new biggest thing online. Style Like U does it a little different - a site aimed at sharing a deep look into the closets of the super stylish people in New York , Los Angeles , Paris and London.</p><p>The best garage sale ever. This dude had a lot of shit. </p><p>Schweppes producing some lovely classic style print ads with a twist of the topical subjects of today.</p><p>Top 20 Worst Australian Band Photos Ever. The captions are hilarious.</p><p>99 Things You Should Have Already Experienced On The Internet Unless Youre A Loser Or Old Or Something. One of the best compiles ever!</p></li><li><p>Obama could be the coolest dude on the planet. See what happens when the White House wants burgers for lunch and the Prez does the run himself!</p><p>50 absolutely stunning flash designed websites.</p><p>An interesting presentation on what Grand Theft Auto 4 can teach us about connecting with consumers.</p><p>The beautiful Kate Miller-Heidke performs her song Are You Fucking Kidding Me, inspired by a FacebookFriend Request from an ex.</p><p>McCann New York work with Verizon to offer .99c cab rides around Manhattan. </p><p>The evolution of video game genres in a video. See how far weve come.</p></li><li><p>The animated iPhone App wall shows just how massive this business is for Apple. Incredible.</p><p>Nike Italy shows us how fashion websites should be executed. Their Nike Sportswear Stories range website is all sorts of awesome.</p><p>Men.Style.Com host 10 Style essentials from various cool and stylish people. This time around its Mr. Kanye West. You can see all of them on the right.</p><p>DJ Danger Mouse teams up with director David Lynch and a whole load of awesome artists to create the Dark Night Of The Soul album. EMI block its release but you can still download the album here ;)</p><p>Jimmy the chimpanzee is testing the infinite monkey theorem on Twitter. The theorem in question states that a monkey typing randomly and infinitely will eventually type the works of William Shakespeare, but Jimmy is just aiming to type names.</p></li><li><p>The Takashi Murakami x Pharrell Williams x Jacob &amp; Co sculpture was recently unveiled at the Art Basil Fair in Switzerland. Here is P explaining the thought process behind it.</p><p>Evolution of dance party. Wait for the 3rd to join. A fantastic demonstration of the herd mentality in full effect. </p><p>W+K London creative team Ida Gronblom &amp; FabianBerglund create this amazing film clip for the group We Have Band. No computer trickery involved. See the making here. Such patience!!</p><p>Great insight into the mind and creativity of James Jarvic, creator of the animated short Onwards.</p><p>Poor goths get no respect. Hilarious blog GothsInHotWeather.com</p><p>Trippy experiments with water and bubbles in zero gravity. I understand zero, I still awe at all.</p></li><li><p>Beautiful illustrations on common everyday Phobias by Julia Icenogle.</p><p>Table Soccer x Barbie. Good looking and fun!</p><p>A splendid and very Japanese short film for Louis Vuitton by artist Takashi Murakami called Superflat.</p><p>An incredible story about a collection of photos by a man who took a polaroid every day of his life until he died. Beautiful and deeply moving. Learn how they discovered the story behind the life and death of Jamie Livingston.</p><p>An interesting read on Advertising Nihilism, why Advertising Will Eat Itself</p></li><li><p>Pic: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7918610@N07/3040855744/</p></li></ul>