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1. Teaser trailer for Disney Pixars Toy Story 3. Still got their sense of humour :) Bonnie Tyler gets a YouTube working over with a literal interpretation of her hit Total Eclipse Of The Heart. A set of creepy pictures from an abandoned Japanese amusement park. Worried about shaving your groin? Heres a handy video courtesy of Gillette. Fantastic program called Kickstart aims at helping artists, designers, filmmakers, journos, musos, explorers, adventurers get funding for various projects. Web designer Dustin Curtis thought the American Airlines website sucked balls. Here are his suggestions on how they could make it better. And theyre good. Damien Walters takes parkour to the NEXT LEVEL! Dude is crazy!!! 2. Bruno gives Eminem a face full of ass at the MTV Movie Awards. David Lynchs Interview Project is a 20,000 mile road trip across 70 days across and back the United States interviewing 100 random people. Footlocker shows what happens if you mess with the sneaker head code of conduct. An absolutely fantastic talk from TED that illustrates that success is derived from self discipline and marshmallows. If you started a movie when you were born and stretched it over your lifespan, what scene would you be up to? This website can tell you The best zombie game ever just got so much better thanks to one petrol-powered inclusion. Cant wait for Left 4 Dead 2 . 3. Microsoft's Project Natal completely annihilates everything and everyone at E3. Unbelievable!! A live demonstration of Project Natal on stage at E3. Game changer. Beautiful visualisations drawn by music. A view of the Twitterverse under construction. Learn which program can help you do what. Is Prezi the PowerPoint, Keynote killer? Looks pretty snazzy. Ad agency Boone Oakley launch industrys first YouTube based website and its pretty cool. Theres a heap of flash based music making tools floating around on the web. This one is one of the best Ive ever seen. Kill a few hours tinkering with your tunes! 4. Dr Dre has been taking his sweet ass time to release his much hyped Detox album. Now, with the help of Dr Pepper, he explains why sometimes, slow is better. Whatever. Thats lame. At least we get to hear a small sample of a new track. Cmon Doc!!Panasonic launch their Next Generation Of Talent initiative with a nice execution of an old fav young kids being ad wankers. Always works a charm.Movies told in 3 Frames of a cartoon. Clever. Back To The Future is my fav.Probably the most awesome stunt driving you will ever see. Excellent collabo between Subaru and DC Shoes. Aboslutely phenominal.The man that inspired Michael Jordans greatness, Leroy Smith the worlds most influential influencer ever now has his own line of motivational products. Check the website for basketball drills and endless motivization!! Nice work via W+K NY 5. So powerfully awesome that no other item can share the page with it. There will be nothing more rad than that this week.That is all. 6. age.conte Pic:http://www.flickr.com/photos/30607051@N00/109567463/@mccann.com.au