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  • By Bethany Ross

    Visual Communications

    B Period 6/11/14

    Pictures of: Kali Flibbert

    Location: Darbys Bakery

    76 Central St, West Boylston, MA 01583

    (508) 835-6789

  • As people enter the shop, Kali gives them a warm smile and welcomes them in. I captured this

    picture of Kali right before she nicely asked the customer what they would like to order. As

    she listened, the smile stayed right up to the moment they left, satisfied with the order.

  • Here Kali is

    handing the

    customer his

    change as he

    picks up an

    order. Kali was

    very calm with

    him even though

    he changed his

    mind seven

    times and again

    right before she

    ran it through

    the cash


  • Kali also tends to the flowers in the store front so that the nice scents and

    colors will appeal to costumers and draw them in. Here she is watering the

    plants at her level before climbing some steps to water the hanging plants

    even though it scares her to stand two feet off the ground with a glass pot.

  • Kali makes sure all tables inside

    and outside the bakery are

    clean and presentable. This also

    means wiping down the chairs

    and making sure the table is

    sanitized and germ free.

  • While she worked Kali also informed

    me of all the other after shop hours

    chores she does like wiping down the

    front window that shines in the back of

    this picture and wiping down the store

    counter and machines inside.

  • Here Lindsay

    Connor makes

    cake and pastry

    boxes for the

    next day so that

    when a customer

    arrives they can

    pack the pastry


  • Here Makenzie Holm takes a

    customers order by phone

    while writing the order down

    on paper. She was calm and

    listened carefully and made

    sure she had the order correct.

    These phone skills took her

    three weeks to learn at the

    start of her job at Darbys but

    now she has that skill for life.

  • Here Lindsay

    checks to make

    sure all the drinks

    types are in good

    supply and if not

    she writes it on a

    slip to order. She

    also checks that the

    bottles are sealed