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<ul><li> 1. Bay Area2nd Annual Womens Conference:Celebrating Global WomenEntrepreneursDecember 8, 2011Twitter: #TEDxBAW</li></ul><p> 2. Inside Front Cover page 3. December 8, 2011If you can imagine it, you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it.- William Arthur WardIn the face of todays global economic, environmental, political and social challenges, the power of women asa force for positive change is becoming increasingly apparent.Women actively pushed for political and economic change during the Arab Spring. In many third world nations,they are effecting social change in their communities by creating entrepreneurial businesses. Hillary Clinton,in her address to the APEC Women &amp; Economy Summit in September 2011, clearly articulated the need forwomen to be included in all levels of activity of a country if success is to be guaranteed.To celebrate the power of women, todays talks provide different perspectives on the challenges andopportunities faced by women in various parts of the world. We hope you will do more than just listen to whatthey say. We see you as members of a community of like-minded individuals who will stay engaged with eachother, creating the core of a community that drives positive change.Unlike the ads for Las Vegas-we dont want what happens here to stay here. Instead, we ask you to helpspread the seeds of support to the many men and women around the world who share our vision of a fullyinclusive society. If you havent already done so, we encourage you to sign up for the LinkedIn group createdin conjunction with this program at http://linkd.in/TEDxBAW.May your presence today inspire us all to connect and engage in innovation for social change!TEDxBayAreaWomen OrganizingTeamLocationCisco Executive Briefing Center260 E. Tasman DriveSan Jose, CA 95134 4. Agenda8:009:00 am Registration &amp; Breakfast 2:003:30 pmSession 3Can Silicon Valley be a Meritocracy When9:0010:30 amSession 1it Leaves Out Half of Our Population? How Marie Antoinette, Rosalind Franklin, Vivek Wadhwa and Anne Wojcicki Helped SaveTwitter: @wadhwa My Grandmothers LifeRendering the Unspoken Ashley Dombkowski 23andMeLiza Donnelly The New Yorker Magazine Acknowledgment The KillerTwitter: @lizadonnelly Business StrategyMore Kimberly Dillon House of MikkoKara Swisher The Wall Street Journals Twitter: @prettylittleceoD: All Things Digital Dancing to the Beat of the Twitter: @karaswisher Opportunity DrumSmall Revolutions in Becoming Polina Raygorodskaya an Entrepreneur Polina Fashion LLCAna Gabriela Pessoa EZLearn Educacional Twitter: @greenxcountryTwitter: @agpessoa Now, Women Have the Power to ChangePortraits of 3 Women the Economy How Swimming withDrue Kataoka Dolphins will Make the DifferenceTwitter: @DrueKataoka Kay Koplovitz Koplovitz &amp; Co. LLC3:304:00 pmBreak10:3011:00 am Break4:005:00 pmSession 411:0012:30 pm Session 2Why Venture Capitalists Still Matter and The Magical Effect of the Internet on AfricaWhy We Need Women Anat Bar-Gera 4G AfricaAnn Winblad Hummer Winblad Twitter: @24GAfricaVenture Partners Occupy Male Street Twitter: @humwin Salim IsmailThe Simple Act of Marveling Twitter: @salimismailBlair Christie Cisco Building The Womens P2P Network in HatiTwitter: @BlairChristie Tayana Etienne SOLUTIONS S.A.Fostering Young Entrepreneurs Learning Language Through Motion Daniel Brusilovsky Teens inTech Labs Elsa Kim Words With BearsTwitter: @danielbru Twitter: @elsagold5:006:00 pmReception Social Entrepreneurship: The Power House for Women*Agenda subject to change. Lindy Wafula Project Africa12:302:00 pmLunch 4 2nd Annual Womens Conference: Celebrating Global Women Entrepreneurs 5. Speakers December 8, 2011Ana Gabriela PessoaAna Gabriela Pessoa is the CEO and founder of Ezlearn Educacional, an education technology company basedin Rio de Janeiro. She is passionate about education reform and is keen on studying how technology can beused as a means to enhance learning, especially through adaptive learning platforms and social networking.Ezlearn uses a social network approach to education and leverages Web 2.0 to offer high-quality educationalcontent at a low price. The company seeks to disrupt the status quo.Shortly after completing her Masters in International Education Policy at Harvard as a Lemann Fellow, Pessoareturned to Brazil, where she prepared to launch Ezlearn and its first product, meuIngls (My English).meuIngls is a personalized online learning system which helps Brazilians learn English using video lessons,social networks, and other learning technologies. Since launching in February 2009, its online community hasgrown to over 40,000 people. The community helps build trust, support, motivation, and connections betweenusers. In the future, Ezlearn plans to expand the range of products offered using the same learning platform.Prior to her studies at Harvard, Pessoa worked at Senac Rio, the largest professional education network in Brazil,and at Universidade Estcio de S, the largest for-profit university in Brazil.In addition to her Masters from Harvard, Ana Gabriela has an MBA in Project Management from the FundaoGetlio Vargas in Rio de Janeiro and a BA in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics from the University ofPennsylvania.Follow Ana Gabriela @agpessoaAnat Bar-GeraAnat is a cofounder of several telecommunications companies with numerous successful exits.At present, Anat is a co-founder and Chairperson of 4G Africa, www.4gafrica.com. The company, committed toclosing the digital divide, provides affordable, reliable and state-of-the-art broadband wireless Internet accessservices to the people and businesses in sub-Saharan Africa.In May 2011 the Company won the prestigious Red Herrings Top 100 Award for the most promising innovativetechnology companies of Europe. Recently, 4G Africa signed a cooperation agreement with Microsoft-the firstpartner of Microsoft Windows Live in frontier markets in sub-Saharan.Prior to this, Anat was part of the founding team of the only cross border, wireless broadband operator inemerging markets in Europe. The company deployed hundreds of base stations in Austria, Slovakia and Croatia,winning the Best of WiMAX World Awards in 2006 and 2007. The company was acquired by Nextwave.Anat was also a co-founder and CEO of surfEU, a pan European ISP. The company a formed joint venture withthe Media Markt group (largest electronic retailer in Europe). surfEU gained 1.5 million subscribers in less than 2years, and was acquired by Tisacli in 2001.Anat is a member of the Entrepreneurship Advisory Council of INSEAD, the UNICEF Swiss national committee,and the Board of the Swiss Technion Society. Together with her husband, Dov, she was chosen as one of theleading entrepreneurs of INSEAD. Anat holds an MBA from INSEAD, Fontainebleau, and an LL.B. from the LawSchool of the Hebrew University, Jerusalem. She is married, has 3 children, and lives in Zurich.Follow Anat at @24GAfricaAnn WinbladAnn Winblad is the co-founder and a Managing Director of Hummer Winblad Venture Partners. Hummer WinbladVenture Partners (www.humwin.com) is a leading venture capital firm focused exclusively on software investing andmanages over $1 billion in cumulative capital. Since Hummer Winblad Venture Partners inception in 1989 the firmhas launched over 100 new software companies.Ann has over 30 years of experience in the software industry as a successful software entrepreneur, strategyadvisor, technical author and venture capitalist. Her background and experience have been chronicled in manynational business and trade publications. Ann has a BA in Mathematics and in Business Administration. Shehas an MA in Education with a focus in International Economics from the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul,Minnesota. Ann also has an honorary Doctorate of Law degree from the University of St. Thomas.Ann has served as a Director of numerous start-up and public companies. Ann currently serves on the Boardsof Ace Metrix, Karmasphere, MuleSoft, Sonatype, Star Analytics and Voltage Security. She is also a member ofthe Board of Trustees of the University of St. Thomas, co-chair of SVForum and serves as an advisor to manyentrepreneurial organizations.Follow Ann at @humwinTwitter: #TEDxBAWPresenters are subject to change 5 6. SpeakersAshley DombkowskiAshley Dombkowski, PhD. is Chief Business Officer at 23andMe. Dr. Dombkowski has global responsibility for23andMes finance, operations, and translational collaboration initiatives. She was previously a member of theBoard of Directors at 23andMe and was a Managing Director at MPM Capital. During her years as a healthcareventure capitalist she focused on developing innovative, entrepreneurial biotechnology and medical devicecompanies, including companies such as Alnara, BioVitrum, Epizyme, Hemosense, iPierian, Neosil, Nevro, Rigel,and Tercica. Prior to this, she was a Healthcare Equity Analyst for Tiger Management and for Dresdner RCMGlobal Investors. Dr. Dombkowski holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics from Rice University for work in partial differentialequations and geometric measure theory. She received her B.A. in mathematics from Wellesley College whereshe was inducted into the Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society and was awarded The Lewis Atterbury StimsonPrize in Mathematics. She has been widely quoted in both trade and national print publications ranging fromNature to The Wall Street Journal and has appeared on CNBC, at TedMed and as a co-host of the World HealthForum. A member of the Wellesley College Business Leadership Council, she was recognized as one of the 100Most Influential Women in Business by the San Jose/Silicon Valley Business Journal in 2010.Blair ChristieBlair Christie is Ciscos Chief Marketing Officer, with responsibility for the companys Global Marketing, CorporateCommunications, and Government Affairs groups. Under Ms. Christies leadership, the organization is responsiblefor positioning Ciscos growth strategy and cultivating opportunities in new and existing markets through marketand customer insight, corporate positioning, branding, advertising and product solutions, and partner marketing.Christies current position includes responsibility for Ciscos global investor relations, media relations, industryanalyst relations, and employee and executive communications. She also manages Ciscos global studios andWeb 2.0/collaboration technology strategy teams, which round out an organization designed to innovate themessage and the medium in communications. Previously at Cisco, Christie led the global investor relations team,where she and the organization received numerous industry awards. Prior to joining Cisco, Christie held severalroles in investor relations, government/public affairs and corporate giving efforts at InterDigital CommunicationsCorporation, Aqua America, and PECO Energy.At Cisco, Christie sits on the Enterprise Business Council and Ciscos Womens Advisory Group. She is a boardmember of the San Jose Tech Museum, sits on the Presidents Leadership Council at Drexel University, and isa member of the Arthur Page Society and the M50. In 2009, Christie was named by Working Mother magazineas a Working Mother of the Year. Christie holds a BS in Marketing and Business Administration and an MBA,concentrating in Investment Management, from Drexel University. She resides in Monte Sereno, CA with herhusband and three children.Follow Blair at @BlairChristieDaniel BrusilovskyDaniel Brusilovsky is the founder &amp; CEO of Teens in Tech Labs, a company dedicated to providing tools andresources to young entrepreneurs. Daniel also works with creative agency JESS3, focusing on marketing,business and corporate development in Silicon Valley.Prior to Teens in Tech Labs and JESS3, Daniel founded Apple Universe Media Group and Case Finder Network(acquired by On Top Results). Daniel was on the founding team of Qik (acquired by Skype) and has worked atApture (acquired by Google), atebits (acquired by Twitter), TechCrunch (acquired by Aol), and Etude (acquired bySteinway &amp; Sons).Daniel is also a sophomore at College of San Mateo studying Broadcast and Digital Media.Follow Dan at @danielbru6 Presenters are subject to change2nd Annual Womens Conference: Celebrating Global Women Entrepreneurs 7. Speakers December 8, 2011Drue KataokaDrue (www.drue.net), a graduate of Stanford University, is a contemporary artist, born in Tokyo and trained inSumi-e. Her artworks have integrated Asian brush painting techniques with shattered mirrors, time dilation,gunshots, hospital beds, alpine snow, water and storm and heartbeat recordings. She received the Martin LutherKing, Jr. Research &amp; Education Institute Award for her extensive community service. Drues commissionedart includes: a painting for the first Zero Gravity art exhibition in space on the International Space Station;album cover art and jazz portraits for grammy award winner Wynton Marsalis; and multiple collaborations withwinemakers including original labels for Jim Clendenen. Her clients range from Fortune 500 CEOs to privateindividuals and families.Drue has been named a Cultural Leader by the World Economic Forum. She has presented solo sessions at theAnnual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos and the Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian,China, as well as given talks at TEDx Tokyo &amp; TEDx Silicon Valley. Her work has been featured on CNN, CBS,ABC, Stanford Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, San Jose Mercury News, Chronicle of Higher Education, andmany others. She established the Drue Kataoka art scholarship for youth in 2001.Follow Drue at @DrueKataokaElsa KimElsa Kim is speaking on behalf of Words With Bears- the winning team at the 2011 Women2.0 Bay AreaStartup Weekend.Elsa is a co-founder of Words With Bears, a language learning software platform that uses the groundbreakingKinect to teach language through action. The vision of the company is to innovate at the intersection ofeducation, learning games, and Kinect technology.Elsa graduated from Harvard with a degree in Social Studies where she wrote her honors thesis on BuckminsterFuller, Stewart Brand, and the intersection of technology and the 1960s counterculture. She currently worksas a Project and Data Product Manager at Fwix, an internet startup in San Francisco that provides geotaggingsolutions and aggregates local data. She has performed research on human expression online with Web EcologyProject, worked at Digitas, and written for various publications.Her co-creators are Judy Tuan, Jennifer Arguello, James Elkins, and Lukas Blakk. Judy brought the foundingconcept to Startup Weekend, and is an active member of the Bay Area gaming community and the OpenKinectcommunity. Jennifer worked on the Kinect speech recognition team at Microsoft and currently works as aProduct Manager at Mozilla. Lukas also works at Mozilla as a Release Engineer. James is a QA Engineer forPalantir Technologies and graduated from Cornell University with a degree in Information Science. Judy, Jennifer,and...</p>