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<ul><li> 1. Ted TurnerThe Mouth of the Southby Dan Snedeker </li></ul> <p> 2. Do you watc h reruns ofSeinfeld or Friends on TB S? Tie s on TN ch e d movv er wat Hav e you e ? or TMC Did youNetwor used t k asowa ki atchd?Cartoon ?ng the electionh CNN duri D id you watc 3. You wouldnt be able to do any of this if it werent for this man:Ted Turner 4. Early Entrepreneurship Turner began working as a General Manager for his fathers Advertising business in 1960 After his father committed suicide four years latter Turner took over the company which was in risk of bankruptcy Turned the company around by increasing their clientele 5. Birth of the Superstation Turner bought the TV station WJRJ in Atlanta Changed the name to WTBS for the Turner Broadcasting System Began broadcasting the channel through satellites to reach TVs all across America Became known as the superstation because the station reached a audience outside of its normal viewing area 6. CNN Turner created the first 24 hour news channel By using small portable satellite dishes CNN was able to broadcast events live from around the world CNN covered the events of Tiananmen Square live, which led to Embassies around the world installing live feeds 7. Success Turner bought rights to movies so that he could show them as many times as he wanted. Was also the owner of the Atlanta Braves baseball team, broadcasted their games nationwide In the mid 80s TBS was bringing in $70 million a year 8. Philanthropy Turner founded the Goodwill Games in 1986 in order to decrease tensions between the US and Soviet Union He also gave the largest monetary philanthropic gift in recorded history, $1 billion to the United Nations over a period of 10 years 9. Present Day Turner is the largest landowner in the continental US: 2 million acres He is a co-owner of Teds Montana Grill which specializes in bison meat He merged with the Time Warner Group in 1995 The Company then merged with AOL to create AOL Time Warner Turner resigned in 2003 from his vice-presidentship 10. Work Cited Ted Turner. Business Biographies. Kirk H. Beetz. Answers.com. 22 Sep. 2009http://www.answers.com/topic/ted-turner Ted Turner. Encyclopedia of World Biography. Thomson Gale. 2004. Encyclopedia.com. 22 Sep. 2009http://www.encyclopedia.com Sports of the Times; How Ted Turner Saved the World. The New York Times. July 22, 1990. George Vecsey. Nytimes.com. Sep 22, 2009. www.tedturner.com Google images </p>