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Introduction to Yahoo! APIs, tools, YDN and YQL


  • 1. Yahoo! open stackand YQL Saurabh Sahni (@saurabhsahni)Open Hack Mixer, Bangalore, July 2011

2. To build a web hackyou need threethings: 3. 1. Data2. Access3. Interface 4. Yahoo! has openedup its data 5. 6. Also others 7. ProgrammableWeb.Com 3517 APIs 8. The trouble with data: You need to find data API Get Access Signup for key Find data endpoint Read docs to learn what parameters youhave Get data in obscure format Use data after converting and filtering More APIs you use, more is yourannoyance 9. To make dataaccessible, Yahoo!created YQL 10. YQL: 11. YQL turns webservices and dataon the web intodatabases. 12. select {what} from {where}where {conditions} 13. You can select, filter,sort and limit dataand you can eveninsert, update anddelete from it. 14. Lets see it 15. YQL has more to it 16. Theres also YahooPipes to do this visually 17. 18. Data however is notenough. 19. You also needworking interfaces 20. Technologies areeasy: HTML, CSS,Javascript 21. Making it work onall browsers and OSis tricky 22. So, we have YUI! 23. 24. What about reach? 25. You can build andwait for people tocome 26. Or build wherepeople are alreadythere 27. YAP 28. Some greatresources 29. 30. 31. 32. 33. Thank you! Saurabh Sahni h"p:// h"p://twi" h"p:// h"p://