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Women using social media for social good, based on


  • 1.WorldShaperswomen using the webto shape, influence &change their worlds

2. Who are WorldShapers? Women are helping to shape the world in many unique and creative ways. And WorldShapers aren't just keeping it local, they are embracing the power of technology and social media to make a bigger difference, and shape their world. Dream big, and start taking those small steps that will get you there. Worldshapers are women just like you and me. 3. Women have a unique lens with which to view childrens socio-emotional health, understanding how pop culture is defining kids before they even have a chance to define themselveswomen expanded the conversation via Twitter, text, mobile/social using inclusiveness to roll forward with unstoppable momentum, much like the viral video The Girl Effect. Amy Jussel Founder/Executive Director of Shaping Youth USA 4. Online communities aren't just about finding people from high school. The new wave of online communities are focused on social issues, cause areas, and making social change. Amy Sample Ward Director of community and content at Netsquared and nonprofit consultant @amyrsward UK & US 5. I've had many moments when my thinking about the nature of learning - true learning - has been transformed, changed and transformed again. The members of this community give generously of their expertise - its a genuine gift-giving community, where people share their stories, their knowledge, and their time Dr Angela A Thomas Author Youth Online,Sydney University anyaixchel Australia 6. The use of a website, film, blogs, art exhibitions and engagement of people who are highly talented in these fields was the main reason for the success of the efforts - together they were able to use current communication platforms to engage women throughout Australia. Of course, it's always the generosity of people that makes amazing things happen! Anita Pahor, Australia 7. Across the world young people are making important contributions as world citizens, productive workers, entrepreneurs, consumers and agents of changeAnnie Le CavalierDirector Vibewire Youth Inc. @vibewire Australia 8. We use digital story telling in a new way. A way where the unsung heroes in the worlds poorest countries can showcase their innovative solutions to solve extreme poverty to a global audience via video and web tools. These heroes, individuals, have changed million of lives and protected hundreds of thousands areas of natural habitat. Sawa Heroes hold valuable lessons for all of humanityDaphne NederhorstFounder and Executive Director of SAWA Canada 9. With new applications and developments every day, the social web offers unlimited potential and power to change our world for the better. Debra Askanase, CEO, Community Organizer 2.0. Social Media for Non Profits @askdebra Jerusalem 10. We are discovering how visual language can work on the web with new visualization technologiesEileen CleggFounder of Visual Insight @eileenclegg USA 11. What started with some online buzz in various social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, YouTube, and on our blog, extended offline to fundraising events. The result? People everywhere, raised money and awareness for a micro lending organization in Kenya to the tune of $15,000 while nearly tripling the traffic to its websiteJyl Johnson Pattee Co-Founder of Mom It Forward @jylMom 12. Moms can make a huge difference because they care so deeply about children and families; almost all our volunteers are women and moms. Our foundation was started by a mom who went back to her daughters orphanage and found a child dying of heart disease. From that first visit 6 years ago, we are now helping over 1,500 children a year, many of these now adopted into familiesKaren Maunu, Associate Executive Director,Love Without Boundaries Foundation @karenmaunu_lwb USA 13. The international support for this movement has been overwhelming and has been accelerated by media coverage and through the internet. The involvement of women in trekking, a profession traditionally dominated by men, is helping to push the boundary of gender equality and inclusionLucky Chhetri, Founder,Empowering Women of Nepal - EWN Nepal 14. Thanks to technology, winning hearts and minds is now easier as it has powered sharing and collaboration on a mass scale. So as long as we are passionate about our world in our own hearts, we all have the tools to make a difference. Marigo Raftopolous - Management Consultant,Serious Games evangelist @marigo Australia 15. Together we understand more. We stand strong. We hold each other up when all else feels hopeless or we fear we will never be heard. Women have been at the forefront of community. They have been the waves of change, flowing over the rocks of challenge and organizational inertia. Nancy White Founder, Full Circle Associates @NancyWhite USA 16. Games was what pulled my sister and I into the tech world. There was something escapist, compelling, creative about games. We decided to design our own- spending hours and hours learning Basic, learning fundamental designPhaedra BoinidirisCEO and Co-Founder of USA 17. It's time to restore the planet's bounty and .create well-being for everyone knowing that we are all connected, dependent upon and truly invested in each other Sandy Skees, President and Founderwww.communication @sandyskees USA 18. Loan capital has been raised primarily online from nearly 1000 donors, most notably TweetsGiving, which raised over $11,000 in 48 hours from the Twitter community. The funds raised from TweetsGiving have now built a classroom in Tanzania where the Twitter handles of donors are painted on the walls.Stacey Monk CEO and Co-Founder Epic Change @stace 19. You can make a difference too Follow the links in this ebook to check out the projects that speak to you, where you feel a sense of connection, to learn more. Connect up with other worldshapers on Twitter. Tweet or blog about the things that inspired you in this ebook #worldshapers. How have these stories changed the way you think, feel, act? Start doodling and sharing your ideas for your own world shaping project.This ebook has been created using a Creative Commons Attribution- Noncommercial 3.0 Unported License. You may redistribute or use content for non commercial purposes by crediting the original content. Please credit and link to this ebook if you republish any of the content.In the interest of the environment, if you need to print this ebook please consider only printing the page you need.WorldShapers is a Wonderwebby project originally created for Opportunity International Australia 20.


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