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Strategic plan for the Open Humanitarian Initiative in 2013.


  • 1.Open Humanitarian Initiative Bringing humanitarian responseto the information age

2. The Problem 3. Progress So Far 4. Next Steps 5. The Main Pieces of the Puzzle 6. Open Humanitarian Initiative Five year initiative focused on makinghumanitarian response more data driven Broad and ambitious public-privatepartnership effort Participant driven effort, split into multipletask forces Funded through Open Humanitarian Fund Governed by Open Humanitarian Alliance 7. OHI Building Blocks 8. OHI Task Forces 9. Open Humanitarian Alliance Alliance of organizations from: Humanitarian organizations UN Agencies & International Organizations NGOs Governments Donors Multi-lateral Bi-lateral Foundations Private Sector Academia Objective of the alliance is to help drive forward data driven humanitarianresponse Main role is to act as the governance mechanism for the OpenHumanitarian Initiative NetHope acts as the secretariat for alliance 10. Open Humanitarian Fund Multi-partner trust fund, focused onimproving data driven humanitarian response A funding committee made up from donorsand Open Humanitarian Alliance membersdetermines funding priorities for OpenHumanitarian Initiative projects Estimated funding requirement over the fiveyear period is $15M-$20M 11. Timeline 12 months Open Humanitarian Incubator (Feb 2013-Dec 2013) 12. Appendix 1TASK FORCE DEFINITIONS 13. OHI Project Committee 14. Knowledge Platform TaskForce 15. Interoperability Task Force 16. Innovation Team Task Force 17. IM Training Task Force 18. Big Data/Mobile Data Task Force 19. Community Response Task Force 20. Decision Making Task Force


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