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  • 1. This is future TV. NoTube Context: NoTube Solutions: NoTube explores televisions future in the ubiquitous Web Web-service-based metadata exchange with three use cases: vocabulary alignment Personalized Semantic News semantic annotations Personalized TV Guide with Adaptive Advertising unified access to dynamic and distributed multimedia content Internet TV in the Social Web User modelling in distributed and context-aware settings sharing user data between applications, user terminals and usage Distributed Interactive Multidevice Environment: contexts modelling context with task-, domain and device viewpoints e experie matchmaking contexts and media resources u m nc s e n Personalized presentation generation co for diverse multimedia content sh ipulate from a dista ma n nc e for combined information on user, data and context are e brows VIRTUAL SPACE for recommendations and feedback PHYSICAL SPACE Linked content and metadata: ident Broadcast programs and Web services ident User-generated content Who benets from NoTube: ificat TV-related Web content n atio Social networks ion rm & ch viewers: gain control over TV-entertainment; classical mass-media i fo nte ify in r ac tio n r broadcasting changes by users Social Web engagement ea MOBILE SPACE providers: information integration in a TV-Internet environment for s n av personalized content delivery ze ig i ate advertisers: a contextualized and personalized TV-based custom narrowcasting NoTube Goals: to demonstrate web-services for context-dependent and personalized selection of TV content to shift the digital entertainment from a single-TV viewer activity to a community-based experience to realize distributed personalization in interactive and multi-device environments, enabling anywhere and anytime TV entertainment NoTube is an EU FP7 Call 3 Integrated Project (2009 2012) STI I N T E R N A T ION A L ! NoTube_Poster_A1.indd 1 01.06.2009 14:01:07 Uhr