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  • 1. Next GenerationData CentersAnil VasudevaPrincipal Analyst & Presidentanil@imexresearch.com408-268-0800 IMEX RESEARCH.COM2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX

2. Markets Drivers/Industry DynamicsBlades An evolution from PC Servers to SupercomputersMajor Applications Access, HPC, NIC, TP4 Tiered Computing & Telecom Markets by EnvironmentIncumbents vs. Startups Market Segments Mkt.Fcst./Shares/ChannelsMarket Forecast, Migrations, Supply Chain, Channels, Price Erosion Industry Issues/Technology HurdlesStds./Midplane, Server Mgmt/DMTF, Fabric ChoicesThermals, IP Acceleration Futures Opportunities for StartupsComplexity Reduction, Data Center Mgmt ,From Next Gen PCs to Clustered SupercomputersInterested Venture Capital2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX 3. Chaos in the Enterprise . . . File transfers AIX to Database extracts MVSFTP between Sun -HP/UX via Platinum to SP2 via MQ Series 4.4 NT 9.9 NetworkIBM3090-600J IBM RS6000 TM TM AIX 4.1, 4.2, 4.3HPMVS/ESASun DB2/6000 UX 10, 11.0, 11.2 MPE Server/OSIMS / ADABAS Solaris 3.2, 3.4, 3.5Sybase 11.9, 12TMTM Oracle 7.5, 8.0Fujitsu Database IBM AS/400DS90UXCompaqOS/400P/M ProLiant 2500,5500NT 3.5, 4.0 SQLApplicationCICSBatchCAD/CAM Inventory PeopleSoft Financials LotusE-commerce Exchange NotesOLTPStorage STK Silos Tape Legato to DLT BU by FDR 8mm BackupCheyenn BackupUpstreamIBM e to 4mm HP ADSM3490 OmniBack Test Disaster D/R plan (MF only) Recovery (1) Scales poorly (2) Difficult to manage (3) Reliability is questionable (4) Management costs out of control2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights ReservedIMEX 4. Market Trends Data Center Automation Targets20-25% ServersUtilization 80+%15-30ServersServers/Admin500+1TBStorageTerabytes/DBA100TBNetworks50-100Ntwk Ports/Admin500+ SystemHAL- 3 (99.9%) Availability HAL- 5 (99.999%) 2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX 5. Server Market Segmentation - Platforms Large SMP Parallel Sysplex Scale Up (Consolidated SMP Servers) Dynamic LPAR Rack Clusters SW Provisioning/VMWare High Availability/ IBM: i890/p690/z990Hi Perform.Clusters SUN: SunFire 4800,12K-Linux/AIX/Solaris Clusters- HPC ClustersDELL: PowerEdge 6650ORACLE: 9iRAC/PE6650Blade ServersHigh Density Rack Mount-Highly Integrated Dense FF-Rapid Deployment, Flex Architect.-RLX: 300i, 800i, HP: 40b, p-FUJITSU: BX300, DELL:1655IBM: HS20,40,JS20 Sun:100 s,xScale Out (Clustered Blade Servers)2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights ReservedIMEX 6. 3 Tier Computing Infrastructure Application End-Users Uniform and ubiquitous physical Connectivity Wire OnceInternet Any user to any server via theNetwork Services: InternetWeb Servers, Any server to any server via the LANFirewalls, Any sever to any storage via the SAN Load balancers LAN Dynamic Logical Binding of server network identifyApplication Services: server OS versionApplication Servers & server application assignmentDatabase Servers application data volumes SAN Resulting in Application Mobility across serversStorage Data mobility across storage2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights ReservedIMEX 7. NexGen ArchitectureEthernet, Network Fabric Wi-Fi.System Fabric ManagementQuadrics, SNMP,Myrinet, FabricIETF/ InfiniBand, CIM, Ethernet IP, SMI-S, Ethernet IP w/TOE,SMASH.Ethernet IP w/TOE+RDMA,Microsoft ChimneySCSI,Fiber Channel,iSCSIATA, SCSI,SATA, SAS2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights ReservedIMEX 8. End to End Internet HA, Secure Data Center FC SAN IP SAN NAS NAS IP Storage Network Web AppInternet WebDB EdgeCoreWeb App Optical WebDB Web App Web WebDB App WebEdgeApplications Data Center Directory Security Policy Management Software OS Platform2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights ReservedIMEX 9. Market Segments by ApplicationsOLTP Transaction10 K Processing eCommerceDataDSS (RAID - 0, 3) (RAID - 1, 5, 6) 1KWarehousing (Latency)Visual DBIOPs 100 Scientific Computing HPCHPCImagingTPC 10Audio Streaming StreamingHPC Video1 1 51050100 500 2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved *IOs per sesond for a required response time ( ms) MB/secIMEX 10. TPCs priority - High Availability & Syst Cost z/390$10 M SysplexAvg.S/390 S/390Syst z/390MVS MVSIBM IBMPricePropl Propl $1 MProp. Sun-SolarisSun-Solaris HP-UXHP-UX IBMIBMIBM-AIXIBM-AIX$100 KClusteredNCR-SVR4NCR-SVR4 BullBull DellDellUNIX AS400 FujitsuFujitsuHP HP IBMIBMNECNEC SiemensSiemensStratusStratusUNIX Cluster Win Win$10K LinuxClustered Linux 0.1 1 10100DowntimeHrs./Syst/Yr 99.999% 99.99%99.9% 99.0%System Availability2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX 11. HPC: Going from Academia to Wall St to Hollywood High Performance Entertainment High Performance Commercial Bioinformatics Decision-Support Entertainment Commercial BioInformatics Decision Audio/Video OnDemandComputingComputing Visualization Visualization Support Syst Audio/Video On DemandSystemsData: IMEX Research & Panasas100+ Teraflops Rendering (Texture & Polygons) Data rate & capacityThroughput =Research All rights Reserved Throughput = 1.2 GB/s 2000-2005 IMEX 100 GB/s Throughput : DSL/CableIMEX2004--05 IMEX 12. Blades Servers - Infrastructure Management Modules Remote Mgmt+KVM over IPMidplaneNetworking: Gbit Ethernet Switches W/ConnectorsStorage: IP NAS or FC SANTo Blades & Back Switch Cooling N+1Fans/Cooling ModulesProcessor BladesModules(6-24 typically) Power: N+1Power SuppliesBladeControlPanel USB Ports,CD/Floppy I/F ~ GbE Switch supports Trunking/Port Aggregation Flow ControlGbit QoS Packet Prioritization Memory Ethernet SNMP/RMON Systems I/FMicro- DDR w IGMP/BOOTP/TFTP MonitorProcessorsECC Module 2003 Source: IMEX Research2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX 13. Blades - TCO Savings & ROI3 Year TCO Savings TCO Savings in..Rack vs. Blade Servers OPEX 100% Staff/ Support Maintenance/ 25% 80%Downtime 54%Facilities/% Contribution 60% Power67% OPEX21% 40%46% CAPEXNetworking 19% 20%Servers33%46% StorageCAPEX 25% Infrastructure 13%0%1 SWRack Servers Blade2Servers Infrastructure22% 2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights ReservedData: IMEX Research 2004IMEX 14. Management Blade Servers Ultra-dense HW Density20 % Power Consumption 20% Cable Management Management Platforms integration: Hardware Software 80% Network Management Scalability80 % Security Manageability Lowest TCO2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights ReservedIMEX 15. Blade Server Management Software AutomationProvisioning Automatically Maintains Application Service Level ObjectivesVirtualizationProvisions the ResourcesRequired to Deliver aBusiness ServiceAllocates, Monitors,and Meters the Usageof Pooled Resources 2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights ReservedIMEX 16. Blade Server Management Software Enterprise Mgmt SW (HPOV,IBM Tivoli, BMC Patrol,Sun MC..) RackRack Mgmt Chassis Chassis Mgmt Backplane Blade Mgmt Blades2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights ReservedIMEX 17. Blades Management Architecture ChassisShared ModulesMCMgmt SrvrMgmt Bus IP BusMC MC MC MCMCMC Chassis Mgmt Bl. Compute Blade Compute Blade Compute BladeNetwork Blade Storage Blade2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX 18. State of Interconnect Fabrics Latency/hop 1 ms EHERNET - LAN/SAN/MAN/WANFEGbEIB - CLUSTER ATMIBM/SP MPP 100 us ServernetDolphin SMP/NUMAT3EMyrinetSGI GbEQuadrics Mellanox w/TOE 10 usFJ/Synfinity Synfinity-1 GbE10GbE w/RDMA Scali w/RDMA1us100 Mb/sec1Gb/sec10 Gb/sec Bandwidth/link2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX 19. Industry Standard Servers Market (x86 based) 12,000Blades 10,000 RackmountsPedestals8,000 Units (K)6,0004,0002,000 020032004 2005 2006 2007 20082000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX 20. Blade Servers Market OpportunityWW Blade ServersMarket Opportunity (cum 2004-2008) Factory Rev $BRevenues ~ $24 BillionUnits ~ 9 Million20032004 20052006 2007 20082000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved Data: IMEX Research 2005IMEX 21. iSCSI on roadmap of storage vendorsUS Market - SBC & xTCA Revenues 800 700US Revenues $M 600cPCI SBC cPCI SBC 500 w Blades Impact 400 300 200 xTCA Blades 1000 19992000 20012002 2003 2004 20052006 20072000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX 22. IP Telecom Server Blades ATCA Server Blades Forecast7,000 Signaling6,000 Core Edge5,000 Access4,0003,0002,0001,000 -20042005 2006 2007 20082000-2005 IMEX Research All rights ReservedIMEX 23. Blade Servers: Vendor Positioning Index(As of Jan.2005 - See IMEX Blade Servers Report 2005 for new data & indexing metrics)Strategy (Potential) IBMFujitsu Siemens NEC IntelHPDell 2003-05 IMEX ResearchNexcomTatungEgenera Sun VerariLinux Networx ApproRackable Sys2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights ReservedDelivery (Success) IMEX 24. Blade Servers Low Cost Suppliesr?MitacTatungHitachiTatungt3Up Syst2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX 25. Storage Market RequirementsFC SAN, Existing Deployed IP SAN (Block) Storage Networks (FCP & FICON)(Block and File) EnterpriseCo lti-P aceScalability Mu nter Datanv rot&ICentererg ocFUNCTIONSIP SANCOSTen ol f (Block or File)SAN in a Can ce Departmental Small (iSCSI)(Block & File)Medium BusinessSimplified Use and(SMB/SME) NASInstallFile Workgroup(NFS & Low CostCIFS)Min. Features Easy to UseDesktop SOHO and Mobile Self-InstallablePerformance and capacity alone are no longer distinguishersattributes between enterprise and distributed storage 2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights ReservedIMEX 26. iSCSI on roadmap of storage vendorsSANiSCSINAS (FibreCOST(IP)(IP)Channel)iSCSI delivers low-cost Networked StorageHigher availability,Increased usage High EndCentralized management,Storage functionality FC & iSCSI Mid-TierFC & iSCSIMid-Tier NAS & iSCSI EntryFC & iSCSI SERVICE LEVEL2000-2005 IMEX Research All rights ReservedIMEX 27. Enterprise Market is now cost conscious 100%90%SATA80%70%60% SAS50%40%30% FC20%10% P_SCSI0%20032004 2005 2006 2007 20082000-2005 IMEX Research All rights Reserved IMEX 28. The iSCSI SANClientWorksta


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