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Trends in Mobile Search Presentation from SMX West 2013 by Michael Martin PMP from Covario


  • 1. / COVARIO By: Michael Martin PMP, SEO Manager TRENDS IN MOBILE SEARCH SMX WEST 2013 @mobile__martin (2 underscores) @covario

2. MOBILE SEARCH: IS IT HAPPENING? Search is not where its at People are not searching on a mobile device like they do on the desktop Steve Jobs - Apple CEO - April 8th, 2010 @mobile__martin (2 underscores) @covario 3. DOES SEARCH MATTER TO MOBILE? @mobile__martin (2 underscores) @covario 4. THE MOBILE SEARCH EXPANSION Percentage of Internet Use Worldwide Percentage of Search 2013 Mobile Internet Use Should Approach 20% and Mobile Search 33% 1/3 of all Search Will be Mobile @mobile__martin (2 underscores) @covario 5. HOW WILL HTML5 AFFECT SEARCH? Support for the latest multimedia inherently Semantic coding Universal coding for all device types and component access Can be app-like with CSS3/jQuery Increases speed with caching and works offline Code built for low powered devices and voice input @mobile__martin (2 underscores) @covario 6. BUT FACEBOOK @mobile__martin (2 underscores) @covario Facebook apps continue to include a LOT of HTML5 code! Poor management causes policy shifts 7. Build once and works on Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, etc Cost savings from creating and maintaining apps on each mobile platform No payments to or delays from the app gate keepers Allows better discoverability online with a reach and purchase rate double that of apps 95% of mobile apps are generally abandoned Apps still best for intense gaming and tools similar to desktop needs for software HTML5 ARGUMENT TO MOBILE APPS @mobile__martin (2 underscores) @covario 8. HTML5 KEYS TO MOBILE SEO Search engines have semantic clarity to the sections of your HTML5 site with , , , , and tags Better integration of microdata microformats, localization, and voice input If using jQuery include an HTML link for SEO purposes Utilize server side redirection vs JavaScript for mobile user agent detection @mobile__martin (2 underscores) @covario 9. HTML5 FOR SEARCH ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS Get ahead of your competition with HTML5 Leverage HTML5 semantic coding Speed up your site with HTML5 caching options HTML5 Web for discovery and apps for retention Leverage Dynamic Serving Single URL or Separate URL strategy for device intent changes (e.g. services, commerce) and Responsive Design Single URL for universal intent (e.g. information, news, blogs) @mobile__martin (2 underscores) @covario 10. 10 / 2013 Covario, Inc. All rights reserved. @mobile__martin (2 underscores) @covario