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Mafia Wars is an application that annoys people all too often on Facebook. Here's how to block it without blocking friends.Also tips on how to be a more considerate Mafia Wars player.


  • 1.Facebook PrivacyMafia Wars was a terrible, terrible thing. by Sharlene King

2. What about Mafia Wars?> Mafia Wars is a game produced by Zynga. Lots of bored officeworkers across the world with access to internet without therestrictions of an IT department play it incessantly.What does this mean?> You dont play it.> You receive gift requests and invites to play it.> Your newsfeed is cluttered.> It annoys the hell out of you.Can you block it?> Yes. Can you be less annoying?> Yes. 3. 1. Newsfeed Cleaning In the upper right hand corner of each feed item is an option to hide a user. With application feed items, you also have the option to hide the application. In this case, we hide Mafia Wars. 4. 2. Block Application Youre still going to get invites and requests from people using the application. Luckily, Facebook allows you to block those, too. Under the Accept and Ignore options on your request page, you can choose to Block This Application. Are you anticipating requests from an application? Visit the applications page and you Block This Application from there. 5. 3.1 Ignore Mass Requests Visit your requests page. Either type in the URL you see or click the See All in the upper right hand corner. (Many fun functions live in the corners of Facebook.) Click Ignore All for the best action ever. 6. 3.2 Ignore Mass Requests Ignore All is a misnomer. It gives you the option to ignore just group invites, events, applications, or even friends. 7. 4.1 Be Considerate You know, I play Mafia Wars, but I try to be considerate. Ive blocked all my normal friends from seeing my stupid Mafia shit before they have to go through all this. First thing we have to do is create a friends list. Click More in the lower left-hand sidebar. Then click Create New List. 8. 4.2 Be Considerate Name your list something like Mafia Wars or whatever and select your friends for this list. 9. 4.3 Be Considerate Find your Application Settings under Settings in the dashboard. Choose the offensive application from the left-hand sidebar. In this case, we have chosen Mafia Wars. 10. 4.4 Be Considerate Select Only Me and uncheck Everyone on Facebook. Except These People is a suppression option. Add yourand theyll be the exception. Theyll be the only ones who get to see your Mafia Wars news items.