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Presentation by Dr.Thanachart Numnonda "Tech Trends 2012" on Jan 26, 2012


<ul><li> 1. Technology Trends 2012Assoc.Prof. Dr. Thanachart NumnondaDirectorSoftware Park Thailand26 January 2012 1 </li> <li> 2. Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technologies 2 </li> <li> 3. Gartner Technology Trends 2012Media tablets and beyondMobile-centric applications and interfacesSocial and contextual user experienceApplication stores and marketplaceThe Internet of everythingNext-generation analyticsBig dataIn-memory computingExtreme low-energy serversCloud computing 3 </li> <li> 4. Thailand Technology Trends 2012 4 </li> <li> 5. Speakers for Top 8 Trends. Software Park Thailand True Internet Co.,Ltd. (ATCI) (ATCI) 5 </li> <li> 6. Business Continuity 6 </li> <li> 7. Thailand Flood CrisisWorst floods in half acentury$45 Billion Damage (WorldBank)Central Bank slashed its2011 GDP forecast from4.1% to 2.6%Seven big industrial parksnorth of Bangkok wereeffected; 9,859 factories and 7about 660,000 jobs. </li> <li> 8. Opportunity after the CrisisMore investment in IT infrastructure,software solutions.Long-term growth opportunities for the ITindustry, especially technologiesassociated with cloud computing, databackup centres, data recovery andbusiness continuity services. 8 </li> <li> 9. Business Continuity24 x 7 RequirementContinuity of service is expected andshould be providedWhats really at risk? Revenue Loss Data Loss Business Reputation Loss 9 </li> <li> 10. EVOLUTION OF BUSINESS CONTINUITY 70/80s 90s 00sConcept Disaster Recovery Business Recovery Business Continuity &amp; Recovery Services Data center outage Site outage Any operational risk Focus (data center and/or to critical business office) processes (including supply chain)Deliverable IT disaster recovery plan Business recovery plan Business continuity plan Early regulations E-commerce Corporate governance Drivers Terrorism, bio-threats Growing importance of Centralized erp Supply chain management centralized mainframes Typical Electrical outage or Critical call center Failure of a critical supplier burst pipe in data outage events center Denial of service web attackDecision Optional Mandatory 10Source: Dawn Bowers HP Business Continuity &amp; Recovery Services </li> <li> 11. Business Continuity in ThailandInfrastructure RecoveryBusiness Continuity Planning (BCP)Grow of Data Center Server Infrastructure Production Backup Site 11 </li> <li> 12. Cloud Computing 12 </li> <li> 13. 13Source: wikipedia </li> <li> 14. Cloud computing will transform the IT industry as it will alter the financial model upon which investors look at technology providers, and it will change vertical industries, making the impact of the Internet on the music industry look like a minor bleep,. Peter Sondergaard, senior vice president at Gartner 14 </li> <li> 15. Public Clouds Will Grow To 10% 15 </li> <li> 16. At year-end 2016,more than 50 percent of Global 1000 companies will have stored customer-sensitive data in the public cloud.. Gartner Prediction 2012 16 </li> <li> 17. Top 5 Cloud Computing Trends IT departments will be forever changed Cloud security will no longer be an issue Custom cloud computing services Custom software development will shift towards the cloud Innovation 17Source : </li> <li> 18. Cloud Computing Opportunity for SMEUse ICT for their business with lowinvestment (no CAPEX; pay as you go)Buy ICT as Services (subscription model)such as SaaSCan focus on their businessBusiness ContinuityNew Business Opportunity 18 </li> <li> 19. Cloud Readiness Index 2011 19Source : Asia Cloud Computing Association: September 2011 </li> <li> 20. Cloud Computing in Thailand Private Cloud in Enterprise Government Cloud Computing More public IaaS / SaaS services Thai Software Companies will start exploring cloud. International software vendors will offer more SaaS 20Source : </li> <li> 21. 21 </li> <li> 22. 22 </li> <li> 23. 23 </li> <li> 24. How Will Cloud Computing Impact Software Industry?IT Infrastructure will change dramaticallySome IT jobs may vanish altogether. New skills will be indemand.The way applications are developed, tested, deployedand continuously re-factored will undergo a changeThe selling and licensing of applications will change too.Business models will change. The architecture of applications will continue to evolve. Data volumes will skyrocket.Source: Dorais Learn Log 24 </li> <li> 25. Thailand Technology Trends 2012Business ContinuityCloud ComputingMedia Tablet and BeyondsMobile Centric Application, Contents &amp; InterfacesSocial NetworkHigh Speed ConnectivityOnline ConsumerizationPredictive Analytic 25 </li> <li> 26. 26 </li> <li> 27. Thank 27 </li> </ul>