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2. TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 2012COVER STORYThe year 2012 is not AS PER GARTNER, THE TOP 10 STRATEGIC TECHNOLOGY TRENDS FOR 2012 WILL REVOLVE AROUND MEDIA TABLETS, MOBILE-CENTRICvery far from now. TheAPPLICATIONS AND INTERFACES, CONTEXTUAL AND SOCIAL USEREXPERIENCE, INTERNET OF THINGS, APP STORES AND MARKETPLACES,tech providers andNEXT-GENERATION ANALYTICS, BIG DATA, IN-MEMORY COMPUTING, EXTREME LOW-ENERGY SERVERS AND CLOUD have alreadystarted getting readyfor the realignment at least at the mentallevel. It is very much With the gradual fading of spective of what we can expect to see in 2012,for the reason that 2011, partners and SMEs including:people should investare waiting for the forecastsAdvanced persistent threats (APTs) contin-and predictions about tech- ued to target industrial control-related organi-on latest and right nology trends for next year zations, while critical infrastructure protection by the major vendors so that they could wait program awareness and engagement invest on the right technology. As per Gart-A recent Symantec Critical Infrastructure ner the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for Protection (CIP) Survey found that companies 2012 will revolve around media tablets, mobile-are generally less engaged in their governments centric applications and interfaces, contextualCIP programs this year when compared to and social user experience, Internet of things,last. In fact, only 37 percent of companies are app stores and marketplaces, next-generation completely or significantly engaged in such pro- analytics, big data, in-memory computing,grams this year, versus 56 percent in 2010. extreme low-energy servers and cloud comput-When combined with recent revelations ing. Woven throughout that list are opportuni- around the Duqu threat whose purpose was to ties that involve mobility, both on the front-endgather intelligence data and assets from organi- and back-end, and the incorporation of con-zations such as manufacturers of components sumer mobile devices in the enterprise.commonly found in industrial control environ-Similarly, Deloitte Consultings principal andments, the findings of the CIP Survey are par- CTO Mark White, says that Mobility, social,ticularly troubling. At this point in time, there is analytics, cloud and cyber are technology forces no reason to assume the attackers behind Duqu each impacting business today. The intersectionwere unable to gather the intelligence they were of these represents an opportunity for new busi- looking for. ness technology value and innovation. As the use of smart mobile devices hasTruly mobile computing, social media, virtu-exploded, the risks surrounding them particu- alization and cloud computing are going to belarly mobile malware and data loss have also major base of technology in coming year andexperienced unprecedented growth. beyond. According to Gartner, sales of smartphonesAs per Ajay Goel, Managing Director, Indiawill exceed 461 million by end of the year, and SAARC, Symantec, Among the varioussurpassing PC shipments in the process. This security incidents that made waves in 2011, it explosion has captured cybercriminals atten- will go down as the year in which the founda-tion and as a result, the year 2011 saw significant tion for the successor of the infamous Stuxnet real growth in the amount of mobile malware. was laid. It will also be remembered as the year From malware seeking to embarrass victims the mobile malware movement began in realto malware exploiting premium rate number earnest. Finally, 2011 was undoubtedly the billing, to malware focused on information year of the targeted attack; with a concerning theft, its undeniable that 2011 was the first number of incidents involving compromisedyear mobile malware presented a true threat legitimate digital certificates. to enterprises and consumers. The rise of theLooking back on 2011 also gives us a per- tablet has also presented concerns around the SME CHANNELS 27 DECEMBER 2011 3. COVER STORYTECHNOLOGY TRENDS 2012 According to IDC, non structured file- type WE WILL CONTINUE TO data is increasing at the fastest rate and is pre- DEVELOP TECHNOLOGIES,dicted to occupy 80% of the total storage capac-ity by 2012. Network Attached Storage (NAS) SERVICES, AND SOFTWARE is the best option for storing non-structured PLATFORMS THAT ENABLEdata that maybe scattered throughout millions OUR CUSTOMERS TO of files. Scale-out NAS marks a new trend instorage. The scale-up model is coming to an LEVERAGE THE NETWORK end, be it NAS or SAN, much in the same way TO SOLVE THEIR GREATESTCPU technology is evolving from frequency BUSINESS CHALLENGES.improvement to kernel enhancement. Scale-out NAS, though helping enterprise users to B RAGHAVENDRAN, VICE- PRESIDENT ANDtake on the challenges in surging demands for HEAD PARTNER ORGANIZATION CISCO INDIAstoring non-structured data with its scalability AND SAARCand manageability, has weaknesses in somefunctions such as snapshot management andthreat of well-meaning and malicious insiders percent are adopting desktop virtualization torestoration, remote duplication-based disasterthat can fly under the radar of IT. improve information security. tolerance, and multi-protocol support. Despite Cybercrimes spread from the criminal Allowing employees to be more mobile its weaknesses, scale-out NAS shall witness itsunderground to the business mainstream wasinstead of being locked in at an office location, users increasing constantly and its ability to dealhighlighted by a surge in targeted attacksto use their own device for computing, to use with the explosive growth of data Symantecs November Intelligence Reportcloud based applications/services, using 3G Moving to One Wire Network convergenceshows that targeted attacks are becoming more wireless access will be a norm in many com- shall be a big trend for both storage and net-prevalent in 2011. Large enterprises with morepanies and technologies like Desktop Virtual- working segments. Network convergence isthan 2,500 employees, received the greatest ization will enable companies to adopt thesebringing together Fibre Channel, iSCSI, NAS,number of attacks, with 36.7 targeted attacks changes and enable mobile workstyles. IP and clustering into a single physical layer thatbeing blocked each day. By contrast, small-to- Syed Masroor-Head, TESCO,NetApp Indiacan be shared and optimized to make the othermedium sized businesses, with less than 250 predicts that there will be Scale Out of NAStrends we outlined here possible. Without theemployees, had 11.6 targeted attacks blockedbesides other things. right network, none of the other trends woulddaily during the same period. be changing the world. The move to one wire The increasing number of targeted attackswill happen in many phases, over a number ofis being driven at least in part by competitive years, but it will happen, and 10Gb Ethernetadvantage as companies explore digital espio- (10GbE) with the new Data Center Bridgingnage to acquire sensitive, proprietary data from(DCB) enhancements will be the key technol-competitors.ogy to enable network convergence. High-profile hacks of Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)The India Enterprise Storage market is evolv-Certificate providers and malware threats thating and the momentum is shifting towardsmisuse SSL certificates became an issue in 2011 Ethernet in a big way. The underlying reason Publicity and public ire about SSL-related for this is a ten-fold increase in Ethernet speeds.breaches such as DigiNotar and Comodo We are seeing increased adoption of 10G inreached an all-time high in 2011. Malware data centers, which will drive economies ofthreats increasingly came from sources usingscale. This in turn is catalysing the shift towardsSSL Certificates that cyber criminals either stoledeployment of Ethernet Storage. Significantor fraudulently acquired. advances in Ethernet technology like 10 Gigabit As per Kaushal Veluri- Director, Channelsand FCoE driven by key storage networking& Alliances, India Subcontinent, Citrix, theplayers have made this a promising option. Itkey trend in 2012 will be BYO3, Workshift-offers the speed and reliability of Fibre Channeling and Desktop Virtualisation. Indian market2011 WAS UNDOUBT- at the cost of Ethernet.will witness increase in tablet adoption, people EDL THE YEARYNAS for Desktop Virtualization will gainadapting to workshifting and employee basefurther momentum in the year 2012 along withdemanding workshifting concept.OF THE TARGETEDNAS for industry players like that of Oracle and According to Citrix Improved informationATTACK; WITH A drives 92 percent of desktop virtualiza-CERNING NUMBER OF Rajiv Bhalla, Associate Vice President &tion deployments. Ninety one percent of orga- Country Head, Sales & Marketing, NEC Indianizations surveyed have implemented desktopINCIDENTS.Pvt. Ltd. says that the unified communicationvirtualization or plan to do so before the end AJAY GOEL, MANAGING DIRECTOR,market in India is estimated at Rs. 6,000 croreof 2013 according to new global research com-INDIA AND SAARC, SYMANTECfor the year 2010-2011. The market grew bymissioned by Citrix. Of those organizations, 92 35-40 percent; over last year. The UC market is28 SME CHANNELS DECEMBER 2011 4. COVER STORY TECHNOLOGY TRENDS 2012The overall UC market has matured andAS WE ENTER 2012, TWO evolved significantly in 2011. The most notable KEY AREAS THAT WOULDchange has been the shift in emphasis from BE CRITICAL TO THEbroad UC portfolios toward fuller UC suites. UC is set to become all pervasive and is set to GROWTH OF BIG ENTER-be a game changer in the way we communicate. PRISES AS WELL SMEAdoption of UC will come from unconventional BUSINESSES ARE CLOUDverticals like SMEs, healthcare and hospitality. As t