technology & the digital journey gtbc presentation by velma corcoran - august 2013

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Social Media has forever changed the way users share their travel journey. The digital user has moved on from post-trip viewings of hours of shaky video footage in their living room, to instant sharing of quality content from the moment their journey begins. From the obligatory Instagrammed plane tickets at the boarding gate, to real-time updates across Facebook, Twitter, Vine, blogs and more. Friends, family and online communities are going along for the journey and holiday dreams are being formed in the minds of countless online followers.


  • 1. Technology & the Digital Journey By Velma Corcoran Executive Marketing Manager Cape Town Tourism

2. Social Media has forever changed the way users share their travel journey 3. New technologies and trends mean its hard to keep up with all the platforms available 4. Impossible to keep up 5. Chinas online community has grown to 564 million consumers in 2013 6. The rise of social media users 7. Technology is not a substitute for a good story 8. Travelers are looking for ways to spend minimal time searching online 9. Lets not forget the basics 10. Holland, The Original Cool Campaign 11. BlogVille - Emilia Romagna, Italy 12. Cape Town Tourism A Digital Snapshot 13. Some of our Digital success stories 8300 players 14,800 likes 133,696,493 impressions of domestic passengers in May on Mango airlines 40% increase 20:1 ROI 37,053,224 impressions reaching 1,500,000+ people 304,136,992 total REACHacross 6 continents 14. Travel Blogging Today: Its Complicated 15. 3.jpg What travellers want from travel blogs Most travellers travel infrequently. Half travel less than 2 weeks a year Search and Friends & Family are the most used & credible sources of travel information and content Only 40% of travellers have ever read a travel blog Travellers who read blogs do so to get unbiased opinions based on real life traveller experiences. To hear opinions of others about places they have visited (58%) To get unbiased and honest reviews and opinions (48%) To read about the real life experiences of travellers (47%) Travel blogs have a significant impact on travel decisions, especially in reinforcing and confirming travel plans. Source: Gary Bembridge 2013; 16. Understanding the role travel blogs play DREAM PLAN BOOKVISIT SHARE 17. What does the future hold? 18. We want to create the right environment for Bloggers to tell their own stories

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