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  • 1. xi Technology, LLCInnovation Partners / Technology Scouting ProgramXi Technology, LLCRobert Dunki-Jacobs

2. xi Technology, LLCInnovation Innovation is the life-blood of business Life science and Medical DeviceInnovation is fueled by theintersection of science, engineering,and clinical practiceCopyright The New Yorker, Annals of Innovations: In the Air, May 12, 2008 3. xi Technology, LLCInnovation In The Air The phenomenon of simultaneous discoveryThe law of the conservation of energy, so significant in Vey similar innovation, solvingscience and philosophy, was formulated four times independently in 1847, by Joule, Thomson, Coldingvery similar problems, occursand Helmholz. They had been anticipated by Robertnearly simultaneously and in Mayer in 1842. There seem to have been at least sixmore than one location different inventors of the thermometer and no less than nine claimants of the invention of the telescope. Typewriting machines were invented simultaneously in England and in America by several individuals in In a sense, Innovation is in the these countries. The steamboat is claimed as theair! exclusive discovery of Fulton, Jouffroy, Rumsey, Stevens and Symmington. - Ogburn and Thomas , 1922 Inventions and Discoveries Made Independently by Two or More Persons 4. xi Technology, LLCInnovation, Insight & Readiness Innovation is a product of readiness and insight Uncovering innovation is a product of readiness and opportunity Chance favors the prepared mind.- Louis J. Pasteur 5. xi Technology, LLCI N N O V AT I O N P A R T N E R S P R O G R A MCONNECTING OPPORTUNITY AND INNOVATION 6. Innovation Partners Program xi Technology, LLCC o n n e c t i n g o p p o r t u n i t y a n d i n n o v a t i o n Market need - sourcing Public / Large companies Solve product development or pipeline challenges using Open Innovation model Augment Licensing & Acquisition groups Faster time to market Maintain or enhance competitive position Innovate outside of core competency Expanded network of contacts to ID and acquire technology Small / Start-up companies Source solutions to product challenges that are outside core competency Enhance pipeline through strategic alliances Expanded network of contacts to ID solutions Market need intelligence Public / Large companies Early identification of technologies, technology trends, technology shocks Raising awareness of threats and opportunities of technology development 7. Innovation Partners Program xi Technology, LLCC o n n e c t i n g o p p o r t u n i t y a n d i n n o v a t i o nIdentification, assessment and coalescing of information ontechnology developments Intelligence ManagementScouting 8. Innovation Partners Program xi Technology, LLCC o n n e c t i n g o p p o r t u n i t y a n d i n n o v a t i o nIdentification, assessment andAcquisition, development, coalescing of information on compiling, using and selling oftechnology developments technological knowledge Intelligence ManagementScouting 9. Innovation Partners Program xi Technology, LLCC o n n e c t i n g o p p o r t u n i t y a n d i n n o v a t i o nIdentification, assessment and Acquisition, development, coalescing of information oncompiling, using and selling oftechnology developmentstechnological knowledge Intelligence ManagementScoutingBuilding and using a network of expertsand early-stage companies for competitive advantage 10. Innovation Partners Program xi Technology, LLCC o n n e c t i n g o p p o r t u n i t y a n d i n n o v a t i o n Intelligence Management Selection and assessment of new Facilitate sourcing of newtechnologies technologiesScoutingTechnology Scouting 11. Innovation Partners Program xi Technology, LLCC o n n e c t i n g o p p o r t u n i t y a n d i n n o v a t i o n Partner Company Intelligence ManagementScoutingXi Technology 12. xi Technology, LLCIPP Overview Goals Early identification of technologies, technology trends and technology shocks Raising awareness of threats and opportunities of technology developments Stimulating innovation by combining technology reports with business reality Facilitation of external sourcing of technology by leveraging the scouting network of experts and early-stage companies Process Identification / cataloging of technology opportunities Selection of interesting opportunities Assessment of opportunities Dissemination of information 13. xi Technology, LLCIPP Process: Identification How Process Networking to identify and access Undirected (Technology Scanning)sources of information on Directed (Technology Monitoring)technological developments Academia Deliverables National labs Keyword searchable database Private labs Per technology Early-stage companies Description Product companies Research / Commercialization Tech transfer officesstatus Other incubators Business potential Newsletters Per opportunity Society Journals and News vehicles When Continuous 14. xi Technology, LLCIPP Process: Selection How Process Monitoring: Establish partner Database search as defined byrequirementspartners for projects Core product Database search as defined by IPP for Whitespacegeneral interest Scanning: Establish general interestcategories Deliverables VC activity Commissioned Reports as requested Partner interest surveysby partners for projects Clinical thought leader surveys General Interest Reports quarterly When Breaking News Reports as needed Monitoring: On request frompartners Scanning: Semi-annual 15. xi Technology, LLCIPP Process: Assessment How Process As defined by partner initiated Use Technomic Analysis stages asprojectrequired by project definition When Deliverable As commissioned by partner As defined by partner project 16. xi Technology, LLCIPP Process: Delivery How Process Newsletter Defined by partner needs Partner Conferences Reports Deliverables Newsletter When Conferences Monthly newsletter Reports Quarterly conferences As commissioned reports 17. xi Technology, LLCThe Ideal Technology ScoutAn employee of the company , a consultant to the company: an innovation partner Engaged part-time or full time: an active partner A lateral thinker, knowledgeable in science and technology, respected inthe community, cross-disciplinary orientation, imaginative an active network builder with broad-based experience, insight and demonstrated results 18. xi Technology, LLCTechnomic Analysis Case StudyCompany desires to broaden its product offering to include new customersand revenue streams by bringing in a product line that does not fit with itstechnical and marketing core competency yet leverages its sales anddistribution network. 19. xi Technology, LLCTechnomic Analysis Case Study Desired attributesa)Immediate and recurring revenueb)CAGR > 25%c)Competitive advantage (i)technology and (ii)clinicald)Robust pipeline built on core technologye)Professional products today, consumer products tomorrowf)Not tied to medical reimbursement system ProcessIdentified market that satisfied attributes b) and f)Technology Assessment process identified several potential solutions for attributes a and c(i) with potential for d.Clinical / Market validation validated c(ii) and e)Healthcare market affordability was self evident due to self-pay marketCreated business rationale for top three operational scenarios and using strategic market and financial analysis tools to recommend an acquisition strategySold strategy to Corporate management and under confidentiality validated d) End resultProcess and data gathered were recognized by corporate business and finance executives as the model by which future deals of this size would be measuredTechnomic Analysis is the trademark of Xi Technology, LLC 20. xi Technology, XI TECHNOLOGY, LLC 21. xi Technology, LLCOverview Medical Devices and Life Sciences Technology Assessment and Strategic Market entryconsulting company Founded in 2007. Principal Robert Dunki-Jacobs 35 years in industry 8 years medical devices business development / licensing & acquisition (J&J, xi) 6 years advanced R&D management (GE, J&J) 8 years product development engineering (GE, Westinghouse) 5 years R&D project management (GE) 8 years advanced R&D development engineering (GE) Prolific inventor 11 issued US patents with multiple PCT counterparts 25 published US patent applications 1 unpublished application Experienced scout 8 years as Technology Scout following more than 20 technology spaces Evaluated hundreds of opportunities: early-stage, early product, established private, public 22. xi Technology, LLCSelected Technology Scouting Projects Conscious Sedation Alternatives (Final FDA approval being sought by J&J) Are there ways to improve ad hoc methods to control the delivery of fast-acting sedatives to improve control of conscious sedation for out-patient procedures? Drug / Device alternatives for colorectal cancer screening (Timing) Are there ways to improve the sensitivity and specificity of colorectal cancer screening and simultaneously remove the psychological barriers to compliance? Drug / Device alternatives for delivery of opioids for acute pain relief (Product on market) Alternative solutions to manufacturing issues uncovered during phase 3 clinical trials Alternatives for radiation therapy delivery Alternative means to provide more effective and controllable radiation doses for localized tumors Alternatives for endoscopic and l


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