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<ul><li><p>E DITORIAL </p><p>Technology: making it happen Extracting oil and gas from marg ina l off- shore fields stretches the capabi l i t ies of oi l production technology. One solution to the challenges of these demanding locations l ies in the development of subsea units that can provide art i f ic ia l l ift us ing a hydrau l i c tur- b ine drive combined with a multiphase pump. </p><p>Regular readers will recall reading about Weir's hydraulic drive system for a downhole borehole pump in the past. This innovative design provided a high-speed drive system suitable for conventional offshore applications, and it has been applied widely. While the drive system was being devised, developed and im- plemented, other engineers at Weir and many other pump makers were considering the design problems associated with multiphase pumping. </p><p>The article on page 28, describes how Weir has developed a working downhole gas-hand- ling pumping system by combin ing its multi- phase pumping developments with its hydraulic drive system. The result is one of those happy innovations where two, apparently unrelated, </p><p>technologies come together to produce an elegant solution. Significantly, Texaco has re- cently ordered one of these units for its Captain field in the North Sea. </p><p>Belying the popular wisdom that there is nothing new in pumping technology, we pre- sent a second pumping innovation in this issue. When Netzsch Mohnopumpen unvei led its new ceramic rotor at Achema in Frankfurt it stood out as perhaps the most s igni f icant new product development at the show. Ceramic materials offer t remendous potential in terms of wear resistance and chemical compatibi l i ty but suffer from diff iculties in processing. This breakthrough was made possible through close cooperat ion between Netszch and the ceramic material processor. Details of this development can be found on page 21. Personally, I am convinced that ceramics have an increasing role to play in the pump industry and look forward to future developments. </p><p>MARK PURVIS EDITOR </p><p>Editor ia l department Editor: Mark Purvis (+ 44 1865 843669) </p><p>E-mail: m.purvis @ Assistant Editor: Michael Cotter Editorial Secretary: Amanda McConneH Publisher: Peter Desmond </p><p>German correspondent Hans-Jiirgen Bittermann, Goethestralge 10A, 67245 Lambsheim, Germany. </p><p>Tel: 06233 352030; Fax: 06233 352031 </p><p>Consultant Editors: G. Brusasca D.J. Burgoyne A. Coombs P. Hergt J. de Waele </p><p>~ A member of the Reed Elsevier pic group </p><p>Advertising department International Sales and Key Account Manager: </p><p>Alex Verhoeven (+44 1865 843829) E-mail: a.verhoeven@ </p><p>Sales Representatives Italy: Ediconsult Internazionale, Piazza Fontane Marose, </p><p>3 - 16123 Genova, Italy. Tel: (010) 583 684; Fax: (010) 566 578; Telex: 281197 EDINT I. </p><p>Japan: Alex Verhoeven (+ 44 1865 843829) USA and Canada: Debra Teehan, 200 Portland Road </p><p>El9, Highlands, NJ 07732, USA. Tel: (908) 872 7151; Fax: (908) 872 7147. </p><p>Rest of the world: Bella Connolly, 376 Mill Road, Cambridge CB1 3NN, UK. Tel: +44 1223 721379; Fax: +44 1223 564305. </p><p>Copy Coordinator: Chl6e E. Turner </p><p>Editorial and Advertising Offices: PO Box 150, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 1AS, UK. Tel: + 44 1865 843848; Fax: +44 1865 843971 (Editorial); +44 1865 843973 (Advertising). </p><p>Subscriptions: (including air-mailing and packing) ~120 ($191 USA and Canada, subject to exchange rate fluctuations) for 12 issues from Pam Purvey, The Oxford Fulfilment Centre, PO Box 800, Kidlington, Oxford, OX5 1DX, UK. Tel: *44 (0)1865 843300; Fax: +44 (0)1865 843940. US Mailing Agent: USA Postmaster: 2nd class postage paid at Newark, NJ, USA, Postmaster: send all USA address changes to World Pumps, c/o Virgin Mailing &amp; Distribution, 10 Camptown Road, Irvington, NJ 07111, USA </p><p>WORLD PUMPS incorporating Pumps Pompes Pumpen is published monthly by Elsevier Advanced Technology, PO Box 150, Kidlington, Oxford OX5 1AS, UK. The Editor will be glad to consider contributions but no responsibility for the safe keeping or return of unsolicited material will be accepted. The copyright of all published matter is reserved, unless arrangements are made to the contrary. No responsibility is assumed by the Publisher for any injury and/or damage to persons or property as a matter of products liability, negligence or otherwise, or from any use or operation of any methods, products, instructions or ideas contained herein. WORLD PUMPS is printed by Burlington Press, Cambridge, UK. ISSN 0262 1762 EAT 02113 1997 Elsevier Science Ltd </p><p>WORLD PUMPS AUGUST 1997 </p></li></ul>